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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New York

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Racing on the streets of New York City was a dream that became true for GT fans in Gran Turismo 4 (followed by Tourist Trophy and Gran Turismo PSP). Many GT4 gamers took a bite out of the Big Apple and enjoyed full speed racing through Times Square and Central Park among other locales. Those bites of the Big Apple were enjoyed on both four wheels and two, since you can also race this course in Tourist Trophy. You can also take photos around not only the New York circuit, but certain Photo Mode locations around New York City. There is even a 76-lap endurance race you can run in GT4 featuring a lot of muscle cars. This blog post is a look at the GT4 and Tourist Trophy track of New York.


If any of you are from New York City, I send you a special hello and a special welcome to John's Blog Space. Enjoy your stay! :)

--- New York ---

New York is characterized as a high-speed street course with a handful of tough corners. The main highlight of this course is the ability to go full speed down Times Square as NYC's skyscrapers just blur by. Most of the rest of the course is a high-speed romp. The rest of the course is a series of tough 90° corners. The most important thing to remember about racing this course is to find a proper balance of high speed and a good handling setup. Also, it pays to know your braking points around here. Your car/motorcycle is going to get quite a workout around New York City.

One-Lap Description.

While not a straight road, the fantastic voyage around New York City begins on a road that has a slight kink to the left followed by a harder kink to the right. Severely hard braking is required as you take on the first two corners. It is important to enter the first corner properly to set yourself up for the second corner. A proper exit helps you power down the other straight. The second straight kinks to the right and narrows. At the end of this section is a VERY hard 90° right. Trust me- do NOT be surprised if you hit the outside wall trying to clear this corner without any damage (not that GT4 has a damage model). After this corner, you will encounter six successive 90° corners. A brief straight leads into a very hard left-hand corner. An even more brief straight follows and features a 90° right-hand corner. After another brief straight, you will face four identical 90° corners in left-left-right-left fashion. Try to find a line to help you get through all four of these corners effectively. To your right is Central Park as you blast down the next straight. The final section consists of a roundabout. Brake hard to properly navigate the left-handed roundabout, then be ready to brake hard to get on the Start/Finish straight successfully and cleanly. After that, it's full speed ahead to the Start/Finish line. Don't forget where pit road is if you have to make a pit stop here.

Video Lap.

You wish you could race at full speed through this busy part of New York City. Here is a video lap showcasing the high-speed sections followed by the technical corners of New York:

Thanks to the individual who allowed for videos to be embedded.

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