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Monday, April 6, 2015

Grand Truckismo

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Grand Truckismo- the real truck driving simulator? The drive of your life? The new standard? No, not exactly, and no way. Despite its similar naming to "Gran Turismo," Grand Truckismo is a physics-based monster truck racing game from Turbo NUKE. Here is yet another Flash racing game I am reviewing among my many reviews of other racing games. So strap in and get ready for another review!

You could say I've gone back to my JGTS roots for this blog. Only that for one post only, the "GT" stands for "Grand Truckismo." My experience is from playing the Flash version. Enjoy your time here. :)

--- Grand Truckismo ---

Here is a little look at Grand Truckismo:

Grand Truckismo
^ from: - Grand Truckismo is ready to give you the drive of your life in trying to be the new standard as the real truck driving simulator. Okay, maybe the "simulator" part isn't true. It still is a game ready to test you with plenty of thrills.

Grand Truckismo challenges your ability to navigate through a series of off-road courses in your monster truck. None of the vehicles or courses are real, but there is a whole lot to enjoy in your monster truck racing adventures. I know it's completely obvious, but Grand Truckismo has very little resemblance to Gran Turismo despite the similar names. The only similarity is that you can upgrade your vehicle. What you need to do is perform a variety of stunts and use the game's physics to your advantage to clear the various challenges. This is Grand Truckismo- a racing game all about taking on various forms of terrain. Have you the machismo to become a champion in Grand Truckismo? Being a champion means you'd better be able to use physics to your advantage to traverse the various levels.

Basics and Racing.

Grand Truckismo has you engaged in six different race series, each with four races. When the races happen, it is you vs. five other machines- a total of six competitors to a track. You must finish in a certain position to advance to the next race, and you must finish in a certain position to advance to the next championship series. The first three championships require a finish of 3rd or better in each event to advance. Once you reach the 4th series, 2nd or better is required to advance. Be fast while also trying to properly take on each of the terrain types.

The game features 16 vehicles for you to choose from. You can buy new machines from the Upgrade shop. There is one secret vehicle you can unlock.


Speaking of upgrades, you can add more Nitro tanks, nitro power, and jump power. Each element is upgradable by eight levels. Here is a rundown of each element:

• The No. of Tanks increases the number of Nitro boosts. The more tanks you have, the longer you can boost.

• The Nitro Power increases the power of each boost. More obviously means greater boost power.

• Increase Jump Power to jump higher in the air.

Upgrade your truck to be the most capable off-roader in the game. I never really paid attention to any sort of improvements going from vehicle to vehicle in Grand Truckismo. It almost seems as if you could win with almost any vehicle. The truth is that later vehicles are better able to scale the terrain better and with better speed. I tried to race in one of the later races using the first truck you use, and I was lagging badly. So keep buying those vehicles and tune your machines to the max!

Tips and Tricks.

As you progress through the game, I recommend you try to get up the vehicles first. Later vehicles go faster and are better able to clear chasms. Do rolls in the air to get a $50 bonus as well as fill up your Nitro faster. If you are going to do flips in the air, backflips are cool, but front flips are safer and more effective. You can jump at any time while on the ground. If you get stuck or land on your roof, you will need to jump while also adjusting your direction while in mid-air. You do NOT respawn if you land on your front or on your hood, so take advantage of the jump key and get your vehicle back on all fours. Grand Truckismo is NOT a game where you face instant death for getting stuck. It also isn't some endless racing game. Being stuck only means you have a margin to make up if you're trying to win. Most important while racing is to learn each course and know where you should have to jump. You may be able to smash certain objects (which give you a $50 cash bonus), but you might get stuck. Remember that this is a physics-based racing game. So you need to think carefully about how to clear certain obstacles without losing too much speed or getting into a rut. Stay in the race as long as you can!

Those are most of the basic things to keep in mind as you race in this game. The rest is up to you!

--- Grand Truckismo: Review ---

The name "Grand Truckismo" may seem like a truck racing spoof of "Gran Turismo," but that is where the similarities end. While I don't play physics-based racing/driving games, I do think this game has a great feel to it that makes it different. A lot of similar physics-based Flash racing games I've played mostly are either endless racers or something where you're required to complete the course without crashing. Grand Truckismo is an overall great title that is actually quite fun. Some of the races can be frustrating, but not extremely difficult. A great amount of skill is involved. Another aspect of Grand Truckismo is that I usually am not much into monster trucks; however, this is a nicely structured game that is actually pretty fun. Just don't expect to win so easily. Be proud just to advance by finishing within a qualifying position.

Video Preview.

Here is a preview of Grand Truckismo. Check it out:

^ "Grand Truckismo game trailer"

Do you like what you see?

For More Information...

"Grand Truckismo" is available for Flash, Android, iOS, and the OUYA. They are all offered for free, but in-app purchases are offered for the non-Flash versions of this game.

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