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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Fast and the Furious/Cruis'n

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Cruis'n on the Wii is The Fast and the Furious in arcades. Yes- based on the hit movie in 2001, this 2004 arcade game was developed by Raw Thrills of the former Midway. The home version is "Cruis'n thanks to licensing rights. I have had some experience playing this arcade game. And so, I will tell you more about it here on "John's Race Space."

The Fast and the Furious/Cruis'n

Time to put this game in the spotlight. Get ready...

The Fast and the Furious Cruis'n
^ from: (YouTube) - Cruis'n went an entirely new direction with "The Fast and the Furious.".

Based on the hit movie, The Fast and the Furious is an arcade racing game released by Raw Thrills. Raw Thrills is of the former Midway crew responsible for many classic racing games of the 1990s including the Cruis'n series. This was the new direction of the series after the likes of Cruis'n Exotica.

This game, unlike the original Cruis'n games, take on a completely different style from the three Cruis'n games before it. This game takes on more of an illegal street racing approach. The action still takes place on city streets and some country roads. Unlike past Cruis'n titles, there is more of an upgrade system sort of like the Need for Speed games. There is still outrageous racing action, but the action is more close to Need for Speed than any Cruis'n. There are eight cars to a track (including yours) rather than the ten cars in the past Cruis'n titles. Even with two less cars, the action is still frenzied.

While this game is named after the famous movie, there is no storyline attachment to the movies in this game. So don't worry about trying to closely follow the story in this game as if it were tied to the movie.

About That Wii Title, Cruis'n...

The Nintendo Wii version of "The Fast and the Furious" was simply named Cruis'n, as to continue this series. The licensing rights to use the movie's name were denied, and so the home version of this game was simply named "Cruis'n" for the Wii.


There are 10 locations in the Arcade version (some hidden locations), and Cruis'n has 12 locations across the United States. The action either takes place in California, New York, or the northeastern United States. Here is a look at all of the venues where you will be racing in this game:

• China Town (Easy) - take a ride around the eccentric and lively China Town of San Francisco, CA, USA.
• Race Wars (Easy) - a race on desert highways in an industrial sector.
• Times Square (Easy) - try to take a bite out of the Big Apple.
• Malibu (Medium) - everything from city streets to winding coastal roads await you here.
• Central Park (Medium) - race through Central Park and venture into uptown New York City.
• L.A. Ghetto (Medium) - can you survive the less glamourous side of Los Angeles?
• Golden Gate (Hard) - this track combines Golden Gate Park with San Francisco's industrial sector.
• New England (Hard) - a drive through beautiful country roads and villages in a Fall/Autumn setting.
• Hollywood (Extreme) - take on the glamourous streets of Los Angeles.
• Mulholland Drive (Extreme) - an insane course with twisty corners in an urban setting. Great for drifting.
• S.F. Tour (Extreme) - as the name implies, take a wacky tour of San Francisco with plenty of difficult roads.

Look for any shortcuts to help you get through traffic or even reduce your race time.


Every vehicle in The Fast and the Furious are licensed vehicles. You can select any of the available cars in the game. You then can choose a certain upgrade to boost the performance of that automobile. If you have a PIN number to the arcade unit, you can access your progress easily through a certain code you made. The cars you race include a variety of sports cars and some classics. You can change the color of these machines and tack on upgrades at a time. Try to fully max out your car as you progress through the game. As you acquire more earnings, you are able to gain more upgrades and even get more cars.


The racing in this game is fairly straightforward. Eight cars take to the grid as you try to beat all seven opponents to the Finish line. Perform various stunts to cut down your actual lap time. Try to find shortcuts to get an advantage on your opposition. If you have Nitrous installed, take advantage of the Nitrous to get a speed boost when you're trailing. Other than that... try to finish first!

Now that the basics have been covered, get ready for my Final Thoughts.

The Fast and the Furious/Cruis'n: Final Thoughts

While the Cruis'n series had its classic appeal, franchises must evolve. That was the case as this was the first Cruis'n type game under Raw Thrills apart from Midway doing the first three Cruis'n games. "The Fast and the Furious" is only a disappointment if you are looking for a game that closely follows the movie series. This is now a new direction for a long-running series, and it does not deviate too much outside of the outrageous racing style of the past games. It is very much a game to get into when at an arcade or for playing "Cruis'n" on the Nintendo Wii.

Keep on racin'! :) Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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