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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Offroad Thunder

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Not to be confused with Off Road Challenge, Off Road Thunder was a different kind of game from Midway. The premise was still on extreme off-road racing. This game just has a different focus. Get ready for metal-on-metal mayhem and three different ways to play. You also have a handful of vehicles to use in your off-road speed freaking. I'm here to talk about this racing game for your reading pleasure.

--- Offroad Thunder ---

Made by Midway in 1999, Offroad Thunder was part of the Thunder series of Midway racing games. Thrills in this game were provided through wicked nitro boosts and using your boost to overwhelm rival racers in your way. Unlike Off Road Challenge, Offroad Thunder consists of racing action on closed circuits with three-lap races. Offroad Thunder offered a few extra ways to play, which helped boost its appeal and its replay value. Also unlike Off Road Challenge, there are no actual sponsors or any licensed material as part of the game. Every vehicle is fictional, and all of the tracks are not based on or inspired by any real locales.


There are no "cars" in this game. What you DO get are a handful of trucks and buggies. You can use certain codes to access certain other vehicles. The game has a handful of racing trucks, buggies, monster trucks, even some semi trucks. Be sure to look around- there's a vehicle that will tickle your fancy the most when playing Offroad Thunder.


All of the tracks are fictional and not based on any real-world locations or races. In addition, all courses are closed circuits. No track is any kind of point-to-point venue. Most race tracks in this game have various surfaces, and just about all of them have various shortcuts you can take. Eight tracks are available, and there is one hidden track you can choose from.


Unlike "Off Road Challenge," tracks in Off Road Thunder are all closed circuits. Each race is a three-lap affair. Twelve vehicles (including yours) make up each field.

There are three modes of racing in Off Road Thunder.

• You can compete in a standard Rally race to the finish line.

• Your goal is to try and eliminate other drivers in Demolition Mode.

• You can also compete in Snag the Flag play. Steal the flag from others to rack up points.

Whereas you had several shots of Nitrous in Off Road Challenge, Nitrous you accumulate through this game stays with you for you to use at any time as long as you have enough boost. Blue Nitro grants you three seconds of boost, and Red Nitrous offers you six seconds of boost. You can have a maximum of 15 seconds of boost.

--- Offroad Thunder: Final Thoughts ---

Offroad Thunder is one of the ugliest and most horrid racing games I've ever played. It has horrible music and a lot of annoying stuff. If Offroad Thunder were a true sequel to Off Road Challenge, this game would severely disappoint what Off Road Challenge offered. Its saving grace is that there are many ways to play the game. I just didn't like this game when I played it. It could have been much more all around for me to really enjoy it more than a lot of other Midway titles.

Video Preview.

You can see for yourself how this game plays. Check out this video:

^ Midway Arcade Treasures 3 (Xbox): Off Road Thunder

This concludes your look at Offroad Thunder. What do you think about this game?

Offroad Thunder was never released with a home version. However, you can play "Offroad Thunder" if you have a PlayStation 2, a Gamecube, an XBOX, or a PC.

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