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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ridge Racer V

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NAMCO's jump to the PlayStation 2 means a new Ridge Racer with new life was needed. Enter "Ridge Racer V." RRV was a PS2 launch title, and there was even was an arcade version of this game called "Ridge Racer V: Arcade Battle." This Ridge Racer offers the smoothest and prettiest Ridge Racer experience to date. What you're about to see in this blog post is a collection of thoughts of mine regarding Ridge Racer V. So get ready for another post here on "John's Race Space!"

Ridge Racer V

Get to know Ridge Racer V:

Ridge Racer V
^ from: - Ridge Racer's drive into the future began with Ridge Racer V.

Many felt it was going to be tough to surpass and succeed what Ridge Racer Type 4 was able to accomplish. If that was true, then NAMCO did everything they could with "Ridge Racer V" to provide a brand-new experience while still offering the same classic action that has made the series fun to begin with. Gone is the cool nature of Ridge Racer Type 4 in favor of a more edgy and gritty style of racing. The gritty nature isn't overly gritty to the point of the game being like a demolition derby or anything. There are far less cars in Ridge Racer V compared to Ridge Racer Type 4, but the ones you do get are more than capable. The game features seven courses including two that should be familiar to those whom have played the first Ridge Racer.

The game looks beautiful even today. Okay... so maybe you can visibly notice jagged lines and vastly stretched textures, but it still looks great today. A stylish user interface and some vibrant colors make up the style of Ridge Racer V. At its time, there were some amazing renders of cars for Ridge Racer V.

The style of music is different from R4 to RRV going from lounge-style music to plenty of beat-happy electronic dance music. I personally thought a lot of the music from RRV is amazing. There is kind of the same style of electronic dance music in this game as it is with Tekken Tag Tournament (another PS2 launch title). Some of my favorite songs include "Samurai Rocket," "DRFTDVL," and "Euphoria" among others. The male voice-over is that of DJ Ken Ayugai.

Reiko Nagase is not be in Ridge Racer V, because she was replaced for this game with Ai Fukami. People, though, prefer Reiko Nagase instead; and so this game was for all intents and purposes Ai's 15 minutes of fame. Almost like someone who posts a viral video and becomes popular for a short period of time.

One of the best things about Ridge Racer V is the ability for you to form your own team. Everything from cars to trophies and more can be obtained through racing. Name yourself and your team and compete in all of Ridge City's events. You can even colorize your cars with a number of different color styles.

To say the least, this game offers a much more enriched experience of Ridge Racer than in almost any past installment.

About That Arcade Version...

The arcade version of Ridge Racer V was called "Ridge Racer V: Arcade Battle." This version features all six of the regular cars in this game. There are also only four of the tracks from Ridge Racer V spread across four different difficulty levels. You can race Park Town (Easy, Day, 3 laps), Outer Pass (Normal, Evening, 3 laps), Above the City (Normal, Day, 3 laps), and Bayside Line (Hard, Evening, 2 laps). Clear the checkpoints to extend playing time. Finish 3rd or better to earn championship points. As the name of this game would suggest, you can compete against another driver if at the same arcade unit. There is a bonus fifth race if you can be atop the points standings after clearing the four races. I have no experience of this arcade version besides YouTube videos I have seen on it. And in fact, my YouTube research is what my focus on this arcade game is predicated on.


There are three different styles of car in Ridge Racer V- STANDARD class cars are the basic street models, EXTRA cars are the racing-spec of the STANDARD cars, and the SPECIAL cars consist mostly of Duel cars and other special machines.

Let's meet the six basic cars:

• Kamata Fiero (Drift) - a well-balanced rear-wheel drive Japanese sports car.
• Danver Toreador (Drift) - a rear-wheel drive sports coupe from this American manufacturer.
• Rivelta Solare (Drift) - an exotic Italian speed demon. Drifts can be hard to maintain with this mid-engined, RWD car.
• Kamata Fortune (Grip) - the game's only front-wheel drive car, a Japanese hatchback offering amazing handling and balanced performance.
• Rivelta Mercurio (Grip) - the game's only four-wheel drive car, a car that combines great driving with excellent power.
• Himmel EO (Grip) - an incredibly decent handling car, not to mention the only rear-engine, rear wheel drive car in the game.


Each of these main cars can be equipped with different engines when you race their EXTRA variants. The EXTRA class engines are the basic engines run in the regular races. When you reach the final Grand Prix, you will race with OVAL engines. These engines are meant for high-speed racing and are therefore impractical for any of the basic courses. Speaking of the tracks...


This section focuses on the courses of Ridge Racer V. You will be able to race most of these courses at different times of day: Day, Evening, and Night. Some courses are only available in one or two different times of day.

• Park Town - a short romp around Ridge City utilizing most of the downtown area.
• Sunny Beach - the classic novice-level Ridge City course remade and remastered for the PlayStation 2.
• Outer Pass - a variation of Sunny Beach utilizing some extra coastal roads.
• Green Field - the classic Advanced level course from the classic Ridge Racer remade for the PlayStation 2.
• Above the City - a course utilizing the highways of Ridge City as you go around the towers of Ridge City.
• Bayside Line - the game's longest course utilizing almost every course in Ridge City.
• Airport Oval - on its own island, this course uses airport terminal roads for high-speed racing.

Grand Prix.

This is the real meat of racing in Ridge Racer V. This is where you begin to prove yourself as king (or queen) of racing in Ridge Racer V. The different Grand Prix names are based on the level of difficulty you select. The name of each Grand Prix is in the order of (Easy/Normal/Hard) difficulty. You begin in the Standard races with bone stock versions of these cars. When you go to the Extra class, you will be met with racing-spec versions of the six basic cars.

Standard Class GP...
• ...(Basis/Frontal/Fountain) GP: this is your first taste of racing in Ridge City featuring Standard vehicles. Finish within a qualifying position to advance.

Extra Class GP...
• ...(Heroic/Bravery/Spartan) GP: a basic set of four races. Finish within a qualifying position to advance.
• ...(Blast/Gale/Tornado) GP: four races in time-based races. Cross checkpoints for extended time. Must win each round to advance.
• ...(Knight/Baron/Duke) GP: four races on reverse layouts of tracks. Finish within a qualifying position to advance.
• ...(Throne/Monarch/Tyrant) GP: a 10-lap race around Airport Oval. Must win to clear championship.

Maximum GP (Hard Mode Only)...
• Ultimate GP: four races run for five laps each. Must win each round to advance.

I only found out about the Maximum GP through researching this topic beforehand. I have no experience getting this far, so I will not comment on this front. All I know is... you haven't mastered Ridge Racer V unless you clear the Maximum Grand Prix.

Time Attack.

Try to post the fastest lap times around each of the game's courses. If you beat a Rival's record time, you can challenge that driver to a Duel to add more cars to your garage.


If you manage to beat a Rival's top time, you will have a chance to compete in a one-on-one race against that driver. Beat that Rival to win that driver's car. Special cars can not be used in STANDARD or EXTRA class races. You can compete in a special race if you manage to defeat all of the Rival drivers and earn their cars.

These are among the various races and events in Ridge Racer V. Explore more by playing through the game!

Ridge Racer V: Final Thoughts

Though Ridge Racer V may be a far cry from what Ridge Racer Type 4 had to offer, Ridge Racer V is still a great racing game with intense racing action and a great soundtrack. Few things are disappointing regarding this game. Good luck finding anything to truly hate about this game. While the PlayStation 2 would later see "R: Racing Evolution," Ridge Racer V is the only traditional Ridge Racer title for the PS2. So enjoy this title if you want Ridge Racer action on your PS2.

Always remember one thing when racing in Ridge City- the city is yours.

Video Preview.

Here is a video to give you something to look forward to as you play Ridge Racer V:

^ Ridge Racer V Game Sample - Playstation 2

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