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Monday, December 21, 2015

Races of Gran Turismo 6: Red Bull X Challenge

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Red Bull gives you Wiiiiings! They also give you some insane race cars. You will compete in four championships in four levels of racing machines. The racing will go from basic to [expletive]ing insane. Are you ready to take on these challenges and prove your worth as a world-class racer? It is time to go to work again.

(NOTE: This blog post is a work-in-progress and may be updated in the future to reflect some new changes.)

Races of Gran Turismo 6: Red Bull X Challenge

Gran Turismo 6 Red Bull X Challenge
^ The Red Bull Challenge is back, and this time, with a handful of challenges ready to drive you insane.

(NOTE: You must have an International B License or better to unlock this Championship.)


The realm of Gran Turismo offers up many possibilities. In Gran Turismo 5, one of those opportunities was the ability to race a conceptual race car that throws out the record books and offers what an ultimate racing machine is like. You may have been able to take part in the Sebastian Vettel X Challenge in Gran Turismo 5. Now for Gran Turismo 6, you will take on a number of unique challenges that will push your driving skills and racing skills to the limit. There are four championships in this menu of races. Each of these championships are tough. However, there are two bits of good news for you in completing them- there are no Stars to obtain, and you need only finish 3rd or better in each championship to clear each.

Cars for each event are supplied for you, so there is no need to purchase any cars before entering this set of races. Only thing you need to provide is racing skill. It also wouldn't hurt to have solid reflexes and patience either.

Here are the races of this series:

• Red Bull Kart Masters (4 races)
• Red Bull X2014 Junior Championship (5 races)
• Red Bull X2014 Championship (5 races)
• Sebastian Vettel X Challenge (3 races)

If you clear each championship with 3rd or better, you win prize cars. Since there are no Stars to obtain, do not worry about trying to be perfect here. All you need to be is good enough to secure 3rd or better in each championship.

Races of Gran Turismo 6 Lineup.

Here is the itinerary of races for Gran Turismo 6. Over time, I will be adding links to each of these series so you can check out updated posts featuring all of these races. This series on races of Gran Turismo 6 are as follows:

National B
National A
International B
International A
• Red Bull X Challenge (YOU ARE HERE)

Let's try and knock down these races!

Red Bull X Challenge

Time to show what you're made of! Here are the four championships and the details on each...

Red Bull Kart Masters.

As many racers began their racing career through karting, you will take the same road to greatness by piloting a go-kart. There are four races which will test your racing skill. You will be bestowed a pretty Red Bull Racing Kart 125 to race against other kart racers. While it's a cute kart, what is more important is you racing the wheels off of this kart trying to win. Try to finish 3rd or better to advance to the next championship.

• Silverstone The Stowe Circuit (4 laps)
• Autumn Ring - Mini (4 laps)
• Eiger Nordwand - Short Track (3 laps)
• Gran Turismo Arena (Layout A) (4 laps)

Red Bull X2014 Junior Championship.

This championship features the Red Bull X2014 Junior car. If you raced the X2010 in Gran Turismo 5, this Red Bull Junior car is much more docile than those beastly top-end Red Bull prototypes. The Red Bull Junior is a really fun to drive racing machine. It won't be much fun, however, if you find yourself constantly being back in the pack constantly when going up against 11 other Red Bull Junior cars. Victory in this series will lie in your ability to make timely overtakes and race consistently. If you finish 3rd or better in this championship, you will be cleared to race the next stage of the Red Bull X Challenge.

• Silverstone National Circuit (4 laps)
• Twin Ring Motegi East Course (4 laps)
• Grand Valley East (4 laps)
• Circuito di Roma (4 laps)
• Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit (3 laps)

Red Bull X2014 Standard Championship.

You will be given the Red Bull X2014 Standard for this five-race championship. For the first time in Gran Turismo history, you will not only race the higher-end Red Bull prototypes on a track, you will be racing against other Red Bull prototypes on the track at the same time. Previously, you competed in two-lap time trials. Now, you're racing against the same insane racing machine while racing your own copy of that racing machine! So you will be trying to win the race against the other Red Bull prototypes. Remember that you only need to place 3rd or better in the Championship to advance to the final challenge. Do your best! The best advice I can recommend is to make as few mistakes as possible. Your reflexes will really be tested here along with your mastery of each course. Try to effectively make your passes. It won't be easy here. This is going to be a difficult challenge for you to take on, but not impossible. Prepare to lose and lag until you finally get it right and get it together to win.

• Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit (3 laps)
• Trial Mountain Circuit (3 laps)
• Apricot Hill Raceway (3 laps)
• Fuji Speedway F (3 laps)
• Nürburgring GP/F (3 laps)

Sebastian Vettel X Challenge.

You will be racing the X2014 Fan Car in three duels. Not only must you pass the other car, you must also complete two laps around each course within a qualifying time. You will be competing on three different tracks with three different levels of character. Monza is a speed paradise, Spa-Francorchamps is a long and twisty classic race course, and Suzuka will test your patience and reflexes. You're going to have your hands full on this one. Remember- 3rd or better is all you have to worry about.

• Autodromo Nazionale di Monza (2 laps)
• Curcuit de Spa-Francorchamps (2 laps)
• Suzuka Circuit (2 laps)

Consider yourself a champion if you are able to endure through this painful set of races and complete each of them. Consider yourself legendary if you clear all of the championships with gold, and even more legendary if you won every race with Gold.

I actually should have posted this long ago. Only thing is that I haven't fully competed in this championship to post about it. I hope you have enjoyed all of my posts and have used all of my resources. Subscribe and Follow this blog for more content. Show further love by getting social with me across my many different social profiles online. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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