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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Ridge Racer: Crinale and Angelus

John B. Marine | 6:11 PM | | |
In Ridge Racer, two cars epitomize two different characters- the Crinale and the Angelus. Both are iconic for the franchise. I figure I discuss both machines in this blog post. While not a complete tribute, it is a fairly decent one to focus on both of these iconic cars of the Ridge Racer franchise. So welcome to "John's Race Space" and a look at these cars!

Ridge Racer: Crinale

The older of the two cars featured in this blog post is the car known today as the Crinale. This car began as the 13th Racing car in the very first Ridge Racer. The 13th Racing car had just about all of its specifications maxed out. Getting it, however, was a daunting task. You have to prevent it from passing you when you do later Time Trials. You will see the car sit on one side of the road. Then from your rear view or in Chase cam, you will see the car try to make a pass on you. If you let it pass, it will be near impossible to catch up to that car.

In Ridge Racer Type 4, this car was known as the Lizard Nightmare, and it was a car you had to unlock through Grand Prix mode followed by doing the Extra races. This car in R4 was more like Ridge Racer's interpretation of the Batmobile. It somewhat has the look and feel of a Group C sportscar. To its credit, it was as devilishly fast as its devilish appearance.

The Crinale namesake began starting with Ridge Racer V. Instead of it by American maker Lizard (which would later become Danver), it was by Italian manufacturer Rivelta. This car may have a different manufacturer, but its character remains unchanged. The Crinale still delivers ludicrous speed.

Ever since RRV, the Crinale is still one of the most powerful and fastest machines in Ridge Racer games. It is almost as if you accept selling your soul to the devil to step into and race the Crinale.

Video Preview: Crinale.

I'd like to thank the uploader for allowing embedding. Anyhow, I chose this video to represent the Crinale:

^ Ridge Racer 6 Final Route (Using the Crinale)

Now let's look at the other car for this blog post.

Ridge Racer: Angelus

Whereas the Crinale embodies devilish and evil character, there is the Angelus that is its antipode. The Crinale was a beast of a car in a black car. The Angelus has a positive persona being bathed in white. Despite being this heavenly car, the Angelus, for lack of a better term, is a devilish angel.

This car began life as the boss car to try to win in Ridge Racer Evolution called "White Angel." It was even the car you could unlock in "Ridge Racer Hi-Spec." You could unlock this car as a Duel car in "Ridge Racer V." The Kamata Angelus was a car that had impressive handling to match its incredible speed. Starting with maybe Ridge Racer 7 or so, however... the Angelus started taking more of an unusual turn. It went from this awesome hypercar to this weird design you'd probably expect from Terrazi or something. Imagine a six-wheel concept car with a top speed of about 216 mph. "Ridge Racer 7" has the Angelus as this funky, futuristic car.

The Angelus is still an amazing machine. Even if you are a good soul, you can bet this car delivers devilish performance despite its innocent guise. No one is ever always innocent or always good. This car still can be a devil.

Video Preview: Angelus.

I chose this video to represent the Angelus. In this video, it is the Kamata Angelus of Ridge Racer V:

^ Ridge Racer V - Kamata Angelus

So now we know about the two cars.

Angelus or Crinale: Who Would Win?

It's the classic "pick a side" from the heavens. Would you sell yourself to the dark side and go with the Crinale? Or would you embrace Heaven with the Angelus? Would you have your soul consumed by the speed demon Crinale, or would you It's the sort of good vs. evil that would be a great Ridge Racer spinoff or even would make a decent movie or manga.

Using what we know, the Crinale would EASILY win over the Angelus if we were talking about the two cars as of Ridge Racer 7. If the Angelus returned to being this jaw-dropping hypercar (like in Ridge Racer V), it would be the ultimate battle of good vs. evil as far as racing in Ridge Racer is concerned. You know these two would hold nothing back in trying to prove which is the better car.

For More Information...

I have included links from the Ridge Racer Wikia page. So if you want to know much more about these cars, here are two links from this Wiki:

Soldat Crinale (Ridge Racer Wiki)
Kamata Angelus (Ridge Racer Wiki)

As a famous cartoon character would say, "that's all folks!"

Are Any Cars Today Like the Crinale and Angelus? (Bonus Section!)

The Crinale and Angelus are not real cars. However, are there any cars that could embody the characters of the Crinale and the Angelus? Here are my thoughts here...

A car that could be like the Crinale has to be a car that is deceptively fast and imposing. So I would think about cars like the Ferrari FXX K or the Lamborghini Aventador.

A car that would be like the Angelus has to be a car that is beautiful while also being exceptionally powerful. To me, my pick for a real Angelus would be either the Koenigsegg Agera or the recently unveiled Koenigsegg Jesko.

That's it for this blog post! Thanks for dropping by! So let me know what you think...

Which car do you like better- the Crinale or the Angelus? Who would win if there was a battle between the two?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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