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Friday, January 8, 2016

Speed Haste

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In 1995, Friendware and Noriaworks came along with Speed Haste. On its name alone, one would think this is an extremely laughable racing game. Maybe it is. Maybe it is not. Get ready for another blog post on another racing game. See if I find this game any good by checking out this post here on "John's Race Space." Let's go to work!

Speed Haste

Welcome to Speed Haste!

Speed Haste PC
^ from: (YouTube) - Speed Haste was released in 1995 by Friendware and Noviaworks.

Speed Haste is a PC racing game featuring Formula 1 cars and stock cars. This game has you going full speed around eight different courses. Your job is to try to win the race against 19 other competitors on the track. Do you have what it takes to win each race? You can compete solo, split-screen, and even online multiplayer with this game. Even though this game has the formula cars named as Formula 1 cars, this game is NOT licensed by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) or the Formula One Group.

The game is in metric measurements, and you can't change to imperial.


Two kinds of cars are available for you to race- formula cars and stock cars. There are six cars to choose from. The cars are divided up based on performance levels and on either Automatic or Manual/Standard transmission. The Formula cars (labeled as "Formula1") offer the highest speeds and best handling. The Stock cars are much slower and power slide a lot in the corners.

Formula1 Cars
• Phoenix Engine - Beginner, Automatic Transmission, 310 kph top speed
• Blue Steel - Beginner, Automatic Transmission, 315 kph top speed
• Dream Maker - Amateur, Automatic Transmission, 320 kph top speed
• Frozen Sky - Amateur, Manual Transmission, 320 kph top speed
• Speed Demon - Pro, Manual Transmission, 325 kph top speed
• Black Bullet - Pro, Manual Transmission, 330 kph top speed

Stock Cars
• Road Star - Beginner, Automatic Transmission, 240 kph top speed
• The Flame - Beginner, Automatic Transmission, 245 kph top speed
• Skein - Amateur, Automatic Transmission, 250 kph top speed
• Black Fury - Amateur, Manual Transmission, 250 kph top speed
• Lucky Horse - Pro, Manual Transmission, 255 kph top speed
• The Miracle - Pro, Manual Transmission, 260 kph top speed


There are eight tracks you can race on.

• Racer's Edge (Amateur) - a basic circuit with simple corners. 2.568 kilometers.
• The City (Pro) - the game's longest course, a twisty street course with some tough corners. 3.293 kilometers.
• Fast Lane (Beginner) - the game's shortest course that is simple, except for its final hairpin. 2.207 kilometers.
• Indiana (Beginner) - a high-speed oval course in an urban setting. 2.443 kilometers.
• Grand Canyon (Pro) - a tricky course in a rocky desert setting. 2.963 kilometers.
• The Tomahawk (Amateur) - a road course in a rural setting. 2.793 kilometers.
• Twin Lakes (Amateur) - a rather long race course in a snowy setting. 2.833 kilometers.
• No Man's Land (Pro) - a difficult course with twisty corners in a Fall/Autumn setting. 2.913 kilometers.


There are three main modes of Single Player racing: Championship, Single Race, and Practice. Championship mode takes you around all eight tracks. Try to win as many races to gain the maximum number of points as you can to become champion. Single Race simply allows you to race any of the game's eight tracks in a single event. Practice lets you take time trials around each track for any set lap count. It is an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with each course.

Your options include how many laps to run and if you want to race under a certain time limit. You can race for one lap or up to 20 laps for each course. If you choose to race within a time limit, you must try to make it to the finish line in time to avoid being out of time. When time expires, the race is over.

You can also choose between whether you want to race the formula cars or the stock cars. Racing against other stock cars is tougher.

Final Thoughts.

For a lot of people, Speed Haste is a fairly obscure racing game. It is very unlikely this game will make most peoples' lists of all-time greatest racing games. The game has very twitchy handling and criminally ludicrous AI racing. You stand a better chance racing the Formula cars than you do the Stock cars. If you are expecting a game that is of great quality and offers a racing experience unlike any other, Speed Haste is NOT that game. The game features some okay engine sounds and bad (but not terrible) graphics. The game is completely amateur in its execution and appeal. The amount of fun you can have with this game is greatly limited. You'll enjoy this game only so much until you realize you can do much better than Speed Haste.

Video Preview.

So you want to see Speed Haste in action? Here you go:

^ "Speed Haste"

That is your look at Speed Haste.

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