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Friday, November 22, 2013

Races of Gran Turismo 5: Endurance Series

John B. Marine | 9:16 PM | | |
(UPDATED: October 7, 2014)

Endurance, like in any sport, is as important to victory. Any Gran Turismo racer knows that long distance racing is just as crucial to victory as any regular-length race. The emphasis is more on strategy and skill rather than outright speed. Consistent good driving with good pit strategy will mean the difference between success and failure in the long-distance racing scene. How long can you keep your cool? How long can you last? Are you game enough to win? Welcome to the endurance racing scene!

This blog post pertains only to the GT5 Endurance Series races. REMEMBER: You must be at Level 25 or higher to compete in this series.

This blog post is also the first new blog post since the re-naming of this blog from "John's Gran Turismo Space" to "John's Race Space."


OCT 7 2014 - added links to other posts in this series; updated overall look of posts and made several edits

--- Races of Gran Turismo 5: Retrospective ---

Did you miss any of my past posts in this series? Here is a recap:

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• Races of Gran Turismo 5: Endurance Series (YOU ARE HERE)

So you've cleared the other five series? Well, prepare to enter the longest single races any Gran Turismo can ever provide- the Endurance Series. Victory here requires you to keep your cool and race consistently for laps (and hours) on end. Get ready for the longest and toughest races of your Gran Turismo career.

--- Races of Gran Turismo 5: Endurance Series ---

One last final series. Let's set the mood and go to work!

Gran Turismo 5 Endurance Series
How long can you last? How hard will you fight? The Endurance Series of GT5's races will test your long-distance abilities like never before.

Because this is all based on my progress in GT5, this post will be constantly updated as I try to get info on each of the endurances. This post is like life- a work-in-progress. Get to know the nine endurances of Gran Turismo 5:

Grand Valley 300km (Level 25).

"A grueling 60 lap event that demands total concentration."
The signature endurance race of Gran Turismo racing is back for the fifth installment. Get ready for the many twists and turns that make Grand Valley one of the most imposing and challenging courses in all of Gran Turismo. Pace yourself well and don't make as many mistakes if you expect to win here.

No restrictions for A-Spec. Sports Soft tires or less, or Sports Hard or higher are required for B-Spec racing. B-Spec racing for this event requires four B-Spec drivers.

• Grand Valley Speedway (60 laps)

Roadster 4-Hour Endurance (Level 26).

"Successive generations of Roadster compete for supremacy on the Tsukuba Circuit."
At the track miles north of Tokyo in Ibaraki Prefecture, the 1.2-something mile Tsukuba Circuit is here for you. You will race this track again in the Endurance Series of races, but this endurance requires you to bring your Mazda Miata/MX-5/Roadster for a four-hour endurance around this compact circuit. Make the most of this track's length and depth to carry as much speed through the sweeping corners. This race is the only One-Make endurance of the nine endurance races. The Roadster 4-Hour Endurance has no lap limit- it is a four-hour tour of Tsukuba with you and several other Mazda Miatas. Zoom-Zoom!

All Mazda MX-5/Miata/Roadster models are allowed to compete. Sports Soft tires (or less), or Sports Hard (or higher) are required for B-Spec racing. B-Spec racing for this endurance requires four B-Spec drivers.

• Tsukuba Circuit (4 Hours)

Laguna Seca 200 Miles (Level 27).

"A classic race with the added excitement of the Corkscrew chicane."
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is back in the Endurance Series. Gran Turismo's oldest real-world circuit is back along with this endurance. This race around Laguna Seca is the second-oldest endurance in GT history trailing only the Grand Valley 300km. Laguna Seca is unforgiving, technical, and punishing; and I am not just talking about the world-famous Corkscrew. Put your racing skills to the test on this Californian road course.

No restrictions for A-Spec. Sports Soft (or less) or Sports Hard (or higher) are required for B-Spec racing. B-Spec racing requires four B-Spec drivers.

• Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (90 Laps)

Indy 500 (Level 28).

"A high-speed contest over 500 miles of this classic track."
You won't get to race with Indy cars around the Superspeedway - Indy, but you can enjoy some high-speed racing on the hallowed grounds of Indy. This is the third-straight Gran Turismo to feature an endurance race on an oval. Bring your fastest car to this one because most of the opposition consists of very fast and very powerful cars. It may be an oval, but prepare for 200 laps around this track that I call "the world's fastest road course."

No restrictions for A-Spec. Racing Soft tires (or less) or Racing Hard tires (or higher) is required for B-Spec racing. This race requires four B-Spec drivers.

• Superspeedway - Indy (200 laps)

Suzuka 1000km (Level 30).

"A classic endurance event for racing cars from all over the world."
The Suzuka Circuit is one of the world's greatest and most rewarding race tracks to race on. If you have a lot of time on your hands, try racing 172 laps around this circuit. Considering the majority of Typical Opponents are GT500 racing machines, and considering they can lap this course in just over two minutes, you can do the math and figure out that (including pit stops) you may be racing this track for at least three hours. It is actually a returning endurance from Gran Turismo 4. Just remember- you're racing against 11 other cars in GT5 here as opposed to racing against five others in GT4 at Suzuka. It means you'll have to work twice as hard to go for the win. Also, be mindful of any possible weather changes since this track is set for Weather Change. This is the first-ever endurance race in Gran Turismo history to have time and/or weather changes play a factor in how the race plays out. Victory is not impossible, but do your best to win this one!

No restrictions for A-Spec. Racing Soft tires (or less) or Racing Hard tires (or higher) is required for B-Spec racing. This race requires four B-Spec drivers.

• Suzuka Circuit [Weather Change] (172 laps)

Nürburgring 4 Hour Endurance (Level 32).

"A casual introduction to the intricacies of the Nürburgring."
Learn what it takes to master the 'Ring by taking on this casual 4-hour endurance race. Survival here depends on your ability to master the 12+ mile insanity that combines the massive Nordschleife along with the contemporary Grand Prix circuit.

No restrictions for A-Spec. {B-Spec details in progress...}

• Nürburgring Type V (4 hours)

Tsukuba 9-Hour Endurance (Level 33).

"A famous event for tuned cars held at the Tsukuba Circuit."
Suited mostly towards tuner cars, this nine-hour romp around Tsukuba Circuit will test your patience and racing ability in a most unreal way. Everything you've learned from past races at Tsukuba (including the four-hour race with the Mazda Miata models) will be put to the test again in this grueling race around this 1.2-mile road course. As opposed to four hours, you have to last five more hours. That's right- can you hang on for nine hours around Tsukuba? If so, consider yourself a champion. Your opposition consists mostly of tuner cars. So if you have a good tuner car, you might stand a chance here (if you want to be fair with the competition. Otherwise, blow them away with some super-powereful car).

No restrictions for A-Spec. {B-Spec details in progress...}

• Tsukuba Circuit (9 hours)

24 Hours of Le Mans (Level 35).

"The classic endurance race, which every driver dreams of winning."
The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the greatest endurance race in the world. It is often called the Grand Prix of Endurance (Grand Prix d'Endurance) since a majority of the race is run in the daylight. The world's finest manufacturers and racing constructors battle the elements on a nearly 8.5-mile course that mostly consists of public roads. For obvious licensing reasons, the Le Mans namesake wasn't used in Gran Turismo 4, but you already know the track and the race. Time and weather changes are in vogue for Gran Turismo 5. So unlike Gran Turismo 4's version, you will have the opportunity to enjoy racing for 24 hours in this legendary endurance with realistic time cycles and possible changes in weather. Are you ready to endure like never before to win here?

No restrictions for A-Spec. {B-Spec details in progress...}

• Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 (24 hours)

24 Hours of Nürburgring (Level 40).

"An ultra-hardcore endurance race on the toughest of tracks."
If you don't think the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the greatest of all races, many others will say the 24 Hours at the Nürburgring is the greatest of all races. This massively long race track will be contested on for 24 straight hours of intense and grueling racing. You will be using a combination of the contemporary Grand Prix circuit and the 12+ mile long Nordschleife. Lap times will be very long. A time of about 10 minutes a lap in the fastest cars will really push your endurance to the limit. Survive it all, however, and you will have PLENTY to brag about to friends! If you've won the other eight endurances, consider this one the endurance race that caps off your Gran Turismo endurance racing career. Time AND weather will change as you embark on this epic voyage.

No restrictions for A-Spec. Racing Soft tires (or less) or Racing Hard tires (or higher) is required for B-Spec racing. This race requires four B-Spec drivers.

• Nürburgring 24h (24 hours)

Remember that I will be updating some of the missing details either based on reading other materials or through my own progress through Gran Turismo 5.

Thank all of you not only for reading this post, but for your continued support of my work. I hope you kick some butt in Gran Turismo 5 and all of your other games!

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