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Friday, March 18, 2016


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Dolphinity Racer (or just Racer) is a forgotten sim racer. This free PC game has been around since about 2003. This is a simulation racing title with realistic physics. So in other words, this is NOT an arcade racer. What are my thoughts on Racer? I'll be sure to offer you my every thought in this blog post on Racer.

NOTE: This blog post review is based on my playing of v0.9.0 RC6, a BETA version of Racer.

[Dolphinity] Racer

Dolphinity Racer was designed to be a simulation racing/driving game. It wasn't meant to try to rival the Gran Turismo series or anything like that. It is mostly a simple game for which to do performance driving. As a free and open-source title, users are allowed to bring in vehicles and tracks to enhance the experience. Those adept with modeling and programming can easily bring in new material into the game. The version I made mention to includes two vehicles and one track. The two vehicles are a Lamborghini Murciélago and a buggy meant for suspension testing. Both vehicles can be raced on a track called Carlswood.

Let me let you in on something. I once had Racer years ago on one of my past computers. That version featured a test track and a yellow Renault Alpine A110. So I am not completely new to Racer. However, this is my first time trying one of the later versions of Racer. I've had trouble trying to get Racer to work efficiently. The environment has a black sky and some fog, and my car is all purple and pink and rainbow-like. If I tried to edit some of the visual settings, the game will crash with fatal errors of missing files and stuff. So I can only do so much. My recommendation is to back up your "racer.ini" file with each successful edit. Successful in the sense that the game will not crash or give out fatal error warnings. Also, an important thing about this version of Racer is that I played this game using the no CG version. Otherwise, I'd have a tough time trying to play this game on my system. Through looking around, I was convinced to get the beta version of Racer after reading an online message board.

As for the driving itself, I found it tough to try to deliver a consistent drive around the track. The driving dynamics and the physics are deplorable. I've had better luck driving in rFactor or even in SimBin's GTR games under Monsoon conditions. I could probably tweak certain settings to where the cars could drive better, but the driving model is very poor. Not impossible to drive, just could have been much better.

Having said these things, now is the time for my final thoughts.

Final Thoughts.

Racer is a fine sim and has great potential. However, if the driving dynamics were better and if it wasn't so cumbersome to try to play, this would be a total classic.

As someone who has become more interested and active in making cars and tracks for games, I looked to Racer as perhaps being my game engine for testing my creations. I may just go to back to TORCS or try to set up Speed Dreams better instead of using Racer. I still think this is a solid, if forgotten, sim racing/driving game.

Video Preview.

Check out this video, featuring a demo of one car and one track:

^ "dolphinity racer - why i dont have a drivers license"

For More Information...

You can get Racer by visiting this site:

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