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Wednesday, February 7, 2018


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SEGA and EA Sports released NASCAR Arcade in 2000. Based on the 1999 (then) NASCAR Winston Cup Series, just about every driver from the 1999 Cup season can be raced. Three tracks can be raced also in this game. Have you what it takes to be a champion? Get ready for NASCAR Arcade! This is my blog post on this arcade game.


Let's discuss more about this game.

SEGA EA Sports NASCAR Arcade
^ from: (YouTube) - Through a pairing between SEGA and EA Sports, "NASCAR Arcade" brings NASCAR's thrills to your arcade store.

Normally, people know SEGA for outrageous and iconic racing and driving games such as the OutRun series, Daytona USA series, Super GT/SCUD Race, and games like that. So imagine seeing SEGA go a bit outside of their comfort zone (if you will) and come along with a simulation style NASCAR racer. This was the case when SEGA and EA Sports developed NASCAR Arcade. Unlike the tomfoolery provided in the Daytona USA games, NASCAR Arcade is about simulation style racing. Don't even envision you being the Hornet High-Class Team trying to win on some of NASCAR's best courses. NASCAR Arcade is purely simulation with some challenging races.

Here is a look at your journey through this game...

Tracks and Racing.

NASCAR Arcade features three tracks for you to race. All three courses are different from each other. Here are the venues:

• Talladega Superspeedway (Novice)
• Richmond International Raceway (Intermediate)
• Watkins Glen International (Expert)

Each track has you racing it for a set number of laps. During that time, you must continually climb your way through the field to have your time extended. Doing so requires you to pass as many cars as possible while there is still time on the clock. Once you reach a certain position in the race, you will be given a new position goal in addition to having your time extended. If you fail to reach a certain Position Limit in the race when time expires, the game is over.

Talladega Superspeedway is the world's longest oval. At 2.66 miles in length, flat out speed is the name of the game on this oval in Alabama. This track is best to practice drafting. You will need to draft successfully to win here. This track is only easy in that you don't have to drive too technically to try to win. Otherwise, drafting will be a huge challenge. You will run this course for four laps.

The only night course is at Richmond International Raceway. Though Richmond is a short track, you can still go fairly fast around the course. It will be tougher to generate draft since you don't have flat out speed like at Talladega. So make sure to try to get a run early and pass when you can. This oval is roughly three-quarter miles in length, and you will be racing this course for eight laps.

Watkins Glen International is the only road course in NASCAR Arcade. Once home to the United States Grand Prix of the Formula 1 World Championship, you will be met with the nuances of a challenging and intriguing road course like Watkins Glen. This course is not super-technical. Some enjoy Watkins Glen for its speedy character. Victory here requires your ability to make timely passes along with testing your road racing technique. Remember that stock cars were not designed to handle road courses very well. Do not push the limits of a stock car too much on a road course. If you can, try to keep the car on the road and out of the grass and gravel. Three laps are run at Watkins Glen.

Can you handle the pressure? By the way... there is a secret fourth track in this game. You are on your own as to how to race that course, though.


Each of the drivers are drivers from the 1999 NASCAR Cup season. It doesn't really matter which driver you select. It is all mostly personal preference. Not all drivers can be selected. In fact, you will need to try certain codes to be able to race as certain other drivers, even including Richard Petty's classic #43 car from the 1970s.


What you want to do is try to climb through the field as best as you can. A strategy you must take advantage of is drafting. There is a gauge that lets you know if you are properly slipstreaming against other drivers. Once you get enough momentum from drafting, you can slingshot past leading drivers to make passes.

More importantly, you need to simply keep trying to improve your position. Your time will only be extended once you pass enough cars and reach a given position. It will be a struggle trying to pass as many cars as you can, but it is not impossible. So don't give up! Finish as high as you can! Be more concerned with finishing more than trying to win the race.

Thoughts on the Game.

I played NASCAR Arcade before. It isn't anything mind-blowing or exciting, but it is a very good and very tough simulation-type NASCAR racing game. Victory is going to be tough to get in this game. The music is more of your American-style rock. Nothing too special. I do love the game's rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, though as far as music goes. So definitely give this game a play if you see it in an arcade.

I wanted to share a video with you about this game, but I was unable to find a quality video to show off what this game is about. And I don't want to show any emulated videos (which was the majority of what I found on this game initially). So I will leave it up to you to find video content on this game. My apologies for disappointing you all with not finding an adequate video to showcase this game.

That's all for this one!

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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