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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing

John Marine | 12:41 AM | |
There are some family names you just don't mess with. One of those names is Unser. And in "Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing" by Data East, you engage in a world tour of 16 races pushing you and your skills to the limit. Abuse your turbo boost and go incredibly fast while trying to drive your way into Victory Lane. Are you ready for the challenge? This blog post takes a look at this classic NES game.

--- Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing at a Glance ---

"Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing" features a variety of racing venues around the world.


There are three modes of play for Al Unser Jr's. Turbo Racing:

• Time Trial Mode A - time trial with other cars on track.
• Time Trial Mode B - time trial without other cars on track.
• World Grand-Prix Series - compete for the World Championship.

The difference between the two Time Trial modes is that Mode A has you racing against other cars in a time trial, and you race solo in Time Trial Mode B. The meat of this game is in the World Grand Prix Series, where you engage in this world tour. Each event in the World Grand-Prix Series race features advice on how to take on each course. You can practice and qualify for each event. Afterwards, you take on a Grand Prix event to try to finish as high as you can. Get enough points to become World Champion!

The game features four songs you can choose from to listen to while racing. Or, you may opt to not have any music play. It does have a pretty good soundtrack.


Just about all of the race tracks are real. Of course, there are no officially-licensed courses; but you know what each track resembles if you are understanding of real-world courses. Your racing takes place all over the world across 16 tracks on five continents, ranging from the streets of Long Beach to legendary Spa-Francorchamps and going to the likes of Suzuka Circuit and the streets of Adelaide. Since this game was made in 1988, one country in the game is West Germany, which features the Hockenheimring in this game. Of course, it's all Germany today now since the Berlin Wall collapse.


As you perform your racing, be ready to battle hard. Your car has three gears. When you reach the top of your third gear, you can utilize your turbo boost for a wicked speed advantage. You can use your boost for as long as you like. Be warned, though- because while you have a lot of boost to use, you don't have unlimited boost. So use it wisely- especially in proper races. You can go ahead and use that turbo boost to get an advantage and shave seconds off your lap times. More importantly in races, you want to stock some of your turbo just so you can better overtake opposition in races or when you are in a pinch to try to make some last-minute moves. Maybe the best usage of boost can be applied during qualifying.

Final Thoughts.

I played this game before and think this is one of the most fun racing games on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The rush of speed is quite cool, and there's nothing like boosting like crazy in a balls-out race car. Enjoy this fabulous game if you have an NES.

Video Preview.

Here is a video preview of the game I've mentioned all along:

^ "Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing - NES Gameplay"

I hope you enjoyed this post on this fine game.

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