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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ridge Racer 64

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The Ridge Racer series' Nintendo debut was on the Nintendo 64 with Ridge Racer 64 in 2000. This game offered the classic Ridge Racer experience to Nintendo gamers, but the N64 allows for four-player racing- a real boon for N64 gamers! This game would later be released to the Nintendo DS in the form of Ridge Racer DS in 2004. This blog post takes a look at Ridge Racer 64 and if it is worth your time to get for the Nintendo 64. Or at least... my thoughts on Ridge Racer 64.

Ridge Racer 64

Let's take a look at this game.

Ridge Racer 64
^ from: (Pinterest) - Everything you love about Ridge Racer comes to the Nintendo 64. Plus, you can have up to four players play!

Ridge Racer 64 attempted to bring the appeal of Ridge Racer to the Nintendo 64. Rather than configure a game like this for a CD, the action was put on a cartridge. The good news is that you didn't have to worry about loading times or loading screens since the game is contained on a cartridge. Maybe the biggest sell factor for Ridge Racer 64 is the ability to do four-player racing, since the Nintendo 64 offers four-player racing with its four controller ports. A lot of the game features all or most of the popular cars from past Ridge Racer titles but with some new life. Also included are venues from the classic Ridge Racer and from Ridge Racer Revolution. It also includes a new desert environment called Renegade. In addition to these courses, there are many more original cars and exclusive tracks to Ridge Racer 64. Needless to say, many new experiences are coming your way when you play Ridge Racer 64. The game itself plays in classic Ridge Racer style. You can choose between different drifting dynamics and collision models based on certain Ridge Racer games.

Besides the usual Ridge Racer style and charm, most of this game also has a feel promoting DigiPen- which is one of the premier schools for making video and computer games. A lot of original cars created by DigiPen and its students are featured in this game.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: To learn more about DigiPen, visit


A lot of familiar faces make up the lineup of cars in Ridge Racer 64. Since the Nintendo 64 doesn't allow for certain graphical touches (such as transparent glass), the cars don't look super realistic. They still look great for what they are. Most of the cars are re-imagined versions of past cars in the series' history. You will see old favorites like the F/A Racing car, the RT Ryukyu car, and cars from some of the teams from Ridge Racer Type 4. More cars become available as you progress through the game.

Machines featured belong in certain performance classes. The class you start off with is the S Class. Three other classes are available as you progress through the game. You can change the colors of cars to your liking. More cars can be won by competing in certain challenge races. Performance characteristics of each car are rated for their top speed, acceleration, handling, and grip.


Most of the tracks should be familiar if you've played various Ridge Racer games. The game does feature some exclusive courses that you must unlock through progress in the game. There are four main locations: the Ridge Racer tracks, Ridge Racer Revolution, Ridge Racer Renegade, and Ridge Racer Extreme.


The racing you take part in consists of you against 11 other racers. There are also duel races that pit you against another competitor. To advance, you will need to win every race. You can also compete in Time Attack events. And of course, you can race against up to three other racers in multiplayer split screen action. Everything is about as straightforward as you can get.

Ridge Racer 64: Final Thoughts

This game was a fine experience when I rented this game a long time ago. To be honest, though, this installment of Ridge Racer didn't really do it for me. It is a great game for what it is. However, if I had never played any Ridge Racer on the PlayStation and this was my first Ridge Racer, I probably wouldn't be able to appreciate the series as much with RR64. Of the music, I only really like "Manual Overdrive" (my favorite) and "Speed Nation." The announcer can be quite annoying. This is surely a game to get if you are any Ridge Racer fan. Only thing is that you shouldn't expect anything groundbreaking and exciting from this title. Graphical quality is nothing to scoff at. The Nintendo 64 hasn't had too many great racing games outside of Mario Kart 64. This one is one of the better racing titles for the N64.

As I mentioned previously, you can get this title for the Nintendo 64, or you can get "Ridge Racer DS" for the Nintendo DS. Both are basically the same game.

Video Preview.

Here is a video to give you an idea of what Ridge Racer 64 is like:

^ "Ridge Racer 64 Game Sample - N64"

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