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Friday, January 17, 2014

Races of Gran Turismo 6: Novice

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(UPDATED: December 22, 2015)

Your Gran Turismo 6 legacy begins in the Novice class. The first wave of races will prepare you for a long and grueling career of Gran Turismo racing. These races should not be difficult unless you are unaccustomed to racing games. You will learn as you go with this batch of races. There shouldn't be too much pressure on you to win these races. If you're unsuccessful in trying to win races, you can always go back to these events later and try to win them.

It's time to welcome a new series of resources, starting with this post. Welcome to "John's Race Space!"


DEC 22 2015 - provided links to other Races of Gran Turismo 6 series; other edits

--- Races of Gran Turismo 6: Overview ---

Even though Gran Turismo is often seen as an encyclopedia of automobiles, the real pleasure and enjoyment in Gran Turismo is in racing. A literal world of cars await you with hundreds of opportunities to enjoy racing to the max. There are many more official events in Gran Turismo 6 than in Gran Turismo 5. Speaking of GT5, if you thought GT5 was more loose in restrictions, prepare for a much more limited batch of races restriction-wise. Race Events and series are limited to various amounts of Performance Points (PP). So if you enjoyed using a Pagani Zonda R to beat Honda Civics and Mazda Miatas in GT5, get ready to fight more of a fair fight in GT6.

New Changes to Gran Turismo 6 Racing.

There are two new twists to race events in Gran Turismo 6 compared to other GT titles.

First of all, the experience system from Gran Turismo 5 is no more. You now have to collect Stars to advance. You earn a Star when you place 3rd or better in any official race. Obviously, you want to get the maximum three Stars. How do you get those three Stars? Simple- win the race! Even though it is easier said than done to collect the maximum three Stars for each race, it is not impossible, either.

You don't need to clear every race to advance to the next class of races. As long as you unlock the License Tests, all you need to do to advance to the next set of races is to clear all of the License objectives to go to the next set of races. You need licenses to unlock other races and other features of the game, such as Seasonals and being able to race in Online Lobbies. So if you want to have a chance to complete Gran Turismo 6, earn your licenses to give yourself the best chance to complete your legacy!

(UPDATE: January 18, 2014) I mentioned that you could race a Spot Race of a Championship at your leisure. That is not true. You must compete in a Championship and win a championship to be able to compete in an individual race of a Championship.

Races of Gran Turismo 6 Lineup.

Here is the itinerary of races for Gran Turismo 6. Over time, I will be adding links to each of these series so you can check out updated posts featuring all of these races. This series on races of Gran Turismo 6 are as follows:

• Novice (YOU ARE HERE)
National B
National A
International B
International A
Red Bull X Challenge

There are a total of 573 stars to obtain. Races other than the official events (such as Coffee Break Challenges and License Tests) do not reward Stars. I want to document the races to help you reach that 573 Star mark. To help you get to that mark, let my guide help you. Keep reading to check out the races of GT6!

--- Races of Gran Turismo 6: Novice Introduction ---

Gran Turismo 6 Novice
^ Autumn Ring is one of many tracks which await you.


Once you've gotten your first car, it's time to go racing! No license is needed for this first batch of races. The first set of races are three individual events lasting no longer than about four minutes. Two Single Race sets and one Championship awaits you. You should be able to clear all events without needing to upgrade your car. That is, unless you feel the need to upgrade your car to be just a touch more competitive.

Here are the races of this series:

• Sunday Cup (2 races)
• Amateur Cup (3 races)
• Novice Championship (3 races)

Success in this series will unlock this item:
• Coffee Break Challenge (10 Stars Required)

Let's clear the first set of races!

--- Races of Gran Turismo 6: Novice ---

These races shouldn't be too difficult, unless you aren't as experienced in Gran Turismo titles. So get ready for some intense racing! Or at least, get ready to have your toughest racing experiences... for now.

Each heading introduces you each set of races. Single Race events have a period, and Championships have exclamation points.

Sunday Cup.

"A race event aimed at novice drivers who've just bought their first car. Test your skills in this entry level challenge!"

The first set of races in any Gran Turismo is in the Sunday Cup. The emphasis is in breaking you into the realm of Gran Turismo. These races are short with short fields of cars. Be prepared to learn as you go if you are fairly new to the Gran Turismo series. Both of the tracks you race on are Gran Turismo originals that have been in the very first Gran Turismo. Neither race should be very difficult as long as you have decent racing skill.

• 430pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires

• High Speed Ring (2 laps)
• Autumn Ring Mini (3 laps)

Amateur Cup.

"A race event aimed at beginners which should prove slightly harder than the Sunday Cup. Don't worry too much about winning, just get out there and enjoy the challenge!"

The pace will be upped a bit as you race on some more intense courses than in the Sunday Cup. The three tracks you will race on all require just a bit more skill in driving and in overtaking. Grand Valley East may provide the most intense challenge track-wise. Both the Brands Hatch Indy Circuit and Willow Springs' "Big Willow" circuit are more difficult than their layouts suggest. If you can race hard enough and consistent enough, winning should be no problem to you in these three races.

• 450pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires

• Brands Hatch Indy Circuit (2 laps)
• Grand Valley East (2 laps)
• Willow Springs International Raceway - Big Willow (2 laps)

Novice Championship!

(UPDATED: January 18, 2014)
"This championship series is aimed at those looking to shake off the title of 'beginner' and take their first steps in the world of real racing. Your overall placing will depend on how many points you accumulate over the course of the three races. If you stick it out to the final race, you'll be given the chance to take part in races as one-offs next time around."

Welcome to your first Championship! Anyhow, the Novice Championship combines all you've learned and experienced from the other two Race Events and sets you up for an experience unlike any other. You will be taking on two different courses in a course of three races. None of these races should prove to be too difficult. If anything, the three courses are tough if you're behind. All three courses are tricky in their own nature. So make the most of your skill and tuning to come out a winner on these three courses and in the championship.

• 450pp or less
• Sports Hard (or less) tires

• Brands Hatch Indy Circuit (2 laps)
• Autumn Ring (2 laps)
• Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit (2 laps)

If you were able to clear all of these races and get your National B License, congratulations! You're through to the next tier of Gran Turismo 6 competition!

More races are coming up. Yeah- you're not done yet. Not by a long shot. Get ready for the National B-level races next! Please subscribe to "John's Race Space" through Feedburner and/or Bloglovin' to keep up with my latest posts! Until next time... thank you for reading!

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