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Sunday, November 15, 2015

John's Race Space's 5th Anniversary!

John Marine | 10:48 PM |
"John's Gran Turismo Space" was the name of this blog when it was born five years ago. That's right- this blog, that eventually became "John's Race Space" is now five years old! I will simply share thoughts on this blog and its history for this post. I will even share some of my past thoughts on creating this blog and why I think this blog means so much to me to post on.

This blog began life as my blogging portal to discussing the Gran Turismo series and Tourist Trophy. Actually, my main blog was to be my main outlet for discussing Gran Turismo until I decided to make my main blog about anything and everything. "John's Gran Turismo Space" was a blog I had relative success with as I tried to direct traffic over to this blog. As I was trying to come up with a lot of material within GT and TT, I did fairly well coming up with blog posts and resources. Later in this blog's life, I decided to extend the usefulness of this blog by making it about many other racing games, including Gran Turismo and Tourist Trophy. This blog remains true to its roots. Even if I don't discuss Gran Turismo and/or Tourist Trophy, the roots of this blog remain with GT and TT.

FUN FACT 1: This blog's official colors are purple and silver. Official color names: Amethyst Purple and Moonlight Silver.

FUN FACT 2: The anniversary of this blog under the name "John's Race Space" is on November 21. The blog's name was changed to JRS in 2013. So JGTS was born in November and had its name changed to JRS in the same month.

A Message to All Readers/Visitors

Thank all of you for visiting this blog. I hope I can continue to provide quality content to all of you. I worked hard to try to compile all of these blog posts for you to read and enjoy. I feel happiest knowing people like you actually visit and share my material. Hopefully we can continue to work together.

If there is something you want me to maybe discuss in the future in regards to racing/driving games, feel free to contact me. I may be able to come up with a quality blog post on something related to racing/driving games.

Once again...

Thank all of you for your support of this blog over the years.

Thank you also for reading! Take care and be well.

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