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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Emergency Call Ambulance

John Marine | 8:29 PM | | |
A life is on the line. Can you safely transport dying patients to the hospital? This was SEGA's challenge to you in 1999 in "Emergency Call Ambulance." Drive your ambulance and go from accident scene to hospital as efficiently as possible. Do so because others' lives depend on you! This blog post is a look at Emergency Call Ambulance.

Emergency Call Ambulance

Let's get one thing out of the way before I talk about this game. If you love crashing cars, you will NOT love this game. This game takes place in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Crashing in this game only decreases the chances of you clearing the game. To SEGA racing fans, you can think of "Emergency Call Ambulance" as a more serious "Crazy Taxi." You still pick up people and take them places just like in Crazy Taxi. Only in this game, you are trying to pick up people who are hurt and try to get them to safety and to be healed at a hospital.

There are four cases for you to solve. Your time is set at 99 seconds. That time is basically how much longer the patients have to live as you try to safely deliver each patient to the hospital. You must navigate your way through traffic and various hazards to safely deliver people to the hospital. If you hit objects or traffic, the damage will affect the person you're trying to save. If you fail to reach the goal, the patient dies, and the game is over. Best piece of advice: keep mistakes to an absolute minimum.

Final Thoughts.

I think people should play this game just to be reminded that you can't just crash cars all the time and expect to have fun. You sometimes need to preserve the vehicle you are using. So make sure to protect your vehicle at all costs.

Video Preview.

I could show you a game video, but I chose to show you the Attract sequence to this game. This your first look at "Emergency Call Ambulance" if you've never seen it before. It will give you an idea of the mechanics of the game:

^ "Emergency Call Ambulance - Attraction Mode SEGA 1999"

So what do you think about this arcade game?

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