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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Crazy Taxi

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So you want to be a taxi driver? SEGA's take on taxi driving is insane, though it's called Crazy Taxi. This 1999 arcade classic features a wild and engaging experience in the realm of being a taxi driver. While I have personally never played this (or remember playing it), this game will surely offer a wicked experience. This blog post here offers a look at the very first Crazy Taxi.

Crazy Taxi

SEGA Crazy Taxi
^ from: (Google Play) - You're the coolest taxi driver ever when you play "Crazy Taxi."

Released in 1999 in the arcades, "Crazy Taxi" let players live the life of a taxi driver. I don't believe there is an actual city in this game, but the city seems a lot like San Francisco. You are credited with the task of picking up people and taking them to wherever they want to go. You will be racking up fare money all the way. Get people to their destination to score the most points and fare money. This is by no means a simulation- it's all about arcade fun. So don't worry about precise driving. However, it does help that you know your way around the city before attempting to try to get people to wherever they want to go. There are four different taxis and taxi drivers to choose from. You do have an indicator that points your way to the destinations in question. Once the game timer expires, the game is over.

The fun factor and the over-the-top driving are reasons why this title resonates as a classic in the hearts of many who have played this game. I am not really familiar with any sequels of the Crazy Taxi series, so I won't discuss those here on "John's Race Space" unless I get a general idea of some of the later titles of the Crazy Taxi series.

Final Thoughts.

It is very unlikely you will play this game to be screened if you want to be a real taxi driver. For the absolute fun factor, you can't go wrong with a game like Crazy Taxi. Future game series like the Grand Theft Auto games have their own kind of mini games with taxi driving. There is still no greater feeling than driving a taxi in the Crazy Taxi series.

Video Preview.

Find out how wacky it can be to drive a taxi around town by checking out this video I found. This is the Dreamcast version:

^ "Crazy Taxi (Sega Dreamcast)"

So what do you think?

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