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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Circuito de la Sierra

John B. Marine | 7:15 PM | |
At 16.78 miles (27 km), Circuito de la Sierra is the longest original course based on a real-world location in Gran Turismo history. It isn't the longest original course, however; that honor goes to the 18.82 mile (30.283 km) Special Stage Route X. Circuito de la Sierra is a trip around the Spanish countryside of Andalusia whose length surpasses the 15.76-mile (25.36 km) Nürburgring 24H course by a full mile. The Spanish countryside is the vista as you take your favorite cars in Gran Turismo 6 to take on the many twists and turns of this intense course. This blog post takes a look at this fine Spanish course in Gran Turismo 6.

--- Circuito de la Sierra ---

While it is not the first original course to go longer than 10 miles, it is one of the more challenging courses for its many twists and turns. You can practice and learn this massive course by taking part in the Sierra Time Rally. Learn the course in a piece-by-piece manner. Or if you so incline, try out the full-length challenge with a car given to you. No matter what, this is an entertaining country road course.

Video Preview.

Here is a preview of this course from my friends over on GTPlanet. It is also a sample of the Sierra Time Rally:

^ Gran Turismo 6: Sierra Time Rally HD Gameplay

In the future, I may highlight on the Sierra Time Rally. For now, this post is just a casual look at Circuito de la Sierra. The only advice I would offer is for you to always be attentive and alert for quick bends and undulations in the road to smoothly race this course. Considering the road undulates a lot here, it's obvious you will need a good suspension and handling setup to take on these roads.

I personally like this track. It is a very fun country road race. It can be great for casual drives or having your own country road rallies kind of like the Targa Florio or the Mille Miglia. This is a very long course that is quite fun to race to me. I could never enjoy racing the Nürburgring courses that use the 12+ mile Nordschleife. And normally, I am not into stupidly long courses. However, Circuito de la Sierra hits in a special way to me. Be sure to enjoy taking on every bit of Circuito de la Sierra.

That's it for this blog post. And again, I may discuss the Sierra Time Rally in a future blog post here on "John's Race Space." I hope you enjoy racing this course and the challenges to Circuito de la Sierra. Thank you so much for reading! Take care and be well.

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