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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Gran Turismo 6 Mission Races - National B

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If you want to prove yourself as a racer in Gran Turismo 6, try the Mission Races. These events challenge you to take on pressure situations as you try to place as high as possible in them. Your ability to clear these challenges will help gauge you as a racer in Gran Turismo 6. To make the most of your skills, you must try to take on each course to test trying to clear each event. This is a series of blog posts devoted to the Mission Races of Gran Turismo 6.

About the Label: "Mission Races"

Gran Turismo races feature Mission Races, set to challenge your racing ability by passing opponents as well as completing courses as quickly as you can. Blog posts under this label feature these events for you to clear.

Gran Turismo 6 Mission Races

The Mission Races test your ability to pass cars while also clearing the course within a given par time. These events will make you try to drive properly while making sure to avoid making crucial mistakes. Passing a car or cars is only part of clearing the Mission Races. You need to try to pass your opponent(s) while also making sure to clear the course in a given time. So treat these Mission Races like License Tests. You can not earn any Stars for completion of Mission Races, but you can earn money for clearing each Mission Race. Try to earn Gold in each Mission Race if you can.

Each Mission Race consists of five events. The first four events are all section-based events using a certain section of the given facility. The final Mission Race is a lap-based event around a certain track. Success in the Mission Races involve overtaking vehicles while also clearing the course in a fast time. It is not, however, required you pass all the vehicles in the given run. You just need to clear the event as quickly as you can. If you commit any of these fouls during the course of a Mission Race:

• you completely leave the course
• you collide hard into a barrier
• you hit an obstacle (such as a cone)
• you collide hard into a rival car

...your run will be disqualified, and you must try that Mission Race again. If you fail to complete the Mission Race within the par time, you will not receive any award. So make sure to complete the race in time and try to complete it with a quick time.

GT6 Mission Races: The Series.

This section will be edited once all blog posts on each Mission Race set are all completed. Here is the series as slated:

• Gran Turismo 6 Mission Races - National B (YOU ARE HERE)
Gran Turismo 6 Mission Races - National A
Gran Turismo 6 Mission Races - International B
Gran Turismo 6 Mission Races - International A
Gran Turismo 6 Mission Races - Super

There are no Mission Races for the National License. Each of the above links will be edited as posts for each one is complete. You need to have a certain number of Stars in each level of racing in Gran Turismo 6 to unlock the Mission Races.

Gran Turismo 6 Mission Races: National B

Gran Turismo 6 National B Mission Races
^ This is the first set of trials meant to test your racing ability while also passing cars.

This is a simple set of races designed to test your racing ability. Are you ready?

B-1: Compact Car Battle.

Car: 2007 Nissan March 12SR
Course: Tsukuba
Mission Type: Section

Your first Mission Race involves a trip around Tsukuba Circuit. You start on the latter portion of this short Japanese race track and must try to pass your opposition. The race ends after you clear the second hairpin.

• GOLD: 33.500
• SILVER: 34.500
• BRONZE: 37.000

B-2: FF Sports Car Battle.

Car: 2004 Honda Integra Type R (DC5)
Course: Trial Mountain
Mission Type: Section

The next challenge of the National B Mission Races is to try to pass your opponent in a battle of front-engine, front-wheel drive sports cars. You will be racing Trial Mountain, famous for its undulating corners and rock walls on either side. Take advantage of your Honda's front-wheel drive characteristics when taking on this Mission Race. Remember that FF cars have the front wheel acclerating and turning. Also, they are prone to understeer when their limits are pushed too far. So learn to apply proper driving technique to clear this Mission Race. The section ends after you clear the first corner after exiting the first tunnel. Pass the rival car to clear the challenge.

• GOLD: 31.300
• SILVER: 32.000
• BRONZE: 35.000

B-3: Predicting What's Ahead - London City Skirmish.

Car: 1972 Lotus Europa Special
Course: London
Mission Type: Section

Take to the streets of London, England, UK racing a British sports car. London is a short city course. There is little room for error racing on city streets. Such courses have concrete walls on either side almost all the way around the course. A lot of city courses even have some very sharp corners. So you need to make your moves quickly to avoid having to go into an extended battle against rival cars. You must overtake three cars in this Mission Race.

• GOLD: 35.000
• SILVER: 36.000
• BRONZE: 40.000

B-4: Where Should You Make Your Move? Bathurst Battle.

Car: 2010 Jaguar XKR Coupe
Course: Mount Panorama Circuit
Mission Type: Section

Mount Panorama Circuit is one of the most grueling race courses in the world. This semi-permanent Australian race course features very tight and grueling corners along with some severe elevation changes. This track is ANYTHING but easy. You will be racing after the first corner of Mount Panorama Circuit into the winding madness of these mountain roads. Take advantage of your Jaguar sports coupe to pass the other three cars you share the road with. This Mission Race will teach you overtaking discipline.

• GOLD: 37.500
• SILVER: 39.000
• BRONZE: 43.000

B-5: Nissan GT-R Showdown!

Car: 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition
Course: Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit
Mission Type: 1 Lap

You will be taking one lap around the modern configuration of Silverstone Circuit in a Nissan GT-R. That means you will be taking on the "Arena" configuration of this legendary and historic racing facility. As the the name of this Mission Race implies, you are racing against another Nissan GT-R. Your ability to clear this Mission Race depends on beating your opponent to the line while also posting as quick of a lap as you can. Can you score Gold?

• GOLD: 2:20.800
• SILVER: 2:22.500
• BRONZE: 2:27.000

That will do it. Hopefully you cleared all of these Mission Races to the best of your ability.

This post is just one in a series of posts lined up regarding the Mission Races of GT6. There is still a ways to go in discussing this series of races, so stay tuned to JRS for more in the series! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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