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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welcome to John's Race Space (JRS)!

John B. Marine | 12:11 PM |
Welcome to "John's Race Space," formerly "John's Gran Turismo Space." Same URL, same content, same colors, new name. In the continued evolution of this blog and its content, I wanted to choose a title a bit more consistent with the new direction of this blog. Stars and space are constant themes of my work, so the "Space" element had to be added as part of the package. And of course- I, John B. Marine am the one who is making this all possible.

So what is "John's Race Space" about? Ever since focusing on other racing games and elements regarding racing games, JRS is a continued evolution of providing a majority of racing game content for fans of racing/driving games. The roots of this blog hinged primarily on the Gran Turismo series and Tourist Trophy. I felt the desire to blog about other racing games as well as offer new life to old blog posts of mine regarding racing games. Rather than make a new blog, I decided to take "John's Gran Turismo Space" and re-brand it as "John's Race Space." Gran Turismo and Tourist Trophy still are the roots of this blog. Since they are racing games and since I am fond of both game series, they aren't going anywhere away from this blog. What I want to do is offer a blog fans of racing games and driving games can enjoy and come back to for insight, commentary, and just an overall celebration of racing.

What you will find here are more racing games featured and various other racing game material to keep all of you interested. The "anything and everything" approach to topics along with the randomness of my material will be present in posts to any of my blogs. Things are no different with "John's Race Space." In the future, I hope to bring back and expand upon my "Elements of Racing Games" series, where I focus primarily on elements present in a lot of racing games. It will help you to understand what makes certain racing games fun and interesting based on these elements.

New Name, New Logo and Header.

In addition to the new name, a new logo and header for this blog were made. The "S" is styled like a chicane of a road course. It wasn't until recently that I finalized this design. I initially had the end of the "R" connect with a horizontal line to the "S." But as the final design of the logo goes, the "R" connects with the "S" as part of the chicane. You could say that the new logo resembles this blog going in a new direction and taking on a new set of corners.

Anyone who may follow me on Twitter or Google+ know that I use the hashtag "#JohnsGTSpace" to promote posts on this blog. A new hashtag for this renamed blog will now be used. Look for "JohnsRaceSpace" if you're on Twitter and/or Google+.

A Couple of Observations...

By the way, this blog celebrated its second anniversary back on November 16, 2013. This is now year three of this blog!

So one last time...

John's Race Space


Goodbye, "John's Gran Turismo Space"... hello "John's Race Space!" Welcome to my Race Space. Enjoy your stay. Thank you for reading!

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