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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Super Indie Karts Grand Prix: Beta Impressions

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(UPDATED: May 20, 2015)

@1LeggedSeagull's Super Indie Karts Grand Prix brings old school kart racing fun to today's modern racing landscape. Though in Beta as of the date of this original post (May 19, 2015), my hopes were high for this title because of its fun action. Would those hopes remain high while the proper full version is still in the works? I am here to offer my first impressions of this game in hopes maybe I can help you in providing insight on this game. So get ready for another post of "John's Race Space!"

NOTE: Thoughts expressed on this game are as of the current Beta build of the game for the OUYA as of this original blog post, which is V0.325. This is not a proper review of the game as this game is still in its Beta stages.


MAY 20 2015 - edited in-game details, edited general content

--- Super Indie Karts Grand Prix ---

Time to talk about this game in further detail. This video below will show you the game I am about to discuss in this blog post. Take a look (or click on the link below the video to view on YouTube):

^ OUYA - Super Indie Karts Beta Gameplay Trailer

Now that you've seen the game, allow me to discuss this game in detail... or at least it in Beta form.

General Information.

Let me try to introduce this game to you the way I understand it all.

Super Indie Karts Grand Prix is a racing game built in the vein of Super Mario Kart from Australian developer One-Legged Seagull Games. Despite its old feel, it is completely modern with beautiful HD graphics and intense racing action. This game began life as "Super World Karts Grand Prix" early in its development. It was backed successfully by a Kickstarter campaign. It featured a bunch of cartoonish characters. The tracks were mostly a bunch of beautifully-designed locales based on some real-world locations. Further in its development, the game took on a different and unique character when the game began to go from its Super Mario Kart-inspired realm to featuring independent (indie) game characters from indie games. Characters from games like Crosscode, Toto Temple Deluxe, Canabalt, Fist of Awesome, and more compiled this list of characters. There are also race courses based on each of these games. For example, you can race on a track based on Bearhattan from "Fist of Awesome." Super Indie Karts Grand Prix, then, is like an all-star cast of indie game characters in racing competition. You can almost look at it as an indie combination of "Super Mario Kart" and "Super Smash Bros."

This game is proudly Powered by Unity. For more information on Unity, visit

(ADDED: May 20, 2015) As of this May 20, 2015 update; the latest version of the Super Indie Karts Grand Prix Beta is now Version 0.33.

Basic Competition.

(EDITED: May 20, 2015)
The main mode of competition is Grand Prix mode. Among the other options are Time Trial and Battle. Grand Prix mode has you racing with three levels of engine displacement. The higher displacements mean faster and more difficult races. It also means more laps to race as well as faster speeds and tougher objectives. More on the objectives later in this blog post. In "Super Indie Karts Grand Prix," there are a total of eight Cups to compete for- four of them are World Cups, and the other four are Indie Cups. Each Cup features four races. You can race each cup in Mirror Mode. Racing in Mirror Mode is its own championship. In total, you are looking at a total of 64 races (32 normal, 32 reverse). As of the current Beta, there are two World Cups and one Indie Cup. You then select one of many different characters to go race with. Since I am playing on the OUYA, I mostly raced with OUYA mascot Sparky. Then too, I am pretty sure it doesn't matter which you use unless the game has the same sort of weight class divisions like with Mario Kart games.

When the race begins, you have a race of certain lap lengths to take part in. Getting Stars mostly entails you doing three things: (1) finding the Golden Mushroom(s) on each track, (2) collecting enough Jewels (which used to be Rings early in its development), and (3) winning the race. There are on-track items consisting of jumps and turbo boots. You collect items from these item boxes to use against your opponents. If you slide into corners, you will earn Chili good for getting a mini boost heading out of corners. Try to go for Triple Pepper by sustaining your drift for a certain duration. Try to win every race or place as high as possible. The championship will continue regardless of where in the standings you rank. So your championship run can take a serious hit if you finish 4th or worse. You want to place 3rd or better if you can.

Should I, Or Should I Not?

I was unsure as to whether I wanted to buy the Beta version of this game as I was looking around at the lineup of OUYA games. At one point, I figured I'd give it a try instead of continually "window shopping" for the Super Indie Karts Grand Prix Beta. I guess I wanted to try this game out rather than wait for the full release of this game. Normally, I don't consider myself someone to take part in early builds and Betas (or even Alphas) of games. I eventually decided to pay the $19.99 US Dollars (at its time) to play the Beta of "Super Indie Karts Grand Prix."

The next thing I did was try out the first championship- the Melon Cup. I raced at the 50cc level and won the championship with 40 points. I got six stars and a Driver Ranking of "B." I wish I was better accustomed to most of the tracks. It was okay, though- it was my first time playing, and I had to get used to how to race each of the tracks and how to survive against the other seven drivers on the track.

It is just a Beta, but what do I think about this game from my playing?

--- Super Indie Karts Grand Prix: Thoughts ---

This game can be thought of as a trip back in time to when almost every kart racing game was trying to be like or better the precedent set by Super Mario Kart. To that end, and with the unique cast of characters from indie games, "Super Indie Karts Grand Prix" can only get better. The game is more throwback than trying to revolutionize the racing game genre. I think the inclusion of characters from various indie games shows a unique unity of the indie gaming community. Not that I am any aficionado of indie games, but I can't really remember a game where so many indie characters and so many indie games have all collaborated into one game. So this is a unique experience to feature so many characters from a number of top indie games. It is an all-star cast of indie game characters in much the same way that Sony has "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale," how Nintendo has both the Mario Kart series and the Super Smash Bros. series, and perhaps more fitting... more like how Sega has its "Sonic All-Stars Racing" series. I'd like to know what else will be added to the likes of characters and tracks in future builds and versions of "Super Indie Karts Grand Prix."

Once again, I think "Super Indie Karts Grand Prix" can only get better. It has the intensity of Mario Kart 64 with the fun and style of Super Mario Kart. I am not in any way offended or dulled by the flat lands of each track. I am also not slighted in the least sense at the smooth 2D graphics. It isn't perfect, but I can't find much to complain about with "Super Indie Karts Grand Prix." And let's be honest- it's refreshing to have a game other than some first-person shooter, some endless runner/jumper/dropper, or anything like that. It is also mostly refreshing to have a racing game (even speaking as a Gran Turismo fan) like this that is outside of the super-serious simulation racing realm or in the viciously gritty style of racing like in a lot of arcade racing games from the Triple-A developers. There aren't too many good indie racing games, let alone racing games in the independent category. So this comes off as something refreshing and adds to the racing community on the indie front.

My hopes still remain high that this will be one of the finer games of any genre once its full version is complete. Full credit and respect to One-Legged Seagull Games on creating and developing this fine racing title.

For More Information...

Learn more about One-Legged Seagull Games by visiting To learn more about "Super Indie Karts Grand Prix," visit

"Super Indie Karts Grand Prix" is still in Beta, but I like where this game is going. It will hopefully be one of the finest titles to come in quite a while. It surely will be one of the better indie racing games to date. But... that's what I think. What say you? You've read another post of "John's Race Space." Glad you could be here to read my posts. If you want more of my discussion of racing games and driving games, Subscribe and Follow. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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