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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Gran Turismo SPORT Thoughts

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Gran Turismo SPORT is in the works. This spinoff of the GT series features a collaboration between PD and the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile). Not much is known currently about what the final product will provide. So for a post like this, all we can do is speculate and envision what we think GT SPORT will offer. I'll throw in my thoughts with this blog post here on my racing/driving game blog- "John's Race Space!"

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Gran Turismo SPORT: Thoughts

This section simply details a number of thoughts I have in regards to Gran Turismo SPORT. Here is as much as I want to share here:

As Much as I Know...

Most of you know I try to research most of my material before I post. So having said this, here is as much as I know about Gran Turismo SPORT from research:

• spinoff of the GT Series with a partnership between Polyphony Digital and the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile).
• another e-Sports gaming model.
• Nations Cup - race for your home country.
• Manufacturers Cup - pick a manufacturer and compete with that company's products to win.
• coming to PlayStation 4 (PS4).

Gran Turismo SPORT, which many people originally predicted would be Gran Turismo 7, can open any number of possibilities as far as we are concerned. My main storyline and focus have to do with just what this PD/FIA partnership will provide in the development of Gran Turismo SPORT. A lot of people would basically hope this is a hardcore racing experience among the Gran Turismo realm that is fairly deep and engaging. Skeptics will likely think Gran Turismo SPORT will be more like a glorified and modded Gran Turismo 6 rather than something that shows evolution of the Gran Turismo franchise. Who will be right depends on what the final game has to offer.

What I Think This Could Produce.

This is all speculation. Depending on how deep and how detailed this deal goes, we could see everything from a host of new machines, new tracks, and unique races. The FIA has an entire mess of championships spanning various kinds of racing series. Most people simply know the FIA for Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship (WRC). However, there are even events for FIA-sanctioned deals like the World Touring Car Championship, the World Endurance Championship, European Drag Racing, kart racing, and stuff like that.

The initial impression I want to envision is a variety of different racing machines. I think we may possibly get a lot of the latest racing machines across a number of different series from an array of motorsports disciplines. We may also get a combination of more real-world courses along with classic Gran Turismo courses. A long shot I can envision is possibly Gran Turismo SPORT including Base Model cars for which we could customize to make our own racing teams within the realm of Gran Turismo. It would surely make the experience of racing more interesting to have your own team along with the many different cars offered. My only uncertainty on the car and track front is if we will see more actually-licensed Formula 1 machines that we can race. I won't be bummed if we don't get more F1 cars, but it would help boost the game with that sort of appeal. I still think we may eventually just see Polyphony Digital make their own F1-style game that is a spinoff of GT much like Tourist Trophy was a motorcycle racing spinoff of the GT series.

On the racing front, we can imagine anything from certain real racing series like the FIA provides on real courses to fantasy championships in the Gran Turismo realm. So we could see anything from the FIA World Touring Car Championship race Apricot Hill and Midfield Raceway to maybe Formula 3 race around Monza and Cote d'Azur. If GT SPORT were to include rallying, they could go with something upgraded from the Gran Turismo 5 experience of rally racing on randomly-generated rally courses. Or maybe a combination of GT5's random rally courses with the precision provided in Gran Turismo 6 generated courses. We could even see racing action like with FIA World Rallycross. Everything from the usual rallycross madness to Joker laps would make for some fun racing. I personally love Formula 3, so there could be a model that could be enjoyable for F3 racing. It may also be possible for other racing series to be featured which have some FIA implications. For example, Super Formula (formerly Formula Nippon) can be raced for you to earn an FIA Super License. So imagine racing in a makeshift Super Formula championship to enhance your racing career and maybe earn a chance to race F1 cars, granted we get something even close to F1 in Gran Turismo SPORT.

For the most part, though, I may see this whole GT Sport thing simply be "Gran Turismo Academy 2.0," with many more kinds of racing. Making this like an e-Sport thing means there will be ample opportunities for us virtual racers to enjoy competitive racing action in the Gran Turismo realm, but with the prestige and glory of actual championship action sanctioned by the FIA. The possibilities are endless.

Could Something be Learned in the Future?

If Polyphony Digital were smart (I am not saying they are dumb), they will use elements from this game to perhaps spice up the Gran Turismo series with the still-in-development Gran Turismo 7. The impressions I seem to get from GT Sport indicate this could be an opportunity for Gran Turismo 7 to possibly be better on the racing front. These could be changes and additions that can enhance the actual racing in Gran Turismo games as well as some of the execution of race events in the game. My mindset is that I want Gran Turismo to evolve on the racing front while not being an exclusive racing game (like almost any SimBin racing game or most Codemasters racing games).

More importantly, I would like this to be a model towards a more diverse and engaging Career style game. Again- everything hinges upon how deep and engaging the game ultimately becomes. This game's appeal can range from what seems like a half-hearted mod for Gran Turismo, to a completely different game that offers GT style action, but providing a much different experience.

We Just Don't Know Enough at This Point...

Other than this, we'll have to wait and see what this Gran Turismo SPORT will provide to the masses. Not too much is known at this point (as of December 22, 2015). I think this game will not only be a boon to us virtual racers, but also further bolstering of the Gran Turismo series as the one of the finest racing/driving game franchises of all time. Even if GT Sport somehow becomes a bust or being worse than what it could be, you should have sufficient reason to follow this game.

A Little More Information...

Here is some more info on this game from a few different sources:
Gran Turismo SPORT - PRODUCTS -
Gran Turismo Sport for PS4: What We Know So Far (OFF-TOPIC) hello to my GTPlanet friends who may be reading this blog post! :)

Video Preview.

Here is a video sample announcing Gran Turismo SPORT:

^ "GT SPORT Trailer #1 Paris Games Week 2015"

Again- all we can do is wait for more information to see what more we can expect from this upcoming title.

If you care to discuss this topic, let me ask you:

What are you expecting or envisioning for Gran Turismo SPORT?

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Hi-v Fandom said...

I'm pretty sure that this game model might produce more race car drivers, or at least e-sport race car drivers.

Usually people would perceive e-sports as DoTA, LoL, Counter Strike and such, but I think this is where sim racing takes its stand right now. I could presume that there's a double benefit there (as I already stated), which neither of the mentioned e-sports games have.

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