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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vision Gran Turismo

John Marine | 9:39 PM | |
After Gran Turismo 4, Vision Gran Turismo was a prototype of what Gran Turismo 5 could provide using GT4's graphics and models. In Gran Turismo 6, Vision Gran Turismo is a showcase of futuristic cars from many different designers ranging from auto makers, to design studios, and more. Will any of these cars see production? Maybe not in our lifetime. However, these are automobiles which will surely stir the senses. This blog post is not a post about Vision Gran Turismo cars, but more a commentary piece regarding the VGT machinery. This is the first Gran Turismo-themed post (this blog was born to discuss Gran Turismo and Tourist Trophy before making it about almost all racing/driving games) in a while. So enjoy this one!

--- Vision Gran Turismo: My General Thoughts ---

Vision Gran Turismo
^ Vision Gran Turismo in Gran Turismo 6 is a futuristic showcase of various concepts from various designers, ranging from proper automobile designers, to car companies, to race teams, and other individual entities.

Every game in a major franchise has to have something to really provide their own character and their own appeal. For Gran Turismo 6, it is the Vision Gran Turismo lineup of cars. Each of the VGT machines may or may not become production models. Maybe not in our lifetime, anyways. However, just seeing these machines just give us a look into the future or provide models built purely out of "what if?" visions. Some VGT cars are even based on the racing success of some teams and companies.

Players who have played Gran Turismo 4 may remember the 2022 NIKE One car. That car in itself is a spectacular automobile. Wait... Nike doesn't make cars! They make more overrated and over-priced sneakers people fight each other for than cars. I think Nike's concept car would be what would happen if certain non-automotive types could create their own car. And to extent, the Red Bull prototypes in Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6 only extend the futuristic appeal along with the limitless design concepts.

Would YOU Create Your Own VGT Car?

Imagine if you had the opportunity to create your own futuristic car in the veins of most Vision Gran Turismo cars. What would YOU create? Would you create a pickup truck that could go north of 200 mph down the Hunaudieres at Le Mans or down the very long backstretch of the Nürburgring Nordschleife? Would you create a minivan that could be just as capable off-road as a rally raid car? Could you create a compact car that could put even high-priced sports cars to shame? VGT provides those sorts of possibilities. How well you can design and conceptualize automobiles?

People who love cars obviously want to be able to design their own automobiles with the only limit being their imagination. Even I want to imagine making my own futuristic machine(s) for Vision Gran Turismo. For somebody like me, any vehicle I create would have to be resemble what I feel makes cars amazing or representing certain concepts I want to see embodied into a car, even if it never makes it into production. Because these are mostly futuristic cars, it is unlikely any such VGT cars will represent anything purely realistic or possible in the future. Also, do you even think the Red Bull cars will represent anything we may actually see race and be used in the future in racing?

Final Thoughts.

Vision Gran Turismo, then, represents a very vast "What If?" with all kinds of possibilities in regards to what could actually be created by the various automakers and designers within the Gran Turismo universe. It is a "What If?" answered with a handful of futuristic designs and concepts all with their own unique character and flair. Nobody knows what machines people have devised in regards to the Vision Gran Turismo concept. What we DO know, though, is that these represent different kinds of concepts true to design philosophies set forth by the various people who come up with these unique designs.

There are still a lot of concepts to be unveiled among the menu of Vision Gran Turismo in Gran Turismo 6. So we obviously will not have seen the last of these designs. What will the remaining designers come up with?

Thanks for visiting "John's Race Space." If you want to discuss, here's a question for you:

What do you think of the whole Vision Gran Turismo concept, as showcased in Gran Turismo 6? What kind of automobile would YOU design for VGT?

I hope you enjoyed your time here. Feel free to share and respond to my content if you found it entertaining or useful. Show your further love of my work all across social media. Until next time, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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