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Friday, January 8, 2016

Total Immersion Racing

John Marine | 7:33 PM |
There were few sportscar racing games. Total Immersion Racing was one of them. I have never played this game. However, this multiplatform game released in 2002 had many GT and prototype race cars on tracks real and fictional. I will offer my own look at Total Immersion Racing for your reading pleasure.

Because I have never played this game, my thoughts here are mainly based on impressions.

Total Immersion Racing

Welcome to my post on Total Immersion Racing! Here is a further look at this title:

Total Immersion Racing
^ from: - Total Immersion Racing will take you on a world tour of sportscar racing.

Total Immersion Racing is a game featuring multiple GT and sportscar racing machines. You can play it on a variety of platforms such as the PlayStation 2, XBOX, and PC. I think it is also available for Mac computers. You will able to race these machines on a variety of courses mostly in Europe. This game offers a sportscar racing experience you can surely enjoy pushing these cars to the limit in. Take part in various challenges to unlock more content. Make the game as easy or as difficult as you like. The game features a non-licensed soundtrack filled mostly with what most people would consider generic jazzy music and generic electronic dance music. The car sounds and engine sounds are pretty good. You even get to hear your race spotter provide commentary and advice to you in this game. To my knowledge, there is no damage model in this game, so don't worry about damage in this game.


This game does have at least one locale across the three different sectors of the world. So you will be racing around the world along with a world of cars. You start off with machines like the Audi TT-R raced in the early-mid 2000s in DTM. With progress through the game's modes, you can go up to machines like the McLaren F1 GTR, the Panoz LMP Roadster, the Audi R8 LMP, and many more. There are also some fictional models. There is no damage model of any kind in this game. So don't worry about wrecking extremely hard or anything to where you suffer visual or mechanical damage.


The tracks you race on consist on a number of venues worldwide both real and fictional. If you saw my blog post about a world tour of racing, you'll know what I consider a World Tour. You can race on actual courses such as Rockingham (as in the oval in England) and Hockenheim. You can also race on fictional courses such as Springfield (a USA track) and the streets of Minato City. Interesting enough, you may choose to race on certain courses in different times of day. So your experience will be quite interesting with each of the courses in this game.


You can choose to race with a number of different machines. You could race against a field of cars within a certain class, or you can have some multiple class racing. It is up to you. No matter which set of cars you race against in the game's many different cars, you will have yourself a jolly old time trying to finish P1 in the many races.

Final Thoughts.

It is still rather sad there aren't as many sportscar racing games. Or at least, not as many. One would think there have already been a number of racing games focused on NASCAR, rally, and Formula 1. Just not as many on the sportscar racing front. While I don't consider Total Immersion Racing as anything impressive, it at least deserves some credit for being one of those few sportscar racing games available today or during its time. It does have some very nice graphics, but many of the sounds are mediocre. While this game offers a fairly good experience racing GT and prototype racing machines, do not expect a level of quality like "Le Mans 24 Hours" or any SimBin racing game as far as GT/Sportscar/Endurance racing is concerned. "Total Immersion Racing" doesn't have the same level of appeal as most of the better racing games. Unless you're dedicated, you may be better off mostly renting this game.

Video Preview.

Here is a video preview of "Total Immersion Racing." This is from the PC version of this game:

^ "Total Immersion Racing - PC Gameplay"

I hope this video gives you some extra insight on this game.

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