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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Street Race Series

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Street racing is as dangerous and illegal as you can imagine. Providing its own brand of street racing from Turbo NUKE, the Street Race series is a Flash-based series of games all about high-speed racing on city streets. No licensed cars or real-world locations are featured. However, the whole casual appeal of illegal street racing is featured in the Street Race series of games. I will share with you a look at all the games in this series. And of course, I'll provide links for you all in case you want to give these games a try in your browser.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Street racing is illegal and dangerous. If you want to race for real, go to a race track or any sanctioned racing event. Make sure your vehicle is properly inspected and that you have the needed safety equipment to be safe.

--- "Street Race" Series ---

TurboNUKE Street Race
^ from: (YouTube(?)) - Prove you're the city's fastest through the three "Street Race" titles.

The Street Race series from Turbo NUKE is all about street racing. You are racing tuner cars with the usual (or all played out, to most people) appeal of tuner cars with neon under lights and wild paint jobs and wild body kits. Your job is simple- be the fastest of all the other cars. Each game features ten cars to a track (including yours). All the Street Race series games except the first feature eight courses. The first game featured six courses. Every title was developed by Turbo NUKE except for Street Race 3, which was developed by Or maybe it is just sponsored by

Here are the finer points of each game.

You start off with one car but can acquire three more cars based on finishing 3rd or better in certain races. Cars you unlock carry different levels of performance to each. You can earn credits after races to upgrade your car. And trust me- you'll need to consider maxing out your car's performance, especially in the later stages. A maxed out car will give you the best chance to win, especially in the final races of each game. Upgrades come in ten levels. And if you're wanting to win every race, you will find yourself mostly grinding to try to get the most money possible to max out your car. Upgrades come in four categories: max speed, acceleration, grip, and nitrous. Max speed increases your top speed, accleration helps increase how well you get up to speed, grip helps you gain better traction, and the nitrous upgrades lets you boost for longer periods of time. The upgrades get more expensive as you buy them. Build your upgrades up wisely. If in doubt, go for the max speed upgrades while still balancing out your car's performance. All upgrades you purchase apply to all cars you use. So an upgrade to an element one car lacks can be quite beneficial to a car of greater performance characteristics.

Each race in the Street Race games are point-to-point races. You start off in last place (10th) and must work your way through the pack to finish as high as possible. You must try to navigate your way around each course while making sure to not get into collisions with cars and the scenery. You can use boost to gain a speed and power advantage, but you can only use this once per race; and when it's gone, it's gone for good in that race. So find the right moment to use boost- either after you slowed down considerably after a crash or in a high-speed section preferably in the latter half of the course. Or just don't use the turbo at all- win with what you got! To unlock new courses, you must finish in a certain position or better to unlock the next course. When you get to the final course, you MUST win that event to beat the game.

It wasn't until recently (this post was first typed on March 26, 2015) that I learned of a third game in this series. So in an effort to bring everything together, I created this blog post to highlight on all the games in the series.

Street Race.

The first game in the Street Race series features four cars and six courses. You start off with a tuned hatchback but can get more serious cars with progress through the game. It doesn't take a whole lot early on to unlock more courses, but you will need to race hard to finish 3rd or better to have a chance to unlock the faster cars. Once you get to the later races, you almost immediately have to think "1st Place or bust" because you aren't going to advance much further in this game unless you place very high. The best advice I can offer is to keep upgrading your car and try to win every race. Once you win a race, there isn't much more you can do but move on (unless you want more money). Also, try to find the right moment for when to use your only nitrous boost. There is no indication of how far along you are in a race. However, you can get hints as to how far along you are in the race if you spot signs on the sides of the road that have numbers on them. These are like checkpoints. Use them to keep yourself in mind of how far along in each race you are in. For the final race, you may want to make sure you are maxed out in all or almost all categories, especially top speed and grip.

Street Race 2 Nitro.

Street Race 2 Nitro takes the frenzied action of the first game and offers lovelier graphics and more difficult racing. You start off with a green hatchback but can pick up three more cars. There are eight courses in this game unlike six from the previous title. While they don't provide a serious impact, there are now police cars that take to the road looking to complicate matters for you. They will mostly get onto the road and try to ruin your race or expect you to run into them. In some races, you almost begin to feel like your car is too slow compared to everybody else, considering the sort of rubber band AI. The difficulty in this game compared to the first Street Race title is much greater. Cut down on mistakes and use your nitrous (at the right time, of course) if you are to win or have the best chance of winning. You will really have to work for it in this game. The difficulty for this one is the highest of the three titles.

Street Race 3 Crusin.

This game is the latest in the Street Race series as of this post. Street Race 3 Cruisin' features four convertibles you race with across eight tracks. This time, the cops are on the sides rather than trying to break up your racing thrills. The racing, however, is still intense. This title (to me) seem a bit less difficult than Street Race 2 Nitro. I actually won the first four races on my first try on each course. Either I was lucky or I'm just that good. :) Your results may vary.

With this said, it is time for me to offer some thoughts on this series.

--- Street Race Series ---

The Street Race series offers up a good amount of fun for Flash-based racing games. The game series provides a unique racing challenge that gets progressively tougher in the later stages. This series will not be easy to try to win every race. While in no way is any one race purely difficult, you do feel a great deal of difficulty in trying to the best of the 10 racers (yourself included). The fact you have only one turbo boost provides an element of strategy. Or of course, don't even use the boost if your car is that good (there actually is an Achievement for winning without using your boost). "Street Race 2 Nitro" will frustrate you to no end in the later stages. In creating this blog post, I've completed "Street Race" and "Street Race 3 Cruisin." I was up to the sixth stage of "Street Race 2 Nitro" also in creating this post. Regardless, if you want a great illegal street racing game to play in your Internet browser, be sure to give the Street Race games a try. It is illegal street racing without any of the usual Hollywood-style theatrics or anything.

Video Previews.

Let me try to give you the best possible videos I could find to showcase each game of the Street Race series. Take a look at the games I just mentioned (thank all of the individuals who allowed their videos to be embedded). The videos are provided for educational purposes:

^ "Street Race - Turbo Nuke - Free Car Games To Play Now"

^ "Street Race 2 Nitro Walkthrough, Guide and Tips - New Free Car Racing Games"

(WARNING: No sound!)

^ "Street Race 3 - Cruisin - Gameplay Kiz10"

For More Information...

Want to play these games? I invite you to click the following links and play along online! Here you go:

"Street Race."
"Street Race 2 Nitro."
"Street Race 3 Cruisin."

And for more goodness from Turbo NUKE, visit

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