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Friday, January 15, 2016

Fatal Racing (or Whiplash)

John Marine | 3:25 PM | |
(UPDATED: May 3, 2017)

Fatal Racing (or Whiplash) is a game all about demolition derby-style racing on a series of dangerous stunt-style courses. It was released in 1996 for PC. Survival in this game means not falling victim to the stunts as well as trying to beat all of the other cars on the track. It is a tough order, but not an impossible one. Here is my blog post talking about Fatal Racing.

Though it is called Whiplash in the United States, I will refer to this game as "Fatal Racing." This post is not exactly a review.


MAY 3 2017 - added stats on each car in the game.

Fatal Racing (or Whiplash)

Fatal Racing is the name of the game, and it is called Whiplash here in the United States.

Fatal Racing or Whiplash
^ from: - Fatal Racing ("Whiplash" in the USA) is a an insane stunt racing game.

The premise of Fatal Racing is on peppy compact cars racing on wicked stunt tracks. The game's eight courses all feature a vast array of deadly and decisive corners. Some courses feature some really dangerous features like loops and corkscrews. If you want to be a winner here, keep the car in one piece and aim to place as high as you can. Just remember- it won't be easy.


None of the cars are beastly sports cars. That's probably a good thing for this game, because I can't fathom high-dollar supercars taking on the sort of abuse these tracks and this style of racing can provide. The cars are all fictional and have literally no resemblance to any real-world cars that I know of.

• AUTO ARIEL, Fouette 270zx
• DESILVA, 511 GTi
• PULSE, Errant V8 GT
• GLOBAL, Celerity MKII
• MISSION, Spectre Turbo SE
• ZIZIN, KLR 330

All cars are rated for these qualities on an eight-point system:
• Acceleration - how well the car gets up to speed.
• Top Speed - the fastest a car can go.
• Braking - the stopping power of the car.
• Turning - the handling capabilities of the car.
• Grip - how well the car stays on the road.
• Durability - how well the car can withstand damage.
• Mass - the weight of the car.

And here is how each car fares (LEGEND: ACC = Acceleration, SPD = Top Speed, BRK = Braking, TRN = Turning, GRP = Grip, DUR = Durability, MAS = Mass):

• AUTO ARIEL, Fouette 270zx: ACC 5, SPD 4, BRK 6, TRN 5, GRP 6, DUR 3, MAS 3
• DESILVA, 511 GTi: ACC 8, SPD 1, BRK 7, TRN 6, GRP 5, DUR 5, MAS 1
• PULSE, Errant V8 GT: ACC 4, SPD 6, BRK 5, TRN 7, GRP 2, DUR 4, MAS 5
• GLOBAL, Celerity MKII: ACC 3, SPD 7, BRK 2, TRN 3, GRP 3, DUR 8, MAS 7
• MILLION PLUS, Ninjato: ACC 2, SPD 2, BRK 3, TRN 2, GRP 8, DUR 1, MAS 6
• MISSION, Spectre Turbo SE: ACC 7, SPD 3, BRK 8, GRP 7, DUR 2, MAS 2
• ZIZIN, KLR 330: ACC 6, SPD 5, BRK 4, TRN 8, GRP 1, DUR 6, MAS 5
• REISE WAGON, Merkur GT: ACC 1, SPD 8, BRK 1, GRP 4, DUR 7, MAS 8

So based on this list... The best acceleration is with the 511 GTi. The Merkur GT has the highest top speed. The Spectre Turbo has the strongest braking performance. The KLR 330 has the best turning. The Ninjato has the most grip. The most durable car is the Celerity MKII. The 511 GTi is the lighest, but the Merkur GT is the heaviest.


Here are the tracks raced in Whiplash:

• (Auto Ariel) Le Grande Royale - a very basic course with twisty undulating roads.
• (Desilva) Snake Pass - a desert course with a few quick jumps.
• (Pulse) Big Dippa - twisty roads and some huge elevation changes make up this course.
• (Global) Death Drop - wide-open spaces met with multiple forks in the road.
• (Million Plus) Tsunami Twister - a course featuring a dangerous twisting jump.
• (Mission) The Bridge - a high-speed course. Despite its simplicity, try to stay on the road.
• (Zizin) Siamese - two loops make up this intense course.
• (Reise Wagon) Gateway - a difficult track with a corkscrew road, a large loop, and twisty roads.


The races in Fatal Racing consist of you going up against 15 other cars for a 16-car affair. You can do a Single Race, a Time Trial, or run in the Championship. Every track has its fair share of obstacles as well as pit roads. Once you note your car smoking, you may want to consider stopping in the pits to repair your car. You can and will have your car explode if your car is extremely damaged to continue. So make sure to pit when you can. Of course, also make sure you do enough to put your car ahead of all the others to win. Victory will not come easy even on the easiest difficulty setting. Since this is an arcade-style racing game, don't even think about being any kind of finesse racer.

In making this post, I did not challenge the championship. So I'll leave that up to you in case you want to get Fatal Racing/Whiplash.

Final Thoughts.

Fatal Racing offers a crazy experience for all. An intense experience with plenty of dangerous elements make this one insane game no matter how you look at it. I do think the graphics were quite good for its time. The graphics won't blow away anybody in this day and age, but everything is far from substandard. Fatal Racing is by no means anything groundbreaking or innovative. However, what this game does bring is good old arcade thrills with a kick of chaos. The announcer can be annoying, but of course, you can silence him by turning the speech volume down to 0.

Video Preview.

This is what Fatal Racing looks like after you've read this blog post about it:

^ "Fatal Racing / Whiplash"

That's all from me. Hope you enjoyed the post.

I think I should just post about more racing games, including those I haven't played. The reason why I don't talk about some games is because I don't play them or don't know anything of them much. I always believe in being real and credible in my work. So that's what you can expect for a lot of my posts. Anyhow, thanks for visiting this blog of mine. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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