Screamer (or Bleifuss) was released in 1995 by Graffiti which would later become Milestone S.r.l. This game wanted to provide a PC racing experience like the Ridge Racer series. Racing sports cars on city roads was the norm for this game. Six sports cars and six wild courses make up the insanity that is Screamer/Bleifuss. Get ready for another blog post taking a look at another past racing game.


Let's meet Screamer/Bleifuss. Here you go:

^ from: - Get ready to take on high-speed racing with one of six sports cars across the game's six tracks.

Not many racing games for PC offered any kind of high-speed thrills quite like Ridge Racer for consoles and arcade. Not many others had the sort of appeal Daytona USA did. Even the young upstart (at the time) known as The Need for Speed was just getting started. Besides these games, one company decided to make their own racing game providing its own racing thrills. Meet Screamer (or Bleifuss). Screamer is the kind of racing game where there are nobody cares about precision driving or anything like that. This game is all about insane driving- flooring the gas pedal, weaving your way around city streets and country roads. This game had those sort of arcade thrills.

FUN FACT: Did you know this game was released on Halloween (October 31) in 1995? (Source: Wikipedia)


A racing game is nothing without vehicles or characters to use. So for this game, you are given six cars. All cars are rated for their grip and acceleration. Grip tells how well a car can handle the road at speed. Acceleration determines how quickly you get up to speed. All of the cars are fictional, but you can make out what real-world cars they represent if you know your cars. Each individual car has variants in Automatic and Manual transmission. If you opt for the Manual Transmission variants of each car, you will get a slightly higher top speed with the Manual cars. Here is a look at each car (mph conversions are NOT rounded)

• Shadow - resembles Lamborghini Diablo. Top Speed: 340 kph (or 211 mph) AT, 343 (or 213 mph) MT. GRIP 3. ACCELERATION 3.
• Tiger - resembles Ferrari F40. Top Speed: 336 kph (or 208 mph) AT, 340 kph MT (or 211 mph) MT. GRIP 4. ACCELERATION 3.
• Hammer - resembles Bugatti EB110. Top Speed: 332 kph (or 206 mph) AT, 336 kph (or 208 mph) MT. GRIP: 4. ACCELERATION 4.
• Rising Sun - resembles Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO. Top Speed: 319 kph (or 198 mph) AT, 324 kph (or 201 mph) MT. GRIP: 1. ACCELERATION 5.
• Panther - resembles an early 1990s Porsche 911 Turbo. Top Speed: 329 kph (or 104 mph) AT, 332 kph (or 206 mph) MT. GRIP: 2. ACCELERATION: 4.
• Yankee - resembles Chevrolet Corvette C4. Top Speed: 338 kph (or 210 mph) AT, 343 kph (or 243 mph) MT. GRIP: 2. ACCELERATION: 1.

You now have a little briefing on each of Screamer's cars. This game has one extra car you can unlock that is the fastest and has the best grip and acceleration.


Tracks are all either city streets or country roads.

• Palm Town - a high-speed American oval course in a suburban locale.
• Lake Valley - a a twisty European course winding its way through a snowy mountain locale.
• Lindburg - a tricky urban course through a central European city.
• Palm Town Night - an alternate route through an American city.
• Sunbeach Hill - the game's longest course features many twists and turns through country roads in a tropical setting.
• Sandrock - an American desert track with tricky roads and tunnels.

Each course has its own unique set of challenges. Besides the already-provided courses, go through the Championship mode to unlock more courses.


Each race features you going up against nine other cars. Try to reach and pass the checkpoints to extend the game. The game is over if you fail to clear all the checkpoints. The meat of this game's racing is done in the Championship mode.

With the Special Modes, here is the racing you will be doing:
• Time Attack - go for the fastest possible times!
• Cone Carnage - run over as many cones as possible. Hitting cones earns you extra time. Complete the lap to win.
• Slalom - weave your way through cones scattered across the track. Complete the lap to win.

You still will need to do the bulk of your racing in the Championship Mode.

Final Thoughts/Review.

Screamer is a very good racing game. While it may not be of Triple-A quality like "The Need for Speed" at its time, it still provides an arcade racing experience that can be enjoyed to the fullest. What this game has to offer is quite great for what it does provide. This was one of the early titles to offer some speedy thrills for PC racers. Future racing games would offer much better experiences for the PC, but this was one of the better titles especially among mid-1990s PC games. The game offers very good graphics and plays with few hitches in performance. I would recommend this game for classic gamers who want some fine past PC racing action. The only real negative to me is the rather annoying announcer. Otherwise, this is a game I'd rate 8.25 out of 10.

Video Preview.

This video demonstrates Screamer. Take a look:

^ "Screamer"

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