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Thursday, June 23, 2016

WEC Le Mans 24

John Marine | 7:27 PM | |
It's the 24 Hours of Le Mans- Konami style! This 1986 racing game has you racing a powerful prototype around the famed Circuit de la Sarthe. 24 hours of motorsports madness await you. Can you win this twice-around-the-clock classic? I will provide you a look at this old racing game here in this blog post on "John's Race Space." Get ready for another past racing game!

WEC Le Mans 24

Officially approved by the ACO (Automobile Club de L' Ouest), WEC (World Endurance Championship) Le Mans 24 has you racing the 24 Hours of Le Mans in a car that somewhat resembles a Porsche 962C, though there are no licensed cars in this game. You will be racing Circuit de la Sarthe in a 24-hour journey lasting some four laps. All the while, the time will change from day to night and back to the day. If you are to win in this game, make sure to go fast around Le Mans while avoiding cars and other hazards. Don't worry about having to make pit stops or anything. Just make sure to complete Le Mans as best as you can.

Completing Le Mans means trying to avoid the other cars and other obstacles along the way. Clear the checkpoints to extend your time. You win if you manage to complete the race, and you will fail if you are unable to complete the race with the allowed time. There is nothing unusual or overly difficult- just another bare bones racing game.

Final Thoughts.

It is really sad there have not been as many sportscar racing games. The majority of racing games have been mostly of street cars or formula cars. So to see something "WEC Le Mans 24" is very unique. This game offers a quality arcade experience in the vein of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A game like this only is a continuation of Konami's portfolio of racing games. I wonder if this sportscar racing experience would lead to the future Konami racing game, "Racin' Force." One of the courses in "Racin' Force" is an endurance-style race where time changes.

IN CASE YOU ARE INTERESTED: You can read my blog post on "Racin' Force" here: "Racin' Force" (John's Race Space).

Video Preview.

What is "WEC Le Mans 24" like? Here is a video for you to view:

^ WEC Le Mans (Konami, 1986) 529,150 pts complete (MAME arcade)

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