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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Tsukuba Circuit

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Tsukuba Circuit packs so much track in its 1.287-mile space. This track debuted in Gran Turismo 4, and you can race its motorcycle layout in Tourist Trophy. You can find Tsukuba in Shimotsuma, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan; not too far north of Tokyo. This blog post offers a look at Tsukuba from the realm of Gran Turismo.

Can you believe this is my first blog post about any Gran Turismo track in over three years?

Tsukuba Circuit

Tsukuba Circuit
^ from:, by way of - Tsukuba Circuit and its almost 1.3-mile layout.

I blogged about this track in my main blog, "John's Blog Space." So the following advice applies to the in-game version as well. Read the old post of mine here: "Tsukuba Circuit" - John's Blog Space.

With all due respect, Tsukuba Circuit proves that you don't have to be some 12+ mile course to be an ultimate proving ground. Tsukuba is an intense proving ground despite its 1.287-mile length.

All of Tsukuba is really tough. The very first corner is absolutely one you must get right because it can set the tone for the rest of the lap. The two hairpins are both intense. The sharp corner leading to the Dunlop Bridge. is pretty sharp as well. Make sure to keep your racing machine stable after passing the Dunlop Bridge leading to the much sharper second hairpin. The outer portions of the track are high speed. That high speed, however, requires some braking on the very long final corner. Very fast cars can clear this course easily in less than a minute.

The motorcycle variation is a chicane that comes up as you cross under the Dunlop Bridge. That configuration extends the 1.271-mile length to 1.287 miles (2.070 km). This chicane is about as sharp as almost as blind as the chicane after the high-speed backstretch at Fuji Speedway (since its 2005 renovation).


You may want to tune for acceleration since this track is so short. Find a good handling balance for this course. Tsukuba has a little of everything turn-wise. You want something capable enough to take on the hairpins, but also something that doesn't snap on you with the sweeping long final corner.

On the motorcycle front, most of the same strategies apply. This track is infamous for its difficult Yamaha TS250 event in Tourist Trophy to try to unlock it. I will leave it up to you to try to clear that challenge in Tourist Trophy on this track.

Video Preview.

Here is a look at the course from Gran Turismo SPORT:

^ "Gran Turismo Sport Onboard: Mercedes AMG GT3 - Tsukuba Circuit

There you go. Enjoy Tsukuba!

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