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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Inside Sim Racing

John Marine | 1:07 AM |
Since 2007, @InsideSimRacing has been a sim racing boon and a proper outlet in showcasing and discussing simulation racing. Anyone who loves sim racing in some capacity need only look to ISR. They have delivered in offering some of the best insights on racing/driving games along with various other things such as product reviews. This blog post can be thought of as a salute to Inside Sim Racing.

"John's Race Space" is all about racing/driving games. While no games will be covered in this blog post, I do want to take some time to recognize and showcase Inside Sim Racing for their fine work.

Inside Sim Racing

Inside Sim Racing Sim Racing Tonight
^ from: (Twitter) - Inside Sim Racing.

Inside Sim Racing has been an outlet for discussing and showcasing simulation racing games since 2007. It caters to those who enjoy this style of racing game and features various insights on various games. Everything from detailed game play to highlights of events and championships are featured. I'm sure ISR will tell you that while it may be fun doing stuff like Need for Speed or the Asphalt games, sim racing has their own unique appeal. I'm sure even ISR will tell you- racing games like the Need for Speed series is fun, but the real enjoyment of racing and driving is with proper simulation racing titles. You get a feel for racing that arcade games can't match or better. Some of us may never get to experience certain automobiles or get into motorsports. Some of us probably do have certain driving or racing experiences and just want the same great experience in the virtual realm. So ISR does all it can to expose and discuss the simulation racing game scene.

Their show "Sim Racing Tonight" is hosted by the likes of Shaun Cole and Darin Gangi. The insight they provide and the various episodes they publish are nothing short of amazing. I don't usually watch full episodes (some material is about 30 minutes to a full hour or more). What you get is tremendous insight from the ISR crew. If you want to learn how to be atop your sim racing game and be an absolute boss at it, ISR has you covered.

My Own Sim Racing Experiences.

Since taking "John's Gran Turismo Space" into "John's Race Space," I have featured a handful of games outside of Polyphony Digital, including different simulation racing games. I am still someone who will still play any average racing game with a controller or a keyboard. I still consider myself a simulation racer for the most part because I enjoy the challenge of sim racing more than I do a lot of arcade racing games. However, I don't consider myself a hardcore simulation racer. Only thing "hardcore" about my racing game experience is that I have a Logitech Driving Force Pro which I rarely use for my racing games. I don't have anything like a gaming rig. I have no idea about Force Feedback. I am not THAT in depth with my racing game experiences. I am fairly boring in regards to sim racing. I do love it, though.

One of the coolest moments for me on YouTube was when Inside Sim Racing saw one of my videos and commented on it. It's been so long that I don't know what video it was that I got commented on for. I thought it was a cool moment because it felt great that me- no kind of YouTube superstar or anything- was able to get a kind comment from Inside Sim Racing. It was a great feeling.

A Salute to Inside Sim Racing.

I think without Inside Sim Racing, I probably don't know of any other sim racing media that could be better. ISR is a boon for the sim racing community. It provides a voice for sim racers worldwide. The insight provided is great whether it is about rFactor, GTR2, Assetto Corsa, iRacing, or whatever. You really can't go wrong with what is provided from ISR. And considering ISR was created back in 2007, it will be great for this crew to celebrate 10 years of existence. Not to mention still going strong today.

So if the Inside Sim Racing crew is reading this blog post, I just want to let you know that you all do a great job and provide a solid voice for all things sim racing. Keep up the great work. Much love.

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