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Friday, January 8, 2016

Screamer 2

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(UPDATED: March 28, 2016)

A year after the hit Screamer was released, Screamer 2 (or Bleifuss 2) followed. Milestone S.r.l., formerly Graffiti, made Screamer 2 in 1996. Screamer was about sports cars on asphalt. Screamer 2 is about rally racing. So enjoy on and off road racing across a number of challenging locations worldwide. This blog post takes a look at Screamer 2.

Screamer 2

Let's talk about Screamer 2.

Screamer 2
^ from: - Rather than sports cars on streets, Screamer 2 features rally racing on tarmac and non-tarmac surfaces.

The first Screamer featured sports cars on city streets and country roads. Screamer 2 takes you on a world tour of rally racing. New to the series are things like setting up cars as well as picking a certain team to race with. While it doesn't really make any real difference what team you race for, you still get to race on a variety of courses each with their own environmental challenges. You also have to take into account the different surfaces each track provides. These could play a serious role in you being able to race each course effectively. Just like the original Screamer, Screamer 2 is an arcade-type racing game. So don't worry about having to drive precisely. What you will need to do is try to stay focused as you race furiously as scenery passes by in the blink of an eye. You can race solo or through multiplayer.


With the focus now on rally racing, the cars are different. First of all, you can choose between one of four teams- Condor, Angels, Wasp, and Zeus. There is no difference or advantage to racing for any team over any other. The team you race for simply has each car in a different livery. Each team has four cars for you to choose from.

• Spark - a front-wheel drive car with a top speed of 121 mph. Resembles a Mazda Miata/MX-5.
• Radiance - a rear-wheel drive car with a top speed of 122 mph. Resembles a Porsche 911.
• Horizon - a four-wheel drive car with a top speed of 120 mph. Resembles a Toyota Supra MKIV.
• Nebula - a four-wheel drive car with a top speed of 120 mph. Resembles a Honda/Acura NSX.

(ADDED: March 22, 2016) With each team, each team has a unique fifth car. The fifth car for each team has to be unlocked.

In some modes, you can customize your car's performance. Here are some of the main features:

• Handling - make the car handle tighter or looser.
• Brakes - adjust the braking power of your car.
• Tires - choose tire types for the different kinds of roads you will be racing on.
• Tire Pressure - give your tires more or less tire pressure.
• Front Suspensions - adjust the front suspensions of your car.
• Rear Suspensions - adjust the rear suspensions of your car.

You can load and save configurations you set for cars so you can use them in your racing.


Each of the game's seven tracks feature a vast variety of environments and features.

• England (Easy) - a tarmac rally course across wet asphalt roads in a country setting.
• Egypt (Medium) - a sandy course through a desert and a desert village.
• California (Medium) - an urban course which includes city streets and some dirt roads.
• Finland (Medium) - a course on snowy and icy roads.
• Switzerland (Hard) - an urban course on asphalt and cobble roads in a European city.
• Colombia (Hard) - a dirt rally course in a jungle-like setting.

There is also one more course that is all asphalt and is rated Hard. It has to be unlocked.

Be ready to take on some quite intense courses.


Unlike the 10 cars to a track (including yours), there are as many as four drivers to a track including your car. There is no time limit to each course. Simply race to win. You do not need to be a precision driver. However, this game seems to move very fast. So make sure you keep up while racing. Keep mistakes to a minimum. If you need to, try practicing each course before racing. You will need to unlock more races in the Championship mode to be able to race more tracks. Speaking of Championship Mode, there are four championships to take part in. You obviously want to win every championship access all of the courses. You can't go to a later championship without clearing the previous one first.

Final Thoughts.

Screamer 2 is pretty tough. The game provides a great rally racing experience with an arcade feel Everything seems to fly by beautifully without any real performance hitch. If anything, be careful racing in this game because of how quickly everything seems to happen. You will need to stay focused and not make too many mistakes driving. Amazing graphics and a load of different options help make Screamer 2 a very good game. Unless the style of racing in the first Screamer tickles your fancy, Screamer 2 is a worthy successor from the previous title.

Video Preview.

If you want a video look at Screamer 2, I've provided this video for you. Thanks to the one who allowed the video to be embedded:

^ "Screamer 2 - PC - Gameplay"

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