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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ice Arena

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The Ice Arena in GT4 is a simplistic race course at 0.64 miles (1.03 kilometers) in length. You can think of this as a course to practice racing on snow/ice. Gran Turismo 4 debuted snow and ice racing. While Ice Arena is nothing exciting, it is still a more than decent challenge to any rally racer in GT. Most people will probably agree that this course is MUCH easier among snow/ice courses than Chamonix in GT4. This post takes a look at the Ice Arena.

--- Ice Arena ---

Ice Arena is one of only two snow/ice courses in Gran Turismo 4. This course is a fairly basic course allowing you to get a feel for racing on icy/snowy roads. None of the corners are terribly difficult as you take on this course. Only thing you have to have are Snow Tires to race this course. Use Ice Arena to practice your snow racing skills because you'll need them for races at Ice Arena as well as at Chamonix.

One-Lap Description.

You begin on a sweeping long right straight. A fairly high snow bank is inside to your left along with a high snow bank on your right. Try to get a good slide into this corner as its radius expands as you go throught it. Get ready to take on a sharp right followed by a fairly sharp left. Then, get ready for the right-hand sweeper that leads into the first of two straight hairpins. The first on is a sharp left hairpin that has to be taken very carefully. After a brief straight, take on the right-hand hairpin with about a similar radius as the other hairpin. What follows is a sharp left-hand corner. While it is sharp, the road is fairly wide, so you can slide nicely without having to worry about not being able to cleanly escape this corner. A long and sweeping left follows. The final two corners leading to the Start/Finish line consist of a sharp right and a not-so-sharp left. Clear this section, and you'll be more than set to take on another lap around Ice Arena.

Video Lap.

Here is a lap around Ice Arena:

^ "Mr P WRS 111 @ Ice Arena"

Now that you've seen the course and read the post, go get sideways around Ice Arena!

This has been another JGTS post regarding a track in a Gran Turismo. Thank you for reading!

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