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Thursday, October 1, 2015

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

John Marine | 9:27 PM | |
(UPDATED: September 10, 2017)

While many love their Asphalt series, Gameloft also delivers a mean sim racing series- the GT Racing series. "GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience" will challenge the finest of drivers with a host of great cars and intense racing locales. It is the latest of the GT Racing series from Gameloft. There are already other versions of GT Racing 2 for other platforms, but this one is for systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone.

This review of "GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience" is based on my experience playing the Android version of this game on the Google Nexus Player.


SEP 10 2017 - added extra tips for this game

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

Here is a look at this game from the folks at Gameloft:

GT Racing 2 The Real Car Experience
^ from: - Get ready for a compelling sim racing experience from Gameloft.

"GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience" is a racing game that could easily be compared to the Real Racing series or even Forza Motorsport. It is a simulation racing game featuring more than 80 cars among more than 30 manufacturers. Over 13 or so tracks are offered with variations in time and weather. The tracks could be raced in the normal layout or in a reverse layout. Your racing career plays itself out in its massive Single Player campaign or in its deep Multiplayer campaign.

The first "GT Racing" from Gameloft was a unique challenger to the once iOS-exclusive Real Racing series.

This game is offered on Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone. This game is also offered for Java, but this blog post is NOT a review of the Java version.


"GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience" features over 80 cars from over 30 different manufacturers. While it may not sound like a lot of cars, remember we're talking about a game made for a mobile device. So it isn't as if there is a ludicrous number of cars from seemingly everybody. Cars are arranged into classes ranging from F to A, S, and L. The "F" class represents the slowest cars while the "A" class represents some of the fastest cars. Absolute supercars and race cars comprise the "S" class. The "L" class can be thought of as the "Legends" class, as it represents some of the different classic automobiles available in this game. If anything, this game is almost like Gran Turismo 3 in the sense of so many manufacturers with a decent number of cars.

The cars themselves include a mix of modern cars and a few powerful race cars. There are a few classic cars among the many modern cars in the game, such as the Dodge Charger R/T and the Ford Mustang Boss 302. You even get to enjoy racing Ferrari and Lamborghini in this game. Tesla is also among the many manufacturers in this game. So get ready for a diverse portfolio of cars in this game.

Many of the cars can be unlocked as you collect stars from races. However, if you want certain cars without having to unlock them with stars, you can pay with in-game Cash to get them immediately. Buying cars can be a bit confusing with two different currencies. Let me try to provide an analogy here. Buying cars in this game requires sufficient funds either in Coins or Cash. The main currency is Coins, but some cars are sold with Cash. For example, the BMW 1-Series can only be bought using Cash. You can earn Cash through racing, or you may make an in-app purchase (IAP) to buy extra Cash to use in the game. Painting cars different colors also require Cash and not Coins. You can also buy cars as part of Bundles. Each Bundle includes a pack of cars at a certain level along with a Mechanic or Mechanics.

Cars are rated in performance by their CP. Cars with higher CP are more powerful. You may want to further upgrade your car if you feel you're losing to cars with higher CP.


The cars you will race with will have a number of locales for which their abilities can be tested and for where you can contest for speed. Here are some of the different locales available to you:

• Montreal - a technical street course with modest elevation changes.
• Cote d'Azur - a long street course with intense corners in a Mediterrenean setting.
• Laguna Seca - the technical California road course famous for its Corkscrew- a downhill left-right chicane.
* Sunrise Ruins - a short road course veiled under a beautiful, fiery sunset.
• Lake Como - a beautiful tarmac rally-type course set in a beautiful Italian village with narrow roads and vast elevation changes.
• Topspeed Oval - an oval track that runs clockwise.
• Glen Canyon Dam - high-speed straights, tricky corners, and even an off-road section make up this desert course run at sunset.
• Weinberge - a challenging temporary course set in Germany on wet roads.
• Heimstrecke - a modern-style racing circuit with picturesque views and decisive corners. Inspired by the Nürburgring Grand Prix course.
• Mount Rainer - a mountain road course at night with a small village and some twisty mountain roads.
• Barcelona - this street course has a little of everything in a beautiful setting that combines urban and tropical settings.
• Tokyo - a twisty street course with many narrow roads and tricky chicanes.
• Tokyo (Night) - this track features highway roads connected by brutally sharp corners and hairpins shrouded in darkness.

Needless to say, you'll be on quite a world tour with the many different locales in this game. Sadly, this game doesn't allow you to practice your skills away from the main racing career. So you are basically going to have to learn to adapt and learn courses as you go along. What you want to be able to do is to acquire Perfect Turn bonuses for each track. You do so by trying to take corners as effectively as possible to where you master each corner. It is similar to mastering corners like in the "Need for Speed: Shift" games or more modern "Forza Motorsport" titles.


There are four elements of cars that you can tune for cars- top speed, acceleration, handling, and braking. Here is a little rundown of each element:

• Top Speed - impacts the highest speed a car will go. The gearbox is upgraded.
• Acceleration - improve how well the car gets up to speed. The engine is upgraded.
• Handling - enhance the ability of a car to take on turns.
• Braking - enhances braking strength for quicker stops. The brakes are upgraded.

Sounds simple, right? Well, get ready for some surprises. You need to hire a Mechanic to make these tuning adjustments. You are unable to fine-tune elements yourself. You can speed up the tuning process on the first upgrades to a car. However, with upgrades Level 2 and higher, you will need to pay Cash to upgrade quicker, or you may have to hire more Mechanics.


The cars do not just sit around and win beauty contests. No- you're racing these cars to the limit in a variety of races. You can get an idea of how capable your car has to be before you enter a race. Each individual race features some recommended numbers prior to racing. You can still enter a race where you may not meet the recommended tune levels, but it will be more challenging for you to win if you note any red "!" icons when choosing a race.

• Classic Race - compete in a straight-up race against a pack of other cars.
• Qualification - this is a one-lap time trial. Try to complete the lap as quickly as you can within the time limit.
• Knockout - last-place drivers are eliminated each lap. Avoid finishing last to win.
• King of the Hill - try to take the lead and rack up as many points as possible by staying in the lead.
• Overtake - pass all of the vehicles on the track within the time limit. Time bonuses are rewarded for each new pass.
• One-on-One - a duel vs. a rival. Lead your rival by a significant distance or complete the lap to win.

You will be doing a lot of racing with a lot of different kinds of races. So be ready to go on quite a tour of duty here. You can gain an advantage by investing in One Race Boosts. Hire a Friend or Friends to gain a pre-race perk. Three One Race Boosts will be available to you based on the event. You must pay Cash to be able to take advantage of these perks. Here are some of the One Race Boosts you can pay for:

• Top Speed - your car will be tuned to reach a certain high speed.
• Acceleration - your car will have enhanced acceleration to get up to speed quicker.
• Braking - gain a boost in shorter braking distances.
• Handling - improve your handling.
• Grid Position - pay to start the race in 1st Place!

Each of these perks last for only one race. If you want to re-use these perks for a race, you'll need to pay a Mechanic to use that perk. If your car doesn't meet the recommended statistics, you can pay to upgrade certain parts of the car (using Coins) to upgrade without having to go to the Upgrade shop.

Success in races will earn you rewards. Winning races will grant you Cash bonuses. These can help you to purchase some of the different items that either require Cash.


So you want to be a champion in this game? Here are a few things to note:

• There are no penalties for cutting corners. However, you don't want to go off-course too much because going off-course will significantly reduce your speed.

• Avoid walls! You will be slown down considerably going into walls. Don't think you can win a race by riding the walls.

(ADDED: September 10, 2017) I sometimes use the brakes like they are anti-lock brakes. Really, you don't have to do this! Long, applied pressure of the brakes will not result in the brakes locking up. Just make sure to get back on the throttle quickly when cornering.

• There is no mechanical damage. So don't worry about scratched paint, damaged fenders, or blowing your engine or anything. You must still drive smart in races.

• Do not be afraid to spend Cash on One Race Boosts. That added edge could help you in races you struggle in.

• You earn extra Coins by simply passing other cars, clocking fast lap times, and leading races among other things. You can earn Cash bonuses by clearing Achievements and by Mastering tracks.

• Upgrade your car all you want. There are (to my knowledge) no races in the Single Player campaign limited by the CP level of your car much like how cars are regulated by PP in Gran Turismo 6. Upgrading your car simply will give you as big of a boost in races as possible.

(ADDED: September 10, 2017) Just because your car doesn't meet the basic requirements for a race doesn't mean you can't enter it. It just means you will be at a disadvantage for that race based on the recommended specifications.

• You can hire friends or more mechanics to help upgrade cars for you. If you don't have enough funds to upgrade cars quicker, you will need to kill time somehow. You could do anything from simply browse through menus or even do some races. If the latter applies, it is best to do a race in some other car and in some other series while your car is still being upgraded. It is also worth noting you will not have a Mechanic available in case you want to get a One Race Boost for an event. You almost basically feel goaded into finding

• Purchase Bundles for Cash and Cars if in a pinch or if you want to pick up more cars early. For example, if you play using Android, you will have to pay using Google Play credit. Take advantage of these IAP (in-app purchases) if you want to gain an edge in money and cars. Look for the Plus (+) icon to purchase extra Cash to use in the game. Packs range from 200 Cash at about $1.99 USD to 16000 Cash at $99.99 USD. Stock up on those gift cards!

(ADDED: September 10, 2017) Rear-wheel drive cars in the game take some getting used to. One practice I found useful was to turn Sensitivity all the way up to 100%, enable Steering Assist, and disable Braking Assist. Turning Sensitivity to 100% allows you to take tighter turns with RWD cars and minimize the chances of spinning out. So consider doing this if you struggle with RWD cars.

(ADDED: September 10, 2017) If you can, save your Cash for quick upgrades and Mechanics. This can be troublesome because some cars require a Cash payment rather than using your Coins. Mechanics can be quite expensive. Your best bet is to try to purchase Cash packs to gain an advantage in collecting cars.

(ADDED: September 10, 2017) Do not try to advance Upgrades by spending your Cash. If you have a bunch of other cars you can use, do races with those cars to build up funds while also letting the game operate on its own to finish the upgrades.

Now that you have your racing perspective, let me offer final thoughts and a review on "GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience."

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience: Thoughts and Review

Here are some thoughts of mine, including a review.


My initial thoughts on this game... the first thing to come to mind is- beautiful. I can't even begin to tell you just how beautiful it is to look at each of the cars as well as the different tracks you race on.

As far as music and sounds go, you will LOVE this game for its music if you love dubstep. So many songs in this game have those wubs and those deep beats found in most dubstep songs and in variations of dubstep. The cars sound great. Let's say this is no Gran Turismo in terms of car sounds. The main categories of music in this game are Drum 'n Bass, Rock, and Electro.

The racing can be quite intense. The action may not be aggressive as in a Gran Turismo or in a Forza Motorsport, but you will really be challenged.


While many people may say that the Real Racing series is the best simulation racing series for mobile devices, the GT Racing series, including "GT Racng 2: The Real Car Experience," is a solid racing game with very few flaws. The game offers an extremely deep racing experience that does not feel flat in the worst sense. The game delivers impressive graphics even for a mobile racing game. There is no overly brash tone to this game except for the macho race engineer who loves to call you "Killer." Some of the comments from the female voice over before races can sometimes be entertaining. Do not expect Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport quality with "GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience," but this mobile-type racing game is just as good as almost any major console or PC racing sim. Even the fact this game does not have damage or pit stops shouldn't be any deterrent as to whether or not to get this game for sim racing types. Only things I probably dislike about the game are the currency system and the method for upgrading cars. If you prefer more unrealistic racing, try "Asphalt Airborne 8" from the same company that made "GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience" (Gameloft). I would give this game a solid 8.5 out of 10 on a 10-point system. Or if you prefer five stars, I am going to say this is a solid 4 out of 5. Maybe even 4.25 or 4.5 out of 5. This game is not perfect, but it does many things well. Most of all, this game is FREE! So as long as you have the requirements to play this game, at least give this game a try.

Video Preview.

Here is your look at the game I just reviewed:

^ "GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience - Launch Trailer"

For More Information...

To learn more about Gameloft, visit their official website at To get "GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience," here are some links for you:

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