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Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Star GP

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The realm of Formula 1 is showcased in New Star GP. This top-down racing game, while not endorsed or licensed by the Federacion International d' Automobile (FIA) is supposed to resemble the 2009 Formula 1 World Championship. The level of challenge and intrigue is great to anyone looking for a great F1 challenge. Get ready for a look at this game through the eyes of I, John Marine!

--- New Star GP ---

Take a look at this game right here:

New Star GP
^ from: - New Star GP is New Star Games' take on Formula 1 racing. Prepare for an intense racing challenge only F1 can provide when you play this game. It is available for Windows and Mac.

New Star GP is a top-down PC racing game which is based on the 2009 season of the Formula 1 World Championship. This game does not feature actually licensed drivers or tracks, but you get a general idea of who each driver is and what tracks are being used. The game features every Grand Prix course from the 2009 season and as many as 24 cars to a track (including yours). You can choose to compete in a Quick Race or try to become World Champion by racing in the game's Career Mode. You have a number of options to set up your car before each race. These options include fuel load, tire choice, and the use of KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). Be alert because there is the possibility that a race will have rainy conditions. You can compete either solo or play online. You can even design your own tracks by using the included Track Editor.

One note about the tracks in this game... the courses are not designed to the exact specifications. A big example of this can be with Suzuka, which many of you know is a Figure-8 road course. There is no overpass to this game's course unlike the Suzuka track it resembles. You get leeway on city courses in this game. The different city courses (Monaco, Europe, and Singapore) courses have runoff road to each as opposed to their real-life counterparts being narrow Despite this, many of the same dimensions and challenges of each course is still there to each course.

I recommend you go with a full fuel load for each race. While you can't entirely run out of fuel and retire, you can still take your car to the pits for repairs and refueling. Your car may take a bunch of knocks and require a pit stop for repairs. You will note this when you go slower than usual and see black smoke from your car.

Oh, and did I mention that as of December 2014, this game is now free to play and download? This title is no longer supported by New Star Games; and in addition, multiplayer is no longer supported.

New Star GP: Review.

New Star GP offers a challenging and unique take on Formula 1 racing. This top-down racer offers a great amount of simulation-style action to keep even non-F1 fans interested. This game feels about as intense a top-down racer as any 3D racer with serious attention to detail (like today's Codemasters F1 games). Anyone just looking for an intense racing challenge likely won't be disappointed with "New Star GP." There is a lot to offer for this game and is almost too good to pass up.

New Star GP: Video Preview.

This is a trailer of "New Star GP." Get an idea of what kind of madness this game has to offer:

^ "New Star GP - Video 1"

If you were convinced by this review, get this game from New Star Games' website by going to the New Star GP page on New Star Games' website, or learn more about New Star Games and their other titles by going to

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