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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"The Crew" Thoughts

John Marine | 4:40 PM |
A few days ago, I saw a Twitch stream for the first time ever; and it was about "The Crew" from Ubisoft. I know very little about "The Crew" apart from this being an open-world racing/driving game across various points of the United States. This is NOT a review since I've never played this game. On the other hand, I'm offering thoughts on this game in this blog post.

--- "The Crew" at a Glance ---

Here is a look at The Crew:

The Crew PS4
^ from: - This is the box for the PS4 version of "The Crew."

And here is a trailer of "The Crew" for your enjoyment:

^ "The Crew - Launch Trailer"

Allow me to share a few thoughts on this game with this section.

When I first saw the Twitch stream on "The Crew," the player competed in a challenge race in the Midwest going to Chicago. The action then shifted over to a drag race in Detroit followed by a mission in St. Louis. When I looked at this game and thought about it, I normally thought "The Crew" reminds me a lot of Test Drive Unlimited with the open-world style of play, but also with a gritty Need for Speed undertone to it. Oh, and not to mention this game has MUCH better voice acting and story than the TDU games. NO Solar Crown (or some other bulls*** championship) either. The cars look great. I also like the execution of how the whole United States thing. I was only able to see the Midwest. I don't know about the other parts of the United States in this game. Since I'm from Houston, my neck of the woods would likely be in "The South" in "The Crew." I don't know all the different parts of the USA represented in "The Crew," but I do think this is a very cool game.

A big part of The Crew- from what I understand- is basically about building your own group and competing in a handful of different events. You may even call up your boys (and your girls) to complete certain tasks and races. I'll be honest- this is a game I wouldn't mind buying if I had a PlayStation 4. This seems like a very cool game to me.

If you want to get "The Crew," please take a look at this item below:

(available for: PlayStation 4, XBOX One, PC, and XBOX 360)

Remember- these were only THOUGHTS on "The Crew." Maybe if I played the full game and enough of the game to review it, I may review this game. Until then... Thank you for reading!

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