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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Racin' Force

John Marine | 12:43 PM | |
In 1993, Konami created "Racin' Force." This arcade racing game featured four tracks as you race with GTP prototypes. This game was unique in that it used voxels to lay out the environment for each track. This gave tracks incredible depth that few racing games of its time could match or better. Konami has made quite a few racing games in its time, but this one is fairly rare to a lot of people. So allow me to shed light on this arcade title.

Since I've never played it, my opinions on this game are based on impressions. Let's begin!

--- Racin' Force ---

Racin' Force is rather rare and unknown in Konami's long history of racing games. This game was NOT Konami's first foray into sportscar racing. Many people remember may remember "WEC Le Mans 24," which has you take on the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans complete with time changes. Racin' Force, however, is simply a fairly technical racing game offering four tracks. Unique to the creation of this game was the fact the landscape was all made of voxels. In case you don't know what a voxel is, think "volumetric pixel." It is essentially a three-dimensional pixel. Having these voxel layouts made the tracks more realistic and offered a level of depth never before seen in racing games. There are still sprites used in the creation of Racin' Force. You will see pseudo-3D trees and such. The cars are all sprites also. Since the technology was so expensive, there weren't too many games that utilized such technology.

Racin' Force has you race as only one car. Your only option is Automatic or Manual/Standard transmission. Try to cross the checkpoints to extend your time. Can you win the race? The game seems to run like Virtua Racing in the sense that there is no in-game music except for when you clear checkpoints or complete the race. Racin' Force is one of the most rare racing games ever made.


Here are descriptions of the game's four tracks:

• Circuit Course (Beginner)
This beginner-level course is fairly simple and does not have any seriously intense corners. The track features a crossover as part of its layout, similar to the crossover at Suzuka Circuit. There are no checkpoints here- each checkpoint is basically one lap around the track. It won't take too much for you to win at Circuit Course. (Honestly... was this the best Konami came up with for a name for this track?)

• High-Speed Circuit (Beginner)
Despite the course looking so twisty, you will be able to drive at top speed for extended periods of time here. There are still some tricky corners despite the high speed nature of this course, so make sure you don't lose focus on clearing each corner effectively. There are both flat turns and banked turns here as part of this course's layout.

• Enduro Circuit (Intermediate)
This is a technical race course where the time changes as you go along. This course has you racing from day to night and back to the day. Be careful taking on some of the hairpins and other slow corners.

• Country Road (Advanced)
Unlike the other courses, Country Road is an open circuit. Based on what I saw in a YouTube video, this track essentially combines elements of this game's three other tracks and puts it all into one long track. You aren't exactly racing every portion of every track here, but you are racing on what seems to be a mash-up of elements of the other three courses in one long course. This race consists of eight checkpoints. Clear all eight checkpoints to finish the race.


With the exception of Country Road, every race is four laps long with eight cars to a track (including yours). Clear the checkpoints to extend your time. Try to work your way through the pack as best as you can. While this is not a simulation racing game, the game has a simulation driving feel. Drive carefully and precisely to stand the best chance of winning. If time runs out, your car will slow down until it eventually comes to a complete stop.

Video Preview.

Here is a sample video of Racin' Force and what this game is all about. Take a look:

^ "RACIN' FORCE Circuit Course

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That concludes another post here.

As of my initial post, I have never played this game. I wouldn't mind playing it if I were in an arcade room that had this game. Anyhow... thank you for reading! I hope you have a great day and continue to stay with my blogging work for more goodness from me. Thank you so much for visiting. Subscribe/Follow my blog(s) if you haven't already done so and if you love my blogging work. Take care and be well, everyone!

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