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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gran Turismo Space... Literally?

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Gran Turismo Space... literally? The car list for Gran Turismo 6 includes the 1971 Lunar Roving Vehicle LRV-001. There is also a great sense of astronomical simulation for GT6. This is an interesting blog post I'd like to share about the space-style aspects of Gran Turismo 6. Or at least... as much as we know about space aspects of GT6.

Because the name of this blog used to be "John's Gran Turismo Space," I find it quite fitting I am discussing the astronomical aspects of Gran Turismo 6 in this blog post. Welcome to JRS- "John's Race Space!"

--- Gran Turismo 6: Stars and Space ---

Gran Turismo 6 uses an interesting astronomical simulation with accurate positions of stars. This is part of the game's interesting time simulation. I think this is something very cool for the game. As someone who loves nighttime personally, I'd be very interested to see how this all plays out for Gran Turismo 6.

In case you haven't seen the sort of starry magic Gran Turismo 6 will provide, check out this video featuring time transitions:

^ "Gran Turismo 6 - Day/Night Transitions Trailer"

Beautiful starry displays, eh?

--- Gran Turismo 6: Lunar Exploration ---

Check out this video I found:

^ "Gran Turismo 6 - Driving On The Moon! (Lunar Exploration Missions) 1080p HD"

Some people are probably going to say that Gran Turismo 6 should be concerned with fast cars and cars people actually care about. Some others think something like this is just a waste of disc space. I didn't think the Daimler machines from GT4 were just filler. I actually see this Lunar Exploration missions as fun. I didn't hear or see people complain about having the Warthog from the HALO games in Forza Motorsport 4, so why hate on this Lunar Rover? This is a most unique experience unique to Gran Turismo 6. I am not even sure I want to fathom racing any non-lunar craft on the moon.

--- Gran Turismo Space... Literally?: Final Thoughts ---

The inclusion of accurate stars may sound silly to some people for a racing game. Some others may laugh at the inclusion of a Lunar Rover and a Lunar Exploration simulation. But really, I think something like this is a (let's be honest) nice little gimmick to make Gran Turismo 6 a bit better. Kind of think of it like trying to be the best racing game... in the universe! :D Great racing on Earth, and great driving on the moon. I personally like the touches regarding stars and space with Gran Turismo 6, speaking as someone who loves nighttime as well as one who is always fascinated with stars and space.

Gran Turismo 6 will be live in the United States on December 6, 2013. So what you've read are basically thoughts of mine rather than some review. I still think this is going to be very cool for Gran Turismo 6. What do you think about all of this, though? Share your thoughts here and thank you for reading!

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