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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Drift Out Series

John Marine | 6:50 PM |
VISCO's Drift Out series is known for insane rally racing. Four titles in the series were created, most of them as arcade titles. Take a look at the Drift Out series with this blog post on "John's Race Space." I'll try my best to introduce you to the individual games of the series.

NOTE: This blog post features a lot of YouTube videos. Your viewing experience may be diminished if you are unable to view embedded material. I want to thank all who allowed their videos to be embedded.

Drift Out Series

The Drift Out series challenges your ability to clear a variety of intense rally stages within a certain time limit. As in any traditional rally racing environment, closely follow the signs and indicators for when turns or other hazards approach. You have some split seconds before trying to make your move. So make sure you are adept and ready. If you are unable to clear the stages in time, you must try again or retire. Clear all stages within the given time to advance through the game. Speaking of the games, there were four games that comprised the Drift Out series. Most of them were in the arcades.

Drift Out (1991).

The first game of the Drift Out series was released in 1991. The game features real-world rally cars from its time, but the names of the cars and the manufacturers are all fictional. One such example is the BWM W3. There are even car companies called "Toyata" and "Mitsuboshi" among others! The driver names are shortened and fictitious as well.

Here is a little video of someone playing "Drift Out":

^ Game of the day 1273 Drift Out...Visco 1991

Super Drift Out (1994).

The Drift Out series found its way onto the Super Famicom in 1994 with Super Drift Out. You get to race some of the finest rally cars across a number of different stages of rallies in different countries. There was even an added incentive- you could create and race your own rally courses! The top-down perspective allowed you to furiously race each stage. Your reflexes must be solid since everything flies by so fast. How much so? Here is a quick sample:

^ Super Drift-Out

Drift Out '94, The Hard Order (1994).

One person on YouTube commented that "Drift Out '94: The Hard Order" was "R.C. Pro-Am meets Sega Rally Championship." To me, this game is more like "Great 1000 Miles Rally" meets "Sega Rally Championship." The similarities are definitely there when you see this game. Only difference is that instead of vintage cars, you are racing current (at its time) rally cars, including a few classics like the Lancia Stratos. There are eight cars to choose from. While the game features licensed rally cars, the driver names are fictional, but you can make out who they are if you know your rally drivers. For example, "D. Aureol" is Didier Auriol.

Here is a sample of this game:

^ Drift Out '94 The Hard Order: Visco Retro Arcade Rally Driving Game

New Drift Out: New Technologies (1996).

The final chapter of the Drift Out series was in 1996 and on Neo Geo arcades. Rather than the vast array of rally cars in "Drift Out '94: The Hard Order," you have only three cars to choose from, all licensed.

Here is a sample of "Neo Drift Out: New Technology":

^ NEO DRIFT OUT: NEW TECHNOLOGY - Visco Corporation 1996 by Sala Giochi 1980

I hope this blog post has introduced you to one of the more popular racing game franchises.

Drift Out. As for this post, I'm out. Subscribe and follow if you haven't already and if you love my material, and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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