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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Racing/Driving Game Streamers

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Watch racing/driving streams on YouTube or Twitch? If so, this blog post will point you to some streams I follow. You can learn from and be entertained by others playing games. This is something a bit different in mentioning racing and driving games here on "John's Race Space." If you want to enjoy racing games or driving games in online streams, this post may be of help to you.

Racing/Driving Streams

I will point you now to some streams online. The headers all link to the different streams. These range from Facebook fan pages to actual streams. So click on them to visit their channels.

WARNING: Some of these channels may contain some inappropriate language or some objectionable material. Be mindful of this, as you are seeing some of these streams at your own risk. These may not be safe for work or school.

iRacing Official.

iRacing is one of the premier simulation racing games today. Once you've paid for everything and want to go racing, you can choose from a variety of different styles of racing. This link takes you to the official YouTube channel of official iRacing events.


The premier channel for iRacing streaming and commentary is the YouTube channel known as Racespot. High quality content is provided from this YouTube channel both from its commentary and its coverage. Content featured on Racespot are even shown on iRacing's Live page. Archives of past races are shown from Racespot also on iRacing's Live page. Visit their YouTube channel to see the various material and races shown.

British Online Sim Racing Association (BOSRA).

The British Online Sim Racing Association, or BOSRA, is the first-ever sim racing league approved by the MSA and is in association with TMS Motorsport. They mostly specialize in GT3 racing in iRacing. Their material is available primarily on YouTube. Great commentary and racing action are provided on this stream.

Virtual Endurance Championship/LMPGTEndurance (French).

This is a mostly French Twitch stream that mostly covers iRacing. Among the specialties of this channel are mostly NASCAR races. However, they do a variety of races mostly in a French language. Find them on Twitch at LMPGTEndurance and on YouTube at VEC TV on YouTube.

RevCom Gaming.

One of the first iRacing teams I encountered on Twitch was that of RevCom Gaming. This channel mostly races a lot of NASCAR events, but they also go with some open-wheel racing and some GT3 racing.

Grip TV.

GripTV and its members usually stream iRacing videos. These black and red cars usually try a number of different races in iRacing. Their streams are offered on Twtich and YouTube across its members. The link takes you to the official page of GripTV.

Vice Z Racing.

Vice Z Racing is another online racing team. I couldn't find an official site for this team, so instead, I am providing a link to one of Vice Z Racing's members. That's what the link takes you to.

Steel Horse TV (FB Fan Page link).

Johnathon Caddell and Steel Horse Racing TV are another iRacing team. This group mostly competes in a lot of the iRacing NASCAR-type events. The link to their work that I have provided is to their Facebook fan page. So visit the link to see their work.

Ministry of Speed.

At the Ministry of Speed, great racing is gospel. Run by founder "SixxGun Johnny," the Ministry of Speed offers racing primarily with Project CARS and the Codemasters F1 games. This channel migrated from Twitch to YouTube earlier in 2017. And so, this link takes you to the official page.

If you have Facebook, "like" The MinistryofSpeed motorsports simulations. Find the YouTube channel for this at: Sixxgun Johnny on YouTube.

Online Sim Racing Network (OSRNetwork - FB Fan Page).

There is a good variety of iRacing action that the Online Sim Racing Network puts in YouTube streams. Among some of them is Feel free to check out the racing action streamed on YouTube by OSRNetwork by clicking on the Facebook fan page link in the header. Or, visit their YouTube channel at OSRNetwork on YouTube.


One of the most unique streamers on Twitch or YouTube (mostly Twitch) is that of RealRacingHearts. When streams happen on this channel, the streams usually consist of amazing fictional action across a handful of different racing series. An example of one series featured is the fictional JSA GT Masters, a series featuring many different cars with some insane performance levels. Mostly rFactor streams are showcased on this Twitch channel. Most of the action is not only showcased in a Twitch stream, but also discussed on the Global Racing League (GRL) forums.

Find RacingHeart on Twitch at Visit to take a look at the Global Racing League forums.

Of course, these are only a few different streamers on YouTube and Twitch. I just wanted to name a few that I have followed online. I may add more links in future updates.

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