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Friday, August 7, 2015

Races of Gran Turismo 2: Race Events

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There was a reason initially why I didn't include Gran Turismo 2's Race Events. The reason why was because none of the races require any real strategy or are distinctive in any such way. This post focuses on those Race Events. It will be updated from time to time to include information on what cars you can and can't enter in each Race Event. I want my loyal readers to help enhance my post for others.

--- Races of Gran Turismo 2: Race Events ---

Manufacturers that have Race Events are opportunities for you to race various cars in One-Make events. No license is required to compete in Race Events, and there are no horsepower restrictions. Certain manufacturers have only one event and can have as many as five events. Race Events are have two varieties: Normal Style events and Racing Style events. Normal Style racing events require a car not receive Racing Modification. Racing Style events require a car to have a Racing Modification to them; or, you may use a proper racing car be used as long as it is a qualifying model. The courses you race will be random. All courses selected will be two laps around a tarmac course in either normal or reverse direction. Every Race Event requires a car in normal configuration. You are free to tune up any car to any level prior to competing in a Race Event. Race Events that have a Racing Style event requires cars to have Racing Modification work complete. You will be spending a good amount of money for performing Weight Reduction to cars. Do NOT perform a Racing Modification to a car that can be Race Modified if you haven't completed a Normal Style event. In other words, you can still reduce a car's weight down to Level 3 Weight Reduction, but don't enter the Racing Style event with that car until you've cleared the Normal Style event. When you're ready for the Racing Style event, perform the Racing Modification to that car if it can be Racing Modified.

Here is a warning. Some Race Events don't require a Racing Modification, but that car can still be outfitted with a Racing Modification if available. Just remember a Racing Modified car will be disqualified from entering a Normal Style race event if outfitted with a Racing Modification. Some race cars can easily be entered into Racing Style events. Races that require Racing Modification may include either cars tuned with Racing Modification or proper race cars that can be used in Race events.

If you see "[R]" attached to the name of a Race Event, it means this event has a race for Race Modified cars in addition to a Normal car race. Each Race Event description features some advice and introductions to each of the different events.

One other piece of advice I can offer is to look for cars you can use to compete in more than one Race Event. Some racing cars can be entered into the Racing Style events. You can save money and time by finding cars that can be used in more than one Race Event.

NOTE: This blog post may be updated to include changes in advice and in what cars can and can not be entered. I invite my loyal readers to help provide information to help make this post more accurate and useful.

Table of Contents.

The Race Events are broken up by City, and are in no particular order of what manufacturers are featured. Here is the basic flow:

• East City Race Events
• West City Race Events
• North City Race Events
• South City Race Events

Are you ready? Let's begin!

--- Races of Gran Turismo 2: East City Race Events ---

East City features all the Japanese makes. Differences in speed are to be expected with the variety of cars to choose from with varying levels of performance. Some of the slowest cars are included in this set of Race Events. But at the same time, some of Japan's finest sports cars are raced in these events. Get your fill of Japanese automobile goodness with these Race Events.

Honda Race Events.

There are some high-quality machines that can be used in this set of Race Events. Machines ranging from the fun Beat to the awesome NSX can be raced in this set of Race Events. This set of Race Events also features one of the most unique of the Race Events with the Type-R Meeting with so many models with the "Type-R" designation. You need to go to the Acura showroom in South City to race the NSX models. To save some money, I recommend you buy an NSX that can also be used in the Type-R Meeting. You may want to get the 1993 Acura NSX to use in both the NSX Trophy and Type-R Meeting.

• NSX Trophy - limited only to the NSX.
• Civic Race [R] - all Honda Civic models compete here, excluding tuner-type Civics.
• Beat the Beat - only the Honda Beat can compete.
• Type-R Meeting - all Type-R Hondas can compete. Some Honda/Acura NSX models, like the 1993 NSX can also be used.
• S2000 Challenge [R] - limited to all the new (at its time) S2000 models, including the S2000 GT1 for the Racing Style event.

Nissan Race Events.

People think of Gran Turismo as Nissan paradise. This set of races features a handful of races to compete in ranging from the March to the almighty Skyline/GT-R races. You may want to buy yourself an R34 Skyline and use it for both the R34 Challenge and the GT-R Meeting Normal Style race. Go for a Race Modified R34 Skyline to compete in the GT-R Meeting or get any of the Super GT/JGTC Skyline/GT-R models for the Racing Style events.

• Silvia and 180SX Club [R] - race any Silvia or 180SX in this event. Excludes machines like the Drag 180SX.
• Pulsar Cup - you are free to race any model Pulsar here.
• Skyline-R34 Challenge - only the R34 model Skyline/GT-R can be raced here.
• March Trophy [R] - try out any model Nissan March to race here.
• GT-R Meeting [R] - this is a race for all Skyline/GT-R models past and present.

Toyota Race Events.

Toyota is one of the world's largest automakers. You will be racing machines ranging from the Vitz to the Celica and the Altezza. There is no shortage of excitement with the cars you race here. So go enjoy some Toyota racing goodness here.

• Celica Meeting [R] - limited to all Celica models both past and present.
• Starlet Meeting - the Toyota Starlet is the star of this race.
• MR-S Trophy - only the MR-S can race this event.
• Altezza Cup [R] - try racing the Toyota Altezza, Lexus IS, and Lexus IS 200.
• Vitz Trophy [R] - all models of the Vitz/Echo/Yaris are welcome to race here.

Mazda Race Events.

You will be racing a lot of Mazda's premier offerings, ranging from the legendary RX-7 to (at their time) more recent offerings. Get your Zoom-Zoom on with these four racing events!

• RX-7 Meeting - only non-racing RX-7 models can compete here.
• Roadster Trophy [R] - limited only to Eunos Roadster/Miata models.
• Demio Race [R] - all models of the Mazda Demio are allowed here.
• AZ-1 Challenge - race the quirky Autozam AZ-1 in this event.

Mitsubishi Race Events.

People bestowed with cars from the Three Diamonds of Mitsubishi ("Mitsubishi" translates to "three diamonds") will be able to compete in two Race Events. Take the sporty Mirage out for a spin, or let loose your inner speed demon with the powerful and capable Lancer. Whatever your desire, Mitsubishi has you covered.

• Mirage Cup [R] - this race is limited to the Mitsubishi Mirage and its models.
• Evolution Meeting - this race is limited to all road-going Lancer Evolution models.

Subaru Race Events.

Two powerful 4WD cars from Subaru are featured in Race Events. Many know Subaru for their rally racing beast, the Impreza/WRX. You get to use one of those in one Race Event. You can also challenge yourself to win with the Alcyone.

• Alcyone Challenge [R] - this race features the Suzuki Alcyone sports car.
• Impreza Challenge - all road-going Impreza models can compete in this race.

Suzuki Race Events.

Many people know Suzuki better for their motorcycles, including their fierce Hayabusa. However, they also make automobiles. Two of their most popular four-wheel offerings are showcased for One-Make competition. The Alto Works is a fine Kei hatchback. The Cappuccino is like a miniature sports car. Get to enjoy racing with both of these fine Kei cars with these Race Events.

• Alto Works Cup [R] - all Alto Works models can compete.
• Cappuccino Cup [R] - only the Suzuki Cappuccino can compete.

Daihatsu Race Events.

Daihatsu specializes in Kei cars. Perhaps one of the slowest machines in the game is featured here- the Daihatsu Midget D-Type. You get to compete with both the Mira and the Storia as part of your Race Event experience with Daihatsu. So make the most of your experience by taking on these races.

• Midget Contest - only available to the Daihatsu Midget D-Type.
• Mira Challenge [R] - all Daihatsu Mira models allowed.
• Storia Challenge [R] - only available to the Storia, including both 2WD and 4WD versions of this car.

Tommykaira Race Events.

You will be using Tommy kaira's original sports car- the ZZ. Once you wake up the ZZ, it is a quality low-horsepower sports car. Give it a try and go win some races with this car.

• ZZ Challenge [R] - only the Tommykaira ZZ-S Coupe can be raced.

That concludes the East City races. The West City events are next.

--- Races of Gran Turismo 2: West City Race Events ---

West City features Gran Turismo 2's French and Italian cars. All of the West City makes have Race Events except Venturi, and the ones that do have Race Events have only one set of races both with Normal Style and Racing Style events.

Alfa Romeo Race Events.

You will be racing in two series of elegant and powerful automobiles. The 155 and 156 are for you to race in a One-Make race. Be sure to pick up one of these lovely machines and get to racing. On the Racing Style event, buying the 155 Touring Car from the Special Model showroom will give you an extremely unfair advantage. It's a DTM race car for goodness sakes!

• 155 and 156 Race [R] - all 155 and 156 models can be raced, including the 155 Touring Car offered in the Special Model menu.

FIAT Race Events.

Whether you are using the vintage 500s or the newer (in its time) 500, this Race Event highlights on the 500 series. Pick one and tune it up as much as you like.

• 500 Meeting [R] - you can race any of the FIAT 500 models here.

Lancia Race Events.

Lancia itself is one of the most legendary marques in rally racing. The Lancia Delta series is one of the all-time greatest rally cars. This is a chance for you to enjoy one of the finest rally cars ever made. Pick out any of the Delta models and compete. If you want an unfair advantage in the Racing Style event, get the Group B rallying beast- the 1985 Lancia Delta S4.

• Delta Cup [R] - you can race the any Delta model. The Delta S4 Rally Car can be used in the Racing Style event.

Citroën Race Events.

Today's Citroën is one of the best in rally racing today. For Gran Turismo 2, however, you get to race the peppy Citroën Saxo in a Race Event. So go pick one up and enjoy racing with Citroën power!

• Saxo Challenge [R] - try the Saxo 1.6i VTS in this One-Make race.

Peugeot Race Events.

The Race Event for Peugeot features the 106 in Normal Style and Racing Style competition. It is the lowest of the Peugeot range, but you can still have some fun racing and tuning this car.

• 106 Challenge [R] - all variations of the Peugeot 106 are allowed here.

Renault Race Events.

Renault features some great vehicles, and the one you will be racing is one of the greatest "hot hatches" ever- the Clio V6. Not the Clio, the Clio V6. It is a mid-engine hatchback with rear-wheel drive and well north of 200 brake horsepower. Normal Style and Racing Style events will give you quite a challenge trying to wrestle this French beast.

• Clio Cup [B] - though called the Clio Cup, it is ONLY reserved for the Clio Sport V6 24V.

That's it for the West City Race Events. North City is next.

--- Races of Gran Turismo 2: North City Race Events ---

Featuring some of the most powerful and most expensive cars, North City will give you quite the ride. North City features the most manufacturers in Gran Turismo 2 with 12 makes. Not all of them have race events, however. A lot of the ones you do get to race feature some powerful and fast cars. Feel free to enjoy this set of races to the max.

Audi Race Events.

At its time, the Audi TT was one of the newest sports cars to arrive on the scene. You get to try out this new machine and sample its performance characteristics with this Race Event. Take advantage of its rather powerful engine and great handling. When ready for the Racing Style event, either Race Modify your current TT or put down the money for the TT LM Edition.

• TT Challenge [R] - limited to the Audi TT. You can use the TT LM Edition for the Racing Style event if you want to.

Aston Martin Race Events.

Aston Martin features some captivating sports cars for you to tune and race. You will have the opportunity to put the Aston Martin DB-7 in its paces with this Race Event. Marvel in its power and performance from either the DB-7 Coupe or the DB-7 Volante. This car is expensive and heavy, but if you can make good with its performance capabilities, you should be able to win these Race Events regardless of what tracks you race in these Race Events.

• DB-7 Trophy [R] - either variation of the Aston Martin DB-7 can be raced here.

BMW Race Events.

The 3-Series of BMWs will be featured in this set of Race Events. There are five models to choose from in the BMW showroom, so be sure to pick one of these stylish machines to be your steed in this Race Event. As a little note... though this does not have a Racing Style event, the 328ci is the only BMW in Gran Turismo 2 that can be Race Modified.

• 3 Series Cup - only the 3 Series (320ci, 323ci, 323ti Compact, 328ci, and 328i) can be raced.

Mercedes-Benz Race Events.

Even though Stuttgart is known as Porsche Country, Stuttgart is also the home of Mercedes-Benz. You will be using the SLK 230 Kompressor in this Race Event. Compete in the Normal Style race followed by the Racing Style event with this car.

• SLK Trophy [R] - limited only to the SLK 230 Kompressor.

Volkswagen Race Events.

Quirky, cute, and fun; you will be racing the New Beetle and the Golf. These fun machines will give you plenty to feel good about as you push these Volkswagens to the limit. Want a little unfair advantage for one race? Simple- go to the New Beetle Racing Style event rocking the New Beetle GT. That ought to show 'em!

• Golf Cup [R] - limited to all Volkswagen Golf models.
• Beetle Challenge [R] - only the New Beetle can race. The New Beetle GT can be used in the Racing Style event.

TVR Race Events.

There are some devilish offerings from TVR. Their offerings are lightweight, exotic, and powerful. One of those cars is the TVR Tuscan Speed 6. Unlike the other companies, the car you use in the Race Events for TVR is NOT for sale. Get this car by winning one of the Special Events. Try to keep this car rooted to the ground to stand any chance of winning. Its performance is scary, but extremely docile compared to that other TVR Special Model- the Cerbera Speed 12. Drive this car carefully because it is almost too easy to make mistakes with this car that you can't recover from.

• Tuscan Speed Cup [R] - only the TVR Tuscan Speed 6 can race this event. This car is NOT for sale in the TVR showroom.

Opel Race Events.

The Tigra from Opel is the spotlight car in this Race Event. Pick one up and go racing in this Race Event. Be sure also to try the Racing Style event with the Tigra. Or if you're inclined, get the unfair advantage with the Tigra Ice Race Car from the Special Models showroom.

• Tigra Cup [R] - all Opel Tigra models allowed, including the Tigra Ice Race Car for the Racing Style event.

Lotus Race Events.

You have a chance to do Colin Chapman proud by racing the Elan and the Elise. Lotus is known for their lightweight vehicles, and two of their finest are available for you to race in these Race Events. So go ahead and buy an Elan and/or an Elise to compete in the two respective Race Events. You could even use that powerful and exotic Lotus Elise GT1 from the Special Model showroom if you're too good for a standard Elise!

• Elise Trophy [R] - all Elise models can be raced, including the Motorsports Elise and the Elise GT1.
• Elan Cup [R] - you can race any model Elan in this event.

Mini and MG Challenge.

Mini and MG are featured as one car company here in Gran Turismo 2, but Mini is featured more. Even the game's description of Mini and MG is only focused on Mini! Just know that you're racing with both Mini AND MG. Either Mini will do for the Mini Challenge. The Mini race car from the Special Model showroom might serve you well if you want to dominate the Racing Style event with Mini. Buy and tune the MG MGF 1.8i VVC to compete in that Race Event's two races.

• Mini Challenge [R] - either Mini Cooper can race this event. The Special Model Mini can be used in the Racing Style event.
• MGF Challenge [R] - the MG MGF is the only car that can compete in this event.

To close this post, South City is up next.

--- Races of Gran Turismo 2: South City Race Events ---

South City is the home for all American car companies. Everything from American cars to American arms of other companies (such as Acura and Lexus) are featured here. The Race Events you can participate in are featured in this section.

Even though Acura has no Race Events, you have to buy the vehicles here to compete in two of the Honda race events.

Chevrolet Race Events.

America's sports car since 1954 is the Corvette. With the Corvettes you can choose from in this game, you will be racing with the iconic sports car in this Race Event for Chevrolet. Can you handle these cars at speed? Any Corvette model is fair to use in the Corvette Meeting. Bring a Racing Modified one for the Racing Style event.

• Corvette Meeting [R] - all Corvette models allowed.

Ford Race Events.

Though you can get yourself a Mustang or even some classic Ford muscle, the Race Events are focused on the Ka and the new (at its time) Focus. Race Modify the Ka once you're done with the Normal Style race. Only road-going Focus models are allowed for the Focus Challenge. So in other words, don't even think about brining that Focus Rally Car into this Race Event.

• Ka Challenge [R] - this race features the Ford Ka in road and race trims.
• Focus Challenge - the road-going Ford Focus models are the only allowed models here.

Dodge Race Events.

Dodge offered the most powerful American car in Gran Turismo 1 with their two Viper models. Now, it's back with more Viper goodness but with the Neons thrown in. You'll need a Viper and a Neon to compete in the respective Race Events. All or most racing Viper models can be used in the Racing Style event of the Viper Festival of Speed.

• Viper Festival of Speed [R] - Either Dodge Viper can compete in this event. Racing Vipers (such as the Viper GTS-R) can compete in the Racing Style event.
• Neon Trophy [R] - Either Dodge Neon is the only car that can compete here.

And those are your South City race events.

I hope you found this resource useful. I will edit this as many times as I can to reflect changes as well as offer different advice. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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