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Thursday, March 17, 2016


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VDrift is a racing simulator that emphasizes drifting. It was a Linux program that would eventually find its way to Windows and other platforms. Does it deliver on its front? This "John's Race Space" blog post is all about this free PC racing game. So feel free to continue reading this post to get my thoughts on VDrift.


VDrift is a free PC racing game that used to be Linux-exclusive. The game is free and open source, allowing users to import cars and tracks into the game. It also has a menu allowing you The game features 16 cars. While none of the machines are officially licensed, you do get a good variety of past and present machines. You can basically make out whatever the real cars are if you know your cars. There are nine tracks to race on. For some reason, the majority of courses are real-world, vintage-style courses, mostly from the 1980s.

There was a reason early on why I didn't want to try VDrift any earlier, because of the "drift" emphasis. I felt it would hamper my ability to enjoy driving in this game. My own sort of fears were confirmed playing this game. VDrift was primarily designed so you could basically slide around corners. The way this is executed, however, is quite questionable. While there are no weather effects I can think of, I noted the grass textures looking glossy. What seems to be the assumption is that you are racing on a track that has been wet, as if you are driving around a track after rain has fallen on the course.

You can set up races to have as many as 12 drivers to a track. If doing practice runs, you can gain scores by drifting around corners. How well you are able to maintain a solid drift will earn you points. Screw up the drift, and you don't get any points. Various rear-wheel drive cars in this game have funky handling in this game. You will find yourself scratching your head more about how to actually drive these cars and race these tracks more than trying to execute sick drifts or, um... driving a track properly. There isn't much in regards to choosing certain machines to compare performance with. If you simply want some machines that won't snap on you during braking, look at cars like the TC6 or the ATT- two 4WD vehicles. When it comes to adding AI drivers to a track, their driving can be as erratic as you can be trying to maneuver these cars. They may even make for good comedy material for online videos. To help aid your racing experience, you can toggle things like ABS, TCS, and even damage.

Now that I've given you an idea of VDrift, allow me to offer final thoughts.

VDrift: Final Thoughts

VDrift is NOT going to replace titles like rFactor, Project CARS, Assetto Corsa, or anything like that. The drift system itself is very wonky. Even drifting in Gran Turismo or any Ridge Racer is better than *trying* to drift in VDrift. If you're going to put an emphasis on drifting, at least tailor the game to where even racing game novices can put together a solid drift. The only customizing you can do to a car in VDrift is to change the color of the car. That's it. No suspension tuning, brake setup, none of that in this game. Drifting can be more fun and (more importantly) more controllable if the game physics weren't so out of whack. I feared this would be a game I probably wouldn't enjoy too much, and those fears were confirmed upon playing through VDrift. This is a title I think could have been much better if it were better executed. There is still a fun factor to this game, but it is hindered severely by its poor driving mechanics and weird AI.

Video Preview.

Here is a look at VDrift after having offered my thoughts:

^ "VDrift 2012-07-22 looking for grip"

For More Information/Download...

You can get VDrift by going to Remember- VDrift is available for the absolutely low price of free.

You are always free to agree or disagree with my thoughts. So go ahead and exercise your freedom of speech. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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