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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

GT6 Base Model Race Cars

John Marine | 7:47 PM | |
The Base Model cars in Gran Turismo 6 are a chance for GT6 players to have their own custom race cars. I personally find it a step in the right direction as far as customization is concerned. It allows you to make your own team and your own cars. The suite isn't complete, but at least it's better than using real-world models you have little or no customization of. So this blog post is a database of the various Base Model cars in Gran Turismo 6. Use this if you are planning a purchase or anything in regards to these cars.

GT6 Base Model Race Cars

Gran Turismo 6 GT6 Base Model
The Base Model cars in Gran Turismo 6 allow you to customize them with your own paint colors and numbers.

The Base Model race cars in Gran Turismo 6 allow you to have your own versions of some of Gran Turismo 6's race cars. The cars can be painted in any such colors besides the ones offered to you on purchase. The cars can be customized further with driver numbers.

So what kinds of cars are offered as Base Model race cars? The cars you choose from can range from the lowest of touring cars, to high-end GT cars, to some of the most powerful of Le Mans racing machines. You can even enjoy a little off-road racing with some of these machines. The Base Model cars basically give you the opportunity to compete in any of the existing race cars but with your own number and paint. So go ahead and build your own racing team painting cars in colors you choose from and with any sort of racing numbers you choose. This brings GT gamers even closer to proper customization of cars, at least in respect to race cars.

In case you fear being unable to compete in certain races because you have a Base Model car, fear not. Requirements for certain races will allow you to compete with certain cars as well as any Base Model variants of them. For example, for the Super GT GT500 races, I entered my Honda HSV-010 GT Base Model to compete in that Championship when I probably could have used an actual HSV-010 GT or some other car for that Championship.

A Step in the Right Direction?

In terms of making your own race cars, this is surely a step in the right direction. More needs to be done, however, to make the package more enticing for the next Gran Turismo. What the Base Models mostly allow you to do is paint over the cars with any of the paint chips you've collected. "Your results may vary" is a very valid point in customizing cars with various paint styles. Unless you prefer your car be sponsored by Gran Turismo, I'd like customization options to allow you to replace some of the Gran Turismo logos with logos of various real-world sponsors.

I read once that there were plans to have cars like the Audi R8 LMS, the Audi R8 GT3, and the Audi R18 TDI as Base Model cars; but those plans were scrapped. I honestly think more such cars should be created. Also, could you imagine the possibility of having to create your own race team and use your own Base Model cars to compete in various races? It would provide a nice fun factor.

Base Model Database

Each entry here features each of the cars that have Base Models to them that you can buy. Here is the legend to each featured model:

• (car name)
(Performance Points), (Price); (Drivetrain), (max horsepower), (max torque (in lb. ft.)), (weight (in kg))

All figures are NOT rounded. No decimals are included in these figures, and there are therefore no rounding of these numbers. So a car noted at 500.75 horsepower (for example) will simply be noted as 500.

Here are all of the cars with Base Models to them:

GT6 Base Model Race Cars: North America.


GT6 Base Model Race Cars: Asia-Pacific.

• 2008 Autobacs Garaiya GT300 Base Model
507PP, Price: 500,000 Cr.; MR, 295hp, 289 lb. ft torque, 1175kg

• 2008 Honda NSX GT500 Base Model
564PP, Price: 950,000 Cr.; MR, 493hp, 433 lb. ft. torque, 1150kg.

• 2012 Honda HSV-010 GT Base Model
573PP, Price: 980,000 Cr.; FR, 493hp, 289 lb. ft. torque, 1100kg

• 2008 Lexus IS350 GT300 Base Model
505PP, Price: 500,000 Cr.; MR, 295hp, ??? lb. ft. torque, 1150kg

• 2008 Lexus SC430 GT500 Base Model
571PP, Price: 950,000 Cr.; FR, 473hp, 376 lb. ft. torque, 1100kg

• 2011 Monster Sport SX4 Pikes Peak Special
670PP, Price: 1,600,000 Cr.; 4WD, 897hp, 654 lb. ft. torque, 1090kg

• 2008 Nissan GT-R GT500 Base Model
577PP, Price: 950,000 Cr.; FR, 493hp, 376 lb. ft. torque, 1100kg

• 2006 Nissan Z GT500 Base Model
591PP, Price: 950,000 Cr.; FR, 493hp, 520 lb. ft. torque, 1100kg

• 2013 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 Base Model
609PP, Price: 350,000 Cr.; FR, 542hp, 470 lb. ft. torque, 1350kg

• 2006 RE Amemiya RX7 GT300 Base Model
504PP, Price: 500,000 Cr.; FR, 305hp, 238 lb. ft. torque, 1100kg

• 2008 Subaru IMPREZA GT300 Base Model
507PP, Price: 500,000 Cr.; 4WD, 295hp, 289 lb. ft. torque, 1100kg

• 2012 Subaru BRZ GT300 Base Model
510PP, Price: 500,000 Cr.; FR, 345hp, 325 lb. ft. torque, 1150kg

• 2012 Toyota 86GT Race Car Base Model
403PP, Price: 50,000 Cr.; FR, 197hp, 151 lb. ft. torque, ????kg

• 2005 Toyota Supra GT500 Base Model
565PP, Price: 900,000 Cr.; FR, 473hp, 376 lb. ft. torque, 1090kg

GT6 Base Model Race Cars: Europe.

• 2011 BMW M3 GT2 Base Model
569PP, Price: 350.000 Cr.; FR, 499hp, 369 lb. ft. torque, 1245kg

• 1995 McLaren F1 GTR Race Car Base Model
618PP, Price: 1,750,000 Cr.; MR, 600hp, 480 lb. ft. torque, 1050kg

• 2010 Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Base Model
676PP, Price: 1,900,000 Cr.; MR, 700hp, 885 lb. ft. torque, 930kg

• 2011 Renault Sport Mégane Trophy Base Model
511PP, Price: 100,000 Cr.; MR, 359hp, 287 lb. ft. torque, 955kg

• 2008 Volkswagen Scirocco GT24 Base Model - 420,000 Cr.
477PP, Price: 420,000 Cr.; FF, 320hp, 250 lb. ft. torque, 1120kg

You can see that the various Base Model cars for offer encompass a vast variety of racing machines. Many of these are mostly GT-spec cars. Very few off-road offerings are offered. In fact, there's only one off-roader for you: the mean Monster Sport SX4 Pikes Peak Special Base Model. A handful more touring cars would be great to see also. And this is purely sad- NO Base Model cars for any North American company in GT6. I mean... no Camaro Base Model. No Corvette Base Model. No Mustang Base Model. Not even a Viper Base Model. Also, not one (this is most surprising to me in a way) no Base Model NASCAR stock cars. This is purely sad on the front of Base Model cars...

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