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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Midnight Club Series

John B. Marine | 11:40 AM |
The Midnight Club series epitomized street racing since its 2000 debut on the PlayStation 2. There are no rules in street racing- so do whatever it takes to win. This realm of anything-goes racing has been popular with its incredible action. If you want a look at this series through the eyes of yours truly, you've come to the right place- John's Race Space!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Street racing is illegal and dangerous. If you want to race for real, go to a race track and make sure your car is properly equipped and inspected for motorsports competition.

--- Midnight Club Series ---

Midnight Club series
^ from: - The Midnight Club series delivers no-holds-barred street racing action.

Rockstar Games is the brains behind this series. Angel Studios came along with the first Midnight Club title. The Midnight Club games offer the struggle to become the best street racer in the city. Doing so requires you to take on a number of challenges including taking on certain individuals sure to give you a hard time. Along the way, you will come across a variety of vehicles designed to feed your inner speed freak. Find shortcuts and be ready to take out other opponents to better your chances of winning. And if you think it's just you vs. rival street racers, don't forget about the police- they are ready to break up your street racing fun by chasing down you and rival racers. You're going to have a lot on your plate as you try to be the greatest street racer in the city. This is street racing at its most dangerous.

Personally, I've given up on the Midnight Club series because even though the games are fun to play, they are a touch too difficult for me to continually enjoy. I NEVER made it to London in the first game, and I've been a bit stuck in Paris in the second game. Getting credits in "Midnight Club: Los Angeles" has been a fussbudget. So I've given up on the series for the most part, but I still think this is a great game series. I guess the second Midnight Club resonates with me the most because two of my favorite cities in the world are in it- Paris and Tokyo. And of course, who doesn't love a game where you can do almost whatever you want in cities you love?

Thank you to the video creators who allowed their videos to be embedded.

Midnight Club: Street Racing (2000).

The first Midnight Club takes you around New York City and London as you engage in street racing in both cities. You start off in NYC looking for races and rivals. This is the game that set the tone for future Midnight Club insanity. You start off with one car and work your way to collect more cars as well as upgraded versions of cars. Clear each of the challenges to advance through the game. Get in touch with rivals to acquire better cars.

Here is a video look at the first Midnight Club:

^ "Midnight Club: Street Racing gameplay"

Midnight Club II (2003).

The struggle to become the finest street racer takes you through three cities in Midnight Club 2. You will be racing on the streets of Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo. Much more beautiful graphics and a cooler set of songs will fuel the mood of this game. Also, you can race motorcycles for the first time in series history. Get ready for a racing experience unlike any other!

This video shows you the second Midnight Club:

^ "Midnight Club 2 Gameplay"

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition. (2005).

After two installments taking you on a world tour, "Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition" brings the action back to the United States with three locales- Atlanta, Detroit, and San Diego. You can now tune up your machines. And if you don't like the fantasy vehicles of the past two Midnight Club titles, you're in luck because this is the first Midnight Club to feature licensed vehicles. This game even features licensing from DUB- the leading magazine in custom cars and the lifestyles of those who have such custom cars.

The video below is an example of "Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition."

^ Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition - San Diego - Random Races

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix (2006).

"Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix" doesn't add too much locale-wise except take you back to Tokyo. You get a lot more vehicles and more race types across the three cities in MC3, and you also get a handful of racing events in Tokyo, including the ability to make your own events in Tokyo. More songs are also offered in the Remix of "MC3: DUB Edition."

If you want to see what DUB Edition Remix is like, here you go:

^ "Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition REMIX - Phil"

Midnight Club: Los Angeles (2008).

Los Angeles types can surely brag with this game. You only race in Los Angeles for this game. Can you be the finest street racer in all of Los Angeles? To be king (or queen) of street racing in Los Angeles, you will need to take on a variety of races and a handful of rivals. Cars and motorcycles are at your disposal as you take on the various challenges. The racing experience is even more bonkers if you get the "Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition." This package will give you just about everything for the ultimate MCLA experience. You can even race police cars. The suite for customizing your machines is great. Various modifications can be done to your car ranging from performance upgrades, visual enhancements inside and out, and painting up your machines. This game even offers a unique set of tweaks that allow you to gain an unfair advantage. These examples include ROAR and AGRO among others.

^ "Midnight Club Los Angeles - Police Chase #2"

That concludes your look at the Midnight Club series.

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