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Monday, December 29, 2014

Formula Racer

John Marine | 8:59 PM | |
Formula Racer is a Flash-based racing game published by Kongregate and developed by Turbo Nuke. You will be racing with and against the most elite of race cars in high-speed formula car battle. You will never know what kind of madness awaits you once the race starts. All you know is that you're strapped into a sophisticated and fast racing car devoid of fenders, head lights, and compromises. When the lights turn green, get ready for a race sure to get your blood pumping and your heart racing as hard as the actual racing you'll be doing. This post is a review of the Flash-based racing game "Formula Racer."

--- Formula Racer ---

Here is a little picture of the game I am set to discuss:

Formula Racer
^ from: - Formula Racer is a Flash-based racing game by Kongregate and Turbo Nuke.

Formula Racer puts you in a Formula 1-style race car and compete on eight different tracks from around the world. You need to be atop your game and race with purpose if you expect to win. "Formula Racer" also features various Achievements you can complete. The game features eight race tracks spanning the globe. There are no licensed tracks, but each venue resembles a real-world track, and not all of them are actual tracks found in that nation. For example, you start in the USA, and the USA track resembles Circuit de Catalunya in Spain. Each race is two laps long and consists of 24 drivers (including yourself) to a track. Simply finishing a race will earn you sufficient money which you can use towards unlocking more tracks and upgrading your car. You can upgrade your car to enhance its performance up to 16 levels. Your boost is with you and refills over time. Press the Space key to activate your boost. It doesn't need to be at full to be used.

Here are a few things to take note of when playing "Formula Racer." Direct contact with other cars will not destroy your car, but crashing into outside barriers and other off-track objects will explode your car. Once you crash, victory is near impossible. There is an Achievement you can get for winning a race after crashing. If you crash, all of the boost you have stocked will be dumped. There is no on-screen map of your progress. The only way to know how far you've raced is when you look at the progress bar at the top of the main window. Try to place as high as possible (3rd or better) on all of the tracks so you can unlock the "Special Car." Do not expect to win right away. Even I was a bit lucky to win the first race with a bone stock car before preparing this review.

--- Formula Racer Review ---

Here is my own review of the game you've just read about.

"Formula Racer" is a fast-paced Flash-based racing game that delivers some great action. The controls for this game are fairly sharp, and the action remains intense. The AI can be a bit twitchy and acting as if they rule the road. The game runs very smoothly and remains fast-paced all the time. It is a very cool game for you racing game fans. Go play it online if you're wanting to pass the time online playing Flash games.

Want to Play?

Here is a video preview of this game:

^ "Formula Racer - Kongregate Gameplay by Magicolo46"

If you want to play "Formula Racer," follow this link: Formula Racer on Kongregate. For more online games from Kongregate and Turbo Nuke visit their respective websites: and

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