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Sunday, March 11, 2018

SEGA Rally Championship

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SEGA Rally Championship takes off-roading to a new level. This series began life in 1994 with the first title. You could race with two incredible rally cars- either the Toyota Celica GT-Four or the Lancia Delta HF Integrale. You take on three different rally courses. Can you handle the pressure? This blog post is a look back at the brilliant off-road racer from SEGA.

Sega Rally Championship

Sega Rally Championship
^ from: (YouTube - best I could find) - Prove you are the finest rally racer when you take part in Sega Rally Championship!

SEGA Rally Championship continues SEGA's showcase of skill in creating quality racing games. This 1994 game was released for arcade, Sega Saturn, and PC. It was created with cooperation with Toyota and Lancia to provide the respective rally cars from the respective brands. While these World Rally Championship rally cars are featured, this game is not licensed by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). There are also no official or authentic courses run by the World Rally Championship. What you WILL get, though, is a rally challenge unlike no other. While Daytona USA was an iconic title for SEGA, SEGA Rally Championship is iconic in its own right in continuing with textured polygons.

The Cars.

Only two cars can be raced, and both come either in Automatic or Manual/Standard transmission:

• The Toyota Celica GT-Four has been a long-time rally racing weapon for Toyota. You get to race this top-level Japanese rally monster in SEGA Rally Championship.

• Lancia is one of the finest marques in rally racing history. While many people know Lancia's rally success with the legendary Stratos of the 1970s, their latest (at the time of this game) mount is the HF Integrale. Try your best to handle this Italian rally race car.

The Locations.

The tracks may seem like proper rally stages, but you are really doing runs around closed circuits.

• Desert
The Desert stage is an easy course with plenty of high-speed corners and some nice jumps.

• Forest
In the Forest stage, you will have to contend with some tough corners and even go through a tunnel. A few of the corners can be very sharp as you try to navigate your way around the course.

• Mountain
This is the toughest challenge of the courses offered. You start in a village and wind your way through rather narrow roads with very sharp corners. You need to be on your game and be alert all the way around this course.

• Lake Side (Bonus)
If you manage to place first after doing the three courses, you are given one last challenge- a Lake Side course at sunset. This course has a myriad of corners of varying difficulty as well as variations in track width. Do your best to clear this course in time. Clear this course, and consider yourself a master of SEGA Rally Championship!

A first-place finish is not required for every stage. Just make sure, however, to complete the courses in time. Your time will be extended when you cross the checkpoints. Be alert of other cars in your way and pass them properly.

And there is your look at SEGA Rally Championship.

SEGA Rally Championship: Final Thoughts

SEGA Rally Championship remains a fun title even 20+ years later. Even the home versions, despite not being the same quality of the arcade, are still vastly fun to play. Few other rally racing games have the fun factor that SEGA Rally Championship provides.

Thanks for your reading of my material here. I wanted to provide a video, but I was unable to find a quality one to share of SEGA Rally Championship.

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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