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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Retro Racing

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Retro Racing for iOS and Android has been around since 2012. Top-down racing has never looked better with this game from British developer Mr Qwak Limited. My blog post on Retro Racing will fill you in on what this game has to offer.

NOTE: This review is based on my playing experience of this game on the OUYA.

Retro Racing

Let's talk Retro Racing!

Retro Racing
^ from: - Can you climb your way through the pack to claim victory in Retro Racing?

Remember when racing games weren't about extreme realism, deep levels of tuning, bad acting, and ticked off trolls that can't drive worth s***? Oops! Pardon my language! Retro Racing apparently harks back to a couple of past top-down racers. In fact, Amiga Racers like Nitro (Psygnosis) and ATR (Team 17) were inspirations in Retro Racing. The goal is simple- try to pass all of your opposition to claim victory. How you do so depends on your ability to race consistently with the various powerups and the use of shortcuts. One or two players can enjoy the action here.

The Tracks.

The game features 18 tracks. The first three are free. To advance to the next race, you must finish 3rd or better. You can always head back to a track you've already cleared to try to achieve a better finish.

The Cars.

There are six cars to choose from. To race all the cars, you need to purchase Retro Racing. You will otherwise be stuck with the first three cars in this list.

• Team Red: S-2, A-2, T-1
• Team Blue: S-2, A-1, T-2
• Team Green: S-1, A-3, T-2
• Stallion F1 (must purchase game to use): S-4, A-2, T-2
• Electic Fox (must purchase game to use): S-2, A-4, T-3
• Shadow (must purchase game to use): S-3, A-4, T-2

The Racing.

Races feature a total of either 6 or 8 cars. You will find a number of powerups on the track that will increase your car's performance through the course of the race. You will see icons on the track such as these:

• S - speed boost.
• A - acceleration.
• T - tires.
• N - nitro.

Remember that you must place third or better to advance to the next race. Look for shortcuts and extra roads to gain some advantages on the track.

Now for a review on Retro Racing.

Retro Racing: Final Thoughts

Retro Racing is a bare bones racing game offering simplistic top-down racing. In today's gaming landscape, someone may find a game like this to be completely boring. There is surely a great deal of challenge despite this game being so simple. This game is surely worth a try if you just favor classic top-down racing.

Video Preview and More Information.

Here is a preview of this game. I mentioned I played the OUYA version, this video features (I'm assuming) the iOS version.

^ Official Retro Racing Launch Trailer

So what do YOU think? If you like it, go get this game for Android, iOS, Windows, and OUYA. You can find links to the game from the developer's home page here: Retro Racing - Mr Qwak.

That's another post from "John's Race Space"- the blog all about racing/driving games. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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