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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is often seen as the New York City of the Far East. This neon-lit urban paradise is a very imposing track in Gran Turismo 4 and Tourist Trophy. The narrow roads and sudden corners will test even the best of drivers. While Hong Kong is usually known for its lovely light shows at night, you are mostly racing this course in the late evening. It comes in at 1.81 miles (2.91 kilometers) with a handful of tight corners and narrow roads.

--- Hong Kong ---

Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region, China features this course played out mostly around the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Hong Kong. It is a track that can best be described as a stop-and-go track. The track features many slow corners. Any braking setup for this track would have to be almost identical to the braking you do at Cote d'Azur. A track like Hong Kong would favor a setup that is a balance of quick acceleration and solid braking. Unlike Cote d'Azur, however, you can afford to go a bit faster for a bit longer. Its unusual late evening setting can make seeing a bit difficult. Personally, I would have preferred this to be a race deep in the night as Hong Kong really comes alive. But, enjoy the late evening setting.

One-Lap Description.

The race starts out on a fairly short straight that has a right-hand kink. A double-apex right-hand corner is your first area of concern. To your left is a lot of water- that's Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. The road you'll travel down is known as the Avenue of Stars. A good exit out of this section will set you up for the straight that follows. Don't be fooled by the right-hand kink- take it the wrong way, and you'll hit the outside wall hard. So be careful negotiating the upcoming kink. Up next is a sharp left that takes you away from the watery portions of Hong Kong back closer to land. A sharp left-hand corner follows with a good amount of runoff road in case you go wide upon exit. The next corner you will encounter is a sharp right. This leads onto the backstretch. If you are racing and are trying to make a pass, you'll have only two lanes of road to make your move, so make your passes quickly and cleanly. The road ahead leads into a series of kinks. As the road narrows, prepare to brake VERY hard as you approach a nasty left-hand hairpin that takes you into the heart of the city. As you go through the heart of the city, the road widens after the hairpin. A left-hand turn takes you onto the next street. This next street is rather long and leads to a somewhat sharp right-hand corner. You can attack the inside aggressively for a smooth transition to the next straight. This straight features the entrance to pit road to your right as well as lots of neon lighting from the buildings. Three straight sharp corners in left-right-left fashion await you heading towards the Start/Finish line. The sharp left takes you towards a building's tunnel. That right-hand corner is pretty tough and pretty sharp, so use caution. As you exit the tunnel, a sharp left-hand tunnel takes you back onto the front stretch to begin another tour of Hong Kong.

Video Lap.

The following is a video lap around Hong Kong. This will give you a look at this course. I thank the individual for allowing this video to be embedded:

And there you have it.

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