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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Races of Gran Turismo 4: One-Make Races

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Unlike GT2, Gran Turismo 4's One-Make races are an overhaul of the One-Make system. You are now racing specific tracks with a host of courses and with a host of cars. Everything is no longer random. And while there are no Racing Modifications in Gran Turismo 4, a number of cars are still fair game to bring to these One-Make Races. Be prepared to give it your all if you expect to clear all of these One-Make Races. This is a blog post simply touching up on each of the One-Make Race series and what cars and licenses are allowed for each. Welcome to another post of my blog about all things racing/driving games- "John's Race Space!"

--- Races of Gran Turismo 4: One-Make Races ---

A returning concept from Gran Turismo 2, Gran Turismo 4 features One-Make Races with events tailored towards certain automakers and their cars. These One-Make Races give you a chance to experience the offerings of participating car companies with their One-Make Race series. You will be asked to acquire certain cars to compete in these events. As you go through the various races, you will get a feel for the performance characteristics of each car as you go through the various races. If you are to work towards 100% completion of Gran Turismo 4, then you need to knock down as many of these races as possible. The system is much different in Gran Turismo 4. You will be doing a lot of racing to try to prove yourself in this batch of races. Unlike in Gran Turismo 2, you will be racing a specific set of tarmac courses run either in the Normal or Reverse direction. Many of these One-Make Races require a license. Only one One-Make Race series requires Standard/Sports tires. Otherwise, there are no tire restrictions for all but one series. Also, there are multiple races to run as well as Championships. Seven of the nationalities of car in GT4 have One-Make Races.

This blog post features all of the One-Make Races you can take part in. If you see something in parentheses (), that is the minimum license required for the One-Make Race if a One-Make Race requires a certain license. One-Make Races in bold text are Championships, and those without bold text are Single Race competitions.

Table of Contents.

The order of each of the represented One-Make races will be in this order:

• Japanese One-Make Races
• American One-Make Races
• British One-Make Races
• French One-Make Races
• German One-Make Races
• Italian One-Make Races
• Korean One-Make Races

All of the represented makes are featured the order of down and across.

NOTE:No manufacturers from Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands/Holland, Sweden, or Australia have One-Make Races in Gran Turismo 4.

Let's do this!

--- Races of Gran Turismo 4: Japanese One-Make Races ---

Japan has many different car companies. To this end, you will be competing in many One-Make Races by a number of the different companies. Get to experience the full fury of several Japanese cars and Japanese car companies in Gran Turismo 4. From the low-speed Kei cars to some of Japan's better sports cars, you will be part of a very diverse array of races with differing variations of speed. Enjoy Nihon!

Daihatsu One-Make Races.

Daihatsu is all about Kei cars, and you will surely get your fill of Kei racing goodness with Daihatsu. You get to race the newer (at its time) Copen. And if you can believe me saying this... you even get to race the first pickup truck featured in any Gran Turismo game- the Daihatsu Midget II D-Type. Get ready to enjoy some Daihatsu goodness with these two One-Make Race events.

• Copen Race (A) - 3 Single Race series; Copen Active Top and Copen Detachable Top allowed.
• Midget II Race - 1 Single Race. Only the Daihatsu Midget II D-Type is allowed to race this event.

Honda One-Make Races.

Honda is a company that specializes in many different vehicles and items- not just cars and motorcycles. With Gran Turismo 4, you will be competing with the Civic and with the many Type-R models. Enjoy the diversity offered by Honda with these events.

• Type R Meeting (IB) - 5-race Single Race series; all Hondas with Type-R designation allowed.
• Civic Race (B) - 5-race Single Race series; all Honda Civics, including racing variants, are allowed.

Isuzu One-Make Races.

Isuzu is better known among many people for making trucks and SUVs. In GT4, however, you will be racing Isuzu cars. So be sure to pick up an Isuzu to compete in this three-race series.

• Isuzu Sports Classics - 3-race Single Race series; any Isuzu is allowed to enter.

Mazda One-Make Races.

Mazda is best known for its rotary-powered cars. Perhaps their greatest triumph in motorsports is their outright victory at Le Mans in 1991 with the legendary Mazda 787B. The cars you will be racing in this set of One-Make Races will be much less powerful (and much less loud) than the 787B. The RX-7, Miata/Eunos Roadster, and RX-8 will be your cars to use in this set of races. Get yourself one of each and go compete in this set of races.

• Club "RE" (B) - 5-race Single Race series; almost any Mazda RX-7, including racing variants, are allowed to compete.
• NR-A Roadster Cup (B) - 5-race Championship; any Mazda Miata/Eunos Roadster is allowed here.
• NR-A RX-8 Cup (B) - 5-race Championship; any Mazda RX-8, including racing and concept variants, are allowed to compete.

Mitsubishi One-Make Races.

Two of Mitsubishi's classic cars are in vogue for two different One-Make Races. You will be trying to win with the Mirage while also wrestling the rallying beast Lancers. Have fun racing and tuning these Mitsubishi models!

• Evolution Meeting (B) - 3-race Single Race series; any Lancer Evolution is allowed, including racing variants.
• Mirage Cup - 5-race Championship restricted to all Mitsubishi Mirage models.

Nissan One-Make Races.

With over 50+ Skyline/GT-R models in Gran Turismo 4, it would be pathetic if you didn't find one you like for racing in the "Race of the Red 'R' Emblem" events. You will be racing with other classic Nissan models including the March, Silvia, and all the different Z cars. Come get your fill of Nissan goodness here.

• Race of the Red "R" Emblem (IA) - 5-Race Single Race series; all Skyline/GT-R models are allowed, including racing and concept variants.
• March Brothers (B) - 3-Race Single Race series limited to all Micra models, the Cube, March G#, Pao, BE-1, and more.
• Silvia Sisters (B) - 3-Race Single Race series devoted to all Silvia models and includes the 180SX and 240SX.
• Club "Z" (A) - 5-Race Single Race series limited to all "Z" model Nissans (240Z, 260Z, 300ZX, etc.).

Subaru One-Make Races.

Subaru offers a wide variety of capable 4WD cars across its modern model range. You even will have the opportunity to compete with the Subaru that is the ancestor of the fire-breathing Impreza/WRX- the 360. Show your Subaru prowess in the Stars of Pleiades championship.

• Subaru 360 Race (A) - 1 Single Race; limited to the Subaru 360.
• Stars of Pleiades (IB) - 5-race Championship; all Legacy and Impreza models are allowed to compete.

Suzuki One-Make Races.

Suzuki is better known for its motorcycles, but they do make plenty of Kei cars. You will get to compete in one series which features all of Suzuki's road-going cars. There is an interesting series featuring concept cars from Suzuki. You would be best served to get the GSX-R/4 Concept Car, a concept car with the same engine that powers the almight Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. Once you unlock either of Suzuki's two concept cars in GT4, feel free to enter the "Suzuki Concepts" One-Make Race series.

• Suzuki K-Car Cup (B) - 3-race Single Race series limited to any non-concept Suzuki model.
• Suzuki Concepts - 3-race Single Race series limited to only the Concept-S2 and the GSX-R/4.

Toyota One-Make Races.

As one of the world's leading automakers, you will be presented with two One-Make Race series featuring two of Toyota's sportiest models. Try the low-horsepower Vitz/Echo/Yaris in the Vitz Race. Then step up to the elegant and capable Altezza in the Altezza Race. Toyota has you covered with their fine sporty offerings.

• Altezza Race (B) - a 5-race Single Race series limited to all Toyota Altezza models. The Lexus IS200 and IS300 are also allowed to compete here.
• Vitz Race - all models of the Toyota Vitz/Echo/Yaris are allowed to compete in this 5-race Single Race series.

On to the next set- American companies.

--- Races of Gran Turismo 4: American One-Make Races ---

There weren't too many Race Events for American makes in Gran Turismo 2. The story is sort of more of the same for Gran Turismo 4's One-Make Races among American manufacturers. What is to be expected mostly in regards to American makes is in high-horsepower and high-displacement beasts ready to do damage on the race track. The cars you'll be racing with will fit that bill perfectly. Here are the races you will be competing in among American makes...

Chevrolet One-Make Races.

Chevrolet is a car company with some powerful and capable offerings. Two names that define Chevy's line of performance vehicles are Camaro and Corvette. You will be racing with both of these Chevrolet models across two One-Make Race series. You'll be wrestling with the powerful Camaro in the Camaro Meeting featuring all of the different Camaro models; and when you're ready to step up to America's sports car, get a Corvette and battle against other Corvette drivers. Pridefully race Chevy's finest offerings to victory with these events.

• Vette! Vette! Vette! (IB) - This is a 5-race Single Race series dedicated to all (or almost all) Corvette models.
• Camaro Meeting (B) - 3 race Single Race series; all Camaro models allowed.

Chrysler One-Make Races.

Chrysler has a lot of history and a number of luxurious cars. Among them, only the Crossfire is the featured car in their One-Make Race series. The unusual Chrysler Crossfire is available for you to race. Take advantage of this 214 horsepower car that looks like a luxury car up front and a sports car in the back. Either way, you're going to have quite a cracking good time trying to win races with this most unusual car.

• Crossfire Trophy (A) - only the Chrysler Crossfire is featured in this 3-race Single Race series.

Saleen One-Make Races.

You may find yourself smiling here because you get to wrestle with the powerful and fast Saleen S7 supercar. This One-Make Race will be ANYTHING but slow. Can you take advantage of the Saleen S7 and its powerful characteristics to win? Get ready for some high-speed thrills the likes only this American supercar can provide.

• Saleen S7 Club (IB) - This One-Make Race features five Single Race events limited to the Saleen S7.

Shelby One-Make Races.

The late Carroll Shelby (and fellow Texan) was an automotive genius. While the One-Make Race series is devoted to the Cobra, it is really open to all Shelby models. If you try out the Cobra in this One-Make Race, you will be greeted with this roadster's powerful and light nature. Take advantage of Shelby power to win this One-Make Race series.

• Shelby Cobra Cup (IB) - 5-race Single Race series; the Cobra, Series 1, and GT 350R are allowed to compete here.

Let's move on to the British Showroom and its One-Make Races.

--- Races of Gran Turismo 4: British One-Make Races ---

British automakers offer a variety of performance machines ranging from lightweight and fun cars to fast and powerful machines. You'll get the full spectrum when you compete in these various One-Make Races from participating automakers. Take a look at these events and enjoy racing with British muscle!

Aston Martin One-Make Races.

Power and speed are hallmarks of the Aston Martins you will be using in this One-Make Race set. Pick any Aston Martin and get ready to challenge three race tracks to prove your worth. Of all the One-Make Races, this is the only one that requires you race with Standard/Sports tires. So make sure you aren't on any tires other than Standard/Sports when you compete in this series.

• Aston Martin Carnival (B) - 3-race Single Race series limited to all Aston Martin models. Standard/Sports tires are required.

Lotus One-Make Races.

Lotus offers lightweight performance cars. They won't devastate you with overwhelming power or crazy top speeds, but you will get to enjoy racing with some capable sports cars from the performance mad house of Lotus. Both One-Make Race series are championships. Make sure to pick a model you can stick with through the five-race championship series.

• Elise Trophy (A) - 5-race Championship with all Elise models allowed, including the Motor Sport Elise.
• Lotus Classics - 5-race Championship where only the Europa Special and the Elan S1 are allowed.

MG One-Make Races.

The name MG stands for Morris Garages. For your One-Make Race experience with MG, you must choose between one of two MG models- the TF160 and the MG/F. Both are sporty mid-engine cars with rear wheel drive. Take advantage of these two sports cars and try to win the MG Festival.

• MG Festival (A) - This One-Make Race features 5 Single Races featuring the MG TF160 and the MG/F.

Mini One-Make Races.

Even though BMW brought back the MINI namesake, these Minis are still fun-to-drive British machines. You are free to take these Minis out and trick them out to be performance demons. Go ahead and have big fun in your little Mini.

• Mini Mini Sports Meeting - all Mini models are allowed to compete in this 5-race Single Race series.

TVR One-Make Races.

Can you handle the insanity that TVR provides? All TVR models are eligible for competition in this frenzied Single Race series. Everything from the earliest TVRs to the insane Cerbera Speed 12 is fair game in this Single Race series.

• Black Pool Racers (A) - all TVR models are allowed to compete in this 5-race Single Race series.

Triumph One-Make Races.

The Triumph Spitfire is the car you will be using for this One-Make Race. This vintage British sports car will serve you well for the races in this One-Make Race. If you can take advantage of its capabilities, you will do just fine in this One-Make Race series.

• Spitfire Cup (A) - here is a 5-race Single Race series limited only to the Triumph Spitfire 1500.

We're off to France next.

--- Races of Gran Turismo 4: French One-Make Races ---

Get ready to take on French automobiles in this set of One-Make Races. You will be racing in One-Make Race events from four of the six represented French makes in Gran Turismo 4. No cars are overly powerful among the series you will compete in, but you will certainly get to enjoy going full speed in some amazing French cars here. Take a look at what Polyphony Digital has in store for you among French makes...

Citroen One-Make Races.

It is safe to say you won't be going very fast in the Citroen 2CV Type A. If you are squeamish about driving such low-powered cars, tune this car as highly as possible. You still have five championship race rounds for which to push the limits of the 2CV Type A.

• 2HP - 2CV Classics - 5 race Championship; restricted to Citroen 2CV Type A.

Renault One-Make Races.

Renault has no problem tricking out its cars and making performance and racing variants of them. Two of their examples are the Megane and Clio V6. Both cars are featured in respective five-race championships. The Megane is a fine front-wheel drive car with great performance. When using the Clio V6, marvel in its unique performance characteristics as this mid-engine/RWD hatchback will blow your mind. It is recommended you have a Clio Cup car for the Clio Trophy to make things fair.

• Clio Trophy (IB) - a 5-race Championship restricted to the Clio V6, including the Clio Sport Trophy V6 24V Race Car.
• Megane Cup (B) - a 5-race Championship limited to either Megane model.

Peugeot One-Make Races.

Peugeot makes some sharp, handsome cars. One of their most handsome ever will be raced by you in the 206. Be sure to take advantage of the 206 and its fine performance characteristics in the 206 Cup. Save up some Credits, and you may opt to get the 206 Rally Car to compete and easily win this one. The 206 Rally Car is a great-handling rally car in case you're inclined to get it as your rally racing weapon.

• 206 Cup (IB) - This is a 5-race Single Race series limited only to all 206 models, including the rally car.

Alpine One-Make Races.

One of the most classic names in automobile history is that of Alpine. You will be racing with some beautiful classic cars here. You will need to unlock either of the two models to race in the One-Make Race events since neither car is for sale.

• Renault Alpine Cup (A) - This 5-race Championship is limited to either Renault Alpine model.

On to Germany next.

--- Races of Gran Turismo 4: German One-Make Races ---

Germany has plenty of cars for you to choose from with varying levels of performance. You won't be racing super-slow cars, but let's just say Germany has MUCH more interesting cars than when you used the Citroen 2CV Type A.

Audi One-Make Races.

Quattro power is what has put Audi on the map. The One-Make Races here will test your ability with two different Audi models- the A3 and the TT. The A3 is a capable 246hp hatchback with ample power. The TT is a fun-to-drive sports car with great handling characteristics. Do Audi proud by competing with these fine automobiles.

• Tourist Trophy (B) - three race championship; all TT models accepted.
• A3 Cup - 3 race series; only Audi A3 3.2 quattro allowed.

BMW One-Make Races.

BMW has two One-Make Race events for you. One involves the (then) new 1-Series, and the other empowers you with "M" power. The 1-Series is the entry-level range for BMW. Choose between either of the two 1-Series cars to compete in the 1-Series Trophy. Pick out an "M" car to compete in the "Club 'M'" Championship- even including the M5. I used the M5 in my GT4 experience.

• 1-Series Trophy - The BMW 1-Series (120i and 120d) are featured in this 3-race Single Race series.
• Club "M" (A) - all "M" model BMWs are allowed to compete in this 5-race Championship.

Mercedes-Benz One-Make Races.

Europe is the birthplace of the automobile, and Mercedes-Benz is the creator of the modern automobile. So you will probably enjoy what Mercedes-Benz has to offer for you for One-Make Race action. Go with just about any Mercedes-Benz model to compete in the Legends of the Silver Arrow races. If your Benz of choice is an SL, then you're set for the SL Challenge. As their current slogan goes, give "the best or nothing."

• Legends of the Silver Arrow (A) - almost any Mercedes-Benz model can compete in this 3-race Single Race series.
• SL Challenge (IB) - this 3-race Single Race series is limited only to SL model Mercedes-Benz cars.

Opel One-Make Races.

The German arm of General Motors is Opel. One of their sportiest offerings will be yours to tune and race as the Opel Speedster and Speedster Turbo are featured. For some reason, the Opel One-Make race for the Opel Speedster and Speedster Turbo have 200 A-Spec implications. To stay competitive, you will have to upgrade your car to the max. You may even have to invest in having Nitrous. I at least remember having to upgrade my car to ludricrous levels just to avoid finishing last or being a backmarker. Don't be afraid to race any more aggressively than you usually are for this One-Make Race Series. Don't even be afraid to do corner cutting. This series is ludicrously unfair.

• Speedster Trophy (IB) - here is a 5-race Single Race series limited to the Speedster and Speedster Turbo.

Volkswagen One-Make Races.

Get ready to get your VW on as Volkswagen presents you three One-Make Race series. The iconic Beetle and New Beetle are in vogue with the five-race Beetle Cup championship. Try out the Lupo Cup to enjoy the very cool Lupo in a 5-race championship. Have a GTI Volkswagen? If you do, enter it into the GTI Cup. It is recommended you get the New Beetle Cup Car and a Lupo Cup Car for those two respective One-Make Race series. Likewise, you could equally do just fine with the Beetle RSi for the Beetle Cup.

• Beetle Cup (B) - This 5-race championship is welcome to all Beetle and New Beetle models.
• Lupo Cup (A) - All Lupo models are welcome to this 5-race championship.
• GTI Cup (B) - This is a 5-race series limited to all GTI-spec Volkswagen models.

We're going to Italy next for their One-Make Races. Keep on reading!

--- Races of Gran Turismo 4: Italian One-Make Races ---

Sadly, there is only one One-Make Race for Italian companies. That only company with a One-Make Race is Alfa Romeo. One would probably wish there were more One-Make Race series for more Italian companies. Then too, the same ones would complain about a lack of companies like Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini.

Alfa Romeo One-Make Races.

Compete in the GTV Cup, featuring the classic 147 GTA and the modern GTV Spider. Take advantage of this classic piece of Italian muscle to win the races in this One-Make Race series.

• GTA Cup - This 3-race Single Race series is limited to the 147 GTA and the Giulia Sprint GTA 1600.

The final stop is the Korea Republic.

--- Races of Gran Turismo 4: Korean One-Make Races ---

Last on this lineup of races is the Korea Republic. Just like Italy has only one company with a One-Make race, Korea has only one company with a One-Make Race. This game is the first in the Gran Turismo series to feature Korean manufacturers. Of Hyundai and Proto Motors (now Oullim Motors), only Hyundai features One-Make racing action. So take a look at what Hyundai has to offer for you here.

Hyundai One-Make Races.

You can race any Hyundai in the Hyundai Sports Festival. Here is your chance to race with some of the various models the company has to offer. Try the sporty 177 horsepower Tiburon. Or, you may try to race with either Hyundai concept car. With a lot of money, go get the Accent Rally Car. No matter what, you can race this One-Make Race series with any Hyundai model.

• Hyundai Sports Festival (B) - 5 race series; all Hyundai models accepted, including race cars and concepts.

This concludes the look at One-Make Races for Gran Turismo 4. Do your best to clear each event!


Remember that none of the manufacturers from Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands/Holland, Sweden, or Australia have One-Make Races.

This should set you straight for One-Make Racing action. Thanks again for visiting "John's Race Space." Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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