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Friday, January 31, 2014

Races of Gran Turismo 6: National B

John B. Marine | 5:01 PM | |
(UPDATED: December 22, 2015)

The next step in GT6 is a tour through the series of National B races. More will be asked from you in trying to clear each of the races and series in this class of races. You are leaving behind the Novice class to compete in tougher races with faster cars. If you haven't done so already, you may want to either consider buying new cars or upgrading the ones you have right now. This blog post will get you ready for the National B races.


DEC 22 2015 - provided links to other Races of Gran Turismo 6 series; other edits

--- Races of Gran Turismo 6: Overview ---

Even though Gran Turismo is often seen as an encyclopedia of automobiles, the real pleasure and enjoyment in Gran Turismo is in racing. A literal world of cars await you with hundreds of opportunities to enjoy racing to the max. There are many more official events in Gran Turismo 6 than in Gran Turismo 5. Speaking of GT5, if you thought GT5 was more loose in restrictions, prepare for a much more limited batch of races restriction-wise. Race Events and series are limited to various amounts of Performance Points (PP). So if you enjoyed using a Pagani Zonda R to beat Honda Civics and Mazda Miatas in GT5, get ready to fight more of a fair fight in GT6.

New Changes to Gran Turismo 6 Racing.

There are two new twists to race events in Gran Turismo 6 compared to other GT titles.

First of all, the experience system from Gran Turismo 5 is no more. You now have to collect Stars to advance. You earn a Star when you place 3rd or better in any official race. If you just finish a race (meaning finishing 4th or worse), you earn a Star. Obviously, you want to get the maximum three Stars. How do you get those three Stars? Simple- win the race! Even though it is easier said than done to collect the maximum three Stars for each race, it is not impossible, either.

You don't need to clear every race to advance to the next class of races. As long as you unlock the License Tests, all you need to do to advance to the next set of races is to clear all of the License objectives to go to the next set of races. You need licenses to unlock other races and other features of the game, such as Seasonals and being able to race in Online Lobbies. So if you want to have a chance to complete Gran Turismo 6, earn your licenses to give yourself the best chance to complete your legacy!

It used to be that you could compete in an individual round of a championship. In Gran Turismo 6, you must compete in a Championship and win that Championship to be able to compete in an individual race of that specific Championship.

Races of Gran Turismo 6 Lineup.

Here is the itinerary of races for Gran Turismo 6. Over time, I will be adding links to each of these series so you can check out updated posts featuring all of these races. This series on races of Gran Turismo 6 are as follows:

• National B (YOU ARE HERE)
National A
International B
International A
Red Bull X Challenge

There are a total of 573 stars to obtain. Races other than the official events (such as Coffee Break Challenges and License Tests) do not reward Stars. I want to document the races to help you reach that 573 Star mark. To help you get to that mark, let my guide help you. Keep reading to check out the races of GT6!

--- Races of Gran Turismo 6: National B Overview ---

Gran Turismo 6 National-B
^ Among the many National B challenges, you will be racing on street courses.


Your next challenge is to take on the National A-level races. You will be racing faster cars on tougher tracks than in the previous set of races. It is safe to say you may need to get a faster car to be competitive. Or if you have a very good car from the Novice races, you may just need to upgrade to be a bit more competitive. There are 10 series with three events each. This comes out to 30 races total. All or most of the races will have anywhere between six to eight cars to a track.

Here are the races of this series:

• Freshman Cup (3 races)
• 400pp Clubman Cup (3 races)
• City Trials (3 races)
• 5 Minute Races (3 races)
• Sunday Kart Jr. Races (3 races)
• FF Challenge (3 races)
• FR Challenge (3 races)
• Japanese '90s Challenge (3 races)
• Classic Sports Car Series (3 races)
• GT Compact Car Championship (3 races)

Success in this series will unlock these items:
• Mission Races (5 Stars required)
• Coffee Break Challenge (10 Stars required)
• One Make Races (20 Stars Required)

You need 20 Stars in this series to qualify for your National B License.

With that said, let's continue!

--- Races of Gran Turismo 6: National B ---

It is time to pick up the pace and take on some tougher races and challenges. Try your hand at clearing this set of races. These races shouldn't be too difficult to acquire the maximum three Stars for each race. Just take it easy and drive hard.

Each heading introduces you each set of races. Single Race events have a period, and Championships have exclamation points.

Freshman Cup.

"An event aimed at beginners in which all kinds of cars can compete. Aim to be the crowned king of Sunday racers."

The cars are not overly powerful. The races aren't overly difficult. You shouldn't have too much of a problem here trying to clear all three races. Only race you should probably fear is the two-lap race around Tsukuba Circuit. Tsukuba is one of the shortest race tracks in the world, so being behind by a large margin is going to be difficult for you to try to bounce back. You should be able to win every race without much irregularity.

• 450 or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires

• Tsukuba Circuit (2 laps)
• Silverstone The Stowe Circuit (3 laps)
• Special Stage Route 5 Clubman (3 laps)

400PP Clubman Cup.

"This event, in which cars with around 400 PP compete, is seen as the gateway to the big leagues for amateur racers. Put all the lessons learned in Novice Class into practice, and fight for a spot on the podium!"

A staple of the Gran Turismo series since the very first one, the Clubman Cup is back and ready to test your racing mettle yet again. Cars will be within the range of 400 to 500 Performance Points (PP). None of the three courses you will race are going to be anything seriously difficult. As long as you are adept in racing, you shouldn't have too much difficulty winning any of these three races.

• 500pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires

• Silverstone National Circuit (2 laps)
• Circuito di Roma (2 laps)
• Autumn Ring (2 laps)

City Trials.

"These races take place on tracks in a set in a series of major world cities. Who will be crowned the King of the Streets?"

Try your luck racing around temporary street circuits in the City Trials race events. The challenge of racing on city streets is that you must not only contend with possibly bumpy roads, but also blind corners. These events can also be pretty dangerous and pretty messy, as you don't have as many runoff areas in the event of a crash. Trying to keep your car clean will be a challenge if you do a lot of grinding into the walls and if you try to do a bit too much rubbing to your opponents. You will be racing in Europe and in Japan for this series. What you need to seriously consider is trying to find the best line around each course while also adjusting on the fly to overtake cars. Street course racing isn't as easy as it may seem.

• 550pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires

• Circuito de Madrid (2 laps)
• Tokyo R246 (2 laps)
• London (2 laps)

5 Minute Races.

"A series of races with five-minute time limits. The final standings will be decided based on who crosses the line in first place after the time limit has elapsed."

For the first time in Gran Turismo history, you will be running official time-based race events rather than lap-based race events. Most of the timed races in Gran Turismo history have been with some Endurances. Here, you are racing against time. Races based on time do not have any lap limit. Your job is just to endure the time-based struggle and win. Because races are based on time, you may need to contend with situations like making pit stops. Don't worry about pit stops here in this set of races- I just mentioned pit stops to prove a point. Most of the races you've run so far have lasted about five minutes, so this set of races shouldn't prove too difficult time-wise. You can last a five-minute race in GT6, can you?

• 500pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires

• Autumn Ring Mini (5 minutes)
• Tsukuba Circuit (5 minutes)
• Circuito di Roma (5 minutes)

Sunday Kart Jr. Races.

"Races for those who drive Gran Turismo Junior Racing Karts. Enjoy the direct handling sensation that only racing karts can provide! Racing karts can be purchased from the Gran Turismo dealership."

The Sunday Kart Jr. Races is the first set of races requiring a go-kart. This championship tests your ability to race with go-karts. You will be racing with the Racing Kart Junior in a set of three Single Races. Racing with a go-kart isn't as easy as racing with a car. For one, karts only have rear brakes. They also don't have any suspension setup. So you will likely be feeling every bump as you go along. Once you get the hang of racing with them, there is nothing more fun than racing a go-kart around a track. The Racing Kart Junior machines aren't very powerful or fast. Therefore, you shouldn't have too much a problem learning the nuances of handling these karts. Go to the Gran Turismo dealership to buy a Racing Junior Kart, or [find a way to get one of these for free in the game].

• Racing Kart Junior

• Gran Turismo Arena (Layout A) (3 laps)
• Autumn Ring - Mini (2 laps)
• Kart Space B (3 laps)

FF Challenge.

"A race event exclusively for front-engine, front-wheel drive cars. Aimed at beginner drivers."

You either love or hate front-wheel drive. Some people who dislike FWD cars even call FWD as "wrong-wheel drive." No matter how you feel about them, this championship tests your ability to race front-wheel drive cars. The advantage to front-wheel drive cars is that they are almost impossible to spin out. Their handling characteristics make them liable for serious understeer- whereas rather than slide into a turn, the car wants to go straight. Be careful not to push a FWD car to this level. Master using FWD, and you will win this championship without fail.

• 550 or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires
• Front-engine/front-wheel drive drivetrain

• Tsukuba Circuit (3 laps)
• Deep Forest Raceway (2 laps)
• Twin Ring Motegi East Course (2 laps)

FR Challenge.

"A race event exclusively for front-engine, rear-wheel drive cars. Aimed at beginner drivers."

The holy grail of performance lies in rear-wheel drive. These cars have amazing ability as well as proper distribution of power and weight. The rear axle drives the car while you have the weight of the engine in the front. These cars also accelerate very well. You must demonstrate your ability to race a front-engined rear-wheel drive car in this series of races. Front-engine/RWD cars offer amazing weight distribution. As amazing a drivetrain as front/RWD cars can be, their disadvantage is in the cars oversteering if not careful. Make sure to gather up the car if you induce a spin. Carefully manage a front/RWD car through these three races, and you'll come out a winner.

• 580pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires
• Front-engine/Rear-wheel drive drivetrain

• Grand Valley East (2 laps)
• Trial Mountain Circuit (2 laps)
• Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit (2 laps)

Japanese '90s Challenge.

"A race event exclusively for cars manufactured in Japan in the 1990s. Ride these unforgettable Japanese sports machines for all they're worth!"

It's time to go back in time and use some good old Japanese muscle. In past Gran Turismo games, these were the of-the-moment Japanese sports cars. This series devoted to Japanese sports cars has been around since Gran Turismo 4. Find yourself a Japanese sports car to compete in this series of races. Any Japanese cars manufactured between 1990 and 1999 are allowed. Enjoy the rush!

• 540pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires
• cars 1990 or later, 1999 or earlier
• Japanese cars only

• Special Stage Route 5 Clubman (2 laps)
• Twin Ring Motegi East Course (2 laps)
• Tokyo R246 (2 laps)

Classic Sports Car Series.

"A race event for sports cars build in 1979 or earlier. The golden age of motor racing is about to be reborn!"

If the previous championship didn't give you true nostalgia, this one certainly will. You need a car from 1979 or earlier to compete in a set of three races. Care is needed with a classic car. Their handling can be very delicate. Overstep the performance limits of a classic car, and you will have a tough time trying to keep the car under control. Keep the car under control and drive hard to win these races.

• 530pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires
• cars 1979 or earlier

• Circuito di Madrid - Mini (2 laps)
• Circuito di Roma (2 laps)
• Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit (2 laps)

GT Compact Car Championship!

"A championship series for cars of 4.2 meters (13.8 ft.) or less in length. Battle your way through all three races, and earn a place on the podium!"

Compact cars rule the roost in this championship. Find yourself a capable compact and drive the wheels off of it in this championship. Any car that meets the basic regulations is fair game. Any car 4200mm or shorter is eligible to compete in this championship. The three tracks in this series should not be too difficult to take on as all three are very competitive tracks to push you and your compact car to the limit.

• 450 or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires
• 4200mm (or 164.35 inches) or less in length

• Autumn Ring Mini (3 laps)
• Cape Ring - Inside (3 laps)
• Suzuka Circuit East Course (3 laps)

Congratulations to you if you've cleared all of the races in the National B class of races. Make sure you get your National A license in this category to advance to the next set of races.

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