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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Motorcycles in GT6?

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Do you like your Gran Turismo with motorcycles? If it were to happen, motorcycles could return as part of Gran Turismo 6's lineup. Question is- would you want motorcycles to be along with cars in GT6? Or should the motorcycles be available as downloadable content? Allow me to explain my thoughts on the prospect of motorcycles in Gran Turismo 6, as opposed to being in a sequel of Tourist Trophy.

--- Motorcycles in Gran Turismo 6? ---

Some fans are adamant against Gran Turismo- a car racing game- having motorcycles in them. Part of the reason why GT6 would be a candidate for having motorcycles is the simple fact that those who didn't buy into Tourist Trophy would have a more viable and more visible arena for which motorcycles are showcased. Let me give you a blogging example for a moment, just to express what I am trying to explain.

Most of you know of my primary blog- "John's Blog Space." A lot of what I discuss is featured in my main blog because I want the most visibility. Only someone truly intrepid would find "John's Gran Turismo Space" for a Gran Turismo-themed post if I didn't bring it up in my main blog. Before any blog post of mine becomes successful and popular, it needs to be visible. And to be visible, it has to be featured in my most prominent source of views- which is John's Blog Space.

So what does this have to do with motorcycles in GT6? Simple- Gran Turismo 6 will likely be the most visible and most prominent source for anything featured. Many people doubt there will ever be a sequel to Tourist Trophy. And at the same time, there are those who would lovingly want to race a motorcycle against cars. So if there is an outside possibility of motorcycles returning to the surface of Polyphony Digital racing games, the best visibility would be to feature motorcycles as part of Gran Turismo 6's overall lineup of machines. Hardly anyone complained of karts in GT5, so what's wrong with motorcycles being among the racing machines in Gran Turismo 6?

--- Motorcycles in GT6: What to Include? ---

The lazy answer to this question would be every motorcycle from Tourist Trophy- only all totally revamped and pretty. A longer answer would be to include motorcycles from Tourist Trophy while also adding several more new motorcycles. I would also want Polyphony Digital to surprise me a bit. I am normally a fan of Ducati, Honda, and even Suzuki. I'd be interested seeing some more different motorcycles from companies like Moto Guzzi, MV Augusta, Bimota, Benelli (the motorcycle company, not the shotgun maker), Hyosung, Vespa, and others. Maybe even throw in some odd motorcycles like the Campagna T-Rex, the Peraves MonoTracer, the Piaggio MP3, and dare I say- the BRP Can-Am Spyder.

I would be open to see other kinds of motorcycles featured ranging from dirt bikes to sport tourer bikes. Supermoto bikes would also be cool to see. Also possible would be seeing more real racing bikes. And if PD could, I would be interested in doing sidecar racing.

--- Motorcycles in GT6: Bikes as Downloadable Content? ---

Should any would-be motorcycles be featured right from the retail version or be offered as downloadable content (DLC)? If you dislike a Gran Turismo with motorcycles, you would rather pay for DLC motorcycles rather than have them right away. I have never really believed in DLC unless I really NEED to have it. I mostly see DLC as optional material that could or could not enhance any game. Whether or not I'd want some DLC depends on if I think it will make my gaming experience better. And if I had to choose, I'd rather have the material right away because I'm usually too cheap to want to pay for something *optional*.

Now let's say Gran Turismo 6 includes motorcycles right from the retail version, but offers certain exclusive or special motorcycles that you can buy as DLC. Like, let's say GT6 has one of my favorite motorcycles- the Ducati Desmosedici RR, but Polyphony Digital comes up with a specially-tuned and much more powerful racing version of the Demsosedici RR. Or imagine if there is a specially tuned version of the Suzuki Hayabusa that goes up to 240 mph and handles impressively. Would you want these motorbikes as DLC or be available right from the retail version?

--- Motorcycles in GT6: Other Considerations ---

One of the biggest considerations would be to have motorcycle-friendly courses. Think of tracks like Suzuka for a moment. Some tracks have chicanes and certain modified configurations to better suit motorcycles. Some tracks from Tourist Trophy aren't even raced on to include multiple motorcycles on the track, like Seattle Circuit and El Capitan among others.

With power from the PlayStation 3 (or if it shows up on the PlayStation 4), it would be sad to just race have four motorcycles on track. Gran Turismo 5 has had as many as 16 competitors to a track. So I'd feel sad to not have sixteen motorcycles to a track. Having 12 bikes to a track is alright, but I'd love to see sixteen motorcycles to a track. Sixteen motorcycles is a decent number to include. Some of today's MotoGP World Championship grids feature about 16 bikes.

Coming up with races will obviously give GT6 much more in the way of competing in races by adding some more different events and more ways to race. You can separate car racing from motorcycle racing, adding more ways to race and enjoy racing. I wouldn't want to see motorcycle racing be part of the "Special Events," though. It would be A-Spec cars, B-Spec cars, and then maybe A-Spec and B-Spec for motorcycles (which would be a first for motorcycles in the GT/TT realm).

What do you think about Gran Turismo 6 if it were to include motorcycles? Would you still rather see a sequel to Tourist Trophy rather than GT6 having motorcycles? Or do you even care about racing motorcycles in a Polyphony Digital-made game? Share your thoughts and thank you (again) for reading!

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